Friday, December 9, 2011

the entrance carpet 玄関マット

i buy the entrance carpet in Hyakaten departmental store.
since stupid me had put down the older and dirty carpet my mother bought without the knowledge of the value.... checking the price now......i knew it was very expensive....
the price is 73,500 yen $1000, but salesclerk took price down to half 38000 yen $500.
i wish to travel to Turkey,Pakistan or Iran and buy directly by myself,but i guess that the price is rather more expensive on actual place than buying in japan. Islamic bargaining is very difficult for japanese.
i had traveled in India in my younger days, i met some fools japanese people they bought too expensive shoddy mats in India by their parents credit card, about 100,000yen $1300 ~$13000.

i think the rank of the mats i buy on this time is like the pictures. mine is bigger about 150*90.
weaved the signature is $1300. its no signature.
i will take some pictures later.


Authentic hand-woven Pakistan carpet
just 7000 yen! $90 only Free shipping!

ズバリ7000円! です。


many Iran,Iraq Afghanistan and Pakistan people live in japan. they are very kindly people, some works in department store, then we trust their products. in Kyoto or Kamakura,there is a Parisian carpet shop the owner is a famous Iranian champion of Judo.

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