Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ceylon tea chiffon cake

Christmas in japan, we eat anime's cake,with fresh cream and strawberry.
every year in rushed December, daddy is very busy,then almost families cerebrate Christmas without daddy.

i went to small church near my house on this morning, and pray shortly. in japan there are many Catholic and Protestant churches,but some are korean. be careful, you will be sold to older man in  korean village.

how to make a hole cake with fresh cream and strawberry

Cafe  de Scuderia in Toyama

Sri Lanka tea chiffon cake (17cm hole)

4 egg yolks
30g sugar
50g salad oil
70g cake flour (sifted)
10g almond powder
3 bags of tea
1spoone lemon juice

4 egg whites
30g sugar
a few lemon juice
50ml milk
30ml water
a pinch of salt
a few lemon juice
(a spoon of cornstarch)

the receipt is 4 eggs for 17cm, its successful.
taking pictures is very difficult....i cut the red carnation flowers shorter,then it is like a cut head of Samurai...

 with flashing

non flashing
which looks delicious?
baked puckering............・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・

(⌒( ・∀・) hi!
(  o   つ

  (二二二) just moment pls
   (・∀・ )
((o; と ) fumble fumble

   (二二二) i'd like to present for you
(⌒( ・∀・)
(  o  つ love

    (二二二) i'd like to present for you
(⌒( ・∀・)
(  o  つ real world

    (二二二) i give you
(⌒( ・∀・)
(  o  つ depression

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