Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doshu kensankai

i went to go to Doshu kensankai,Ueshiba Moriteru master's lesson for instructors.
i am not an instructor,but in Aikido, if you give first dan,you are one of great instructor from the time.
its not meaning of being bossily,keep train,don't forget your first mind, to take kindness to beginners, and study more from both your seniors and compeers.

in the morning of 13 October,Kodani sensei's lesson,he said
"keep mind on your foot, the meaning is just fix your shoes on the entrance,but the truly meaning is that 己を顧みなさい、control yourself,always you should learn!

yes.........,in Osaka, some Aikido seniors are satisfied to doing with only their Tori;attacking side techniques.
they are lazy, not to train their Uke,passive techniques.

Aikido has both attacking and receiving side, they have forgotten the first mind,their trains are waste at all.

on the afternoon,Moriteru 3th sensei's lesson.
don't fix strongly,its not important,
take care of each technique step by step, don't do rude Waza;technique,not be cheating with fast moving, be slow and clear step by step.

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