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1885 - 1908 Old KOREA photos before Japanese Annexation

1885 - 1908 Old KOREA photos before Japanese Annexation
대한 제국

  • Korean royale family persisted in thier power and executed these able young koreans.
    They just worshiped Sinocentrism,couldn`t imagine the independence from China.
    However,China(Qing) was defeated by British and Frence imperials and invaded Rosso imperial.So Japan had to hold back western waves in Manchuria and Korean peninsula.
    Therefore,the modernization and the independence of Korea were indispensable.But Korean royale family couldn`t understand the world situation at all.
  • Chosen royale family couldn`t understand the meaning of modernization at all.
    these young Korean yangbang group with Japan`s support carrued out a coup d'état and made the government consent to promote reform and modernization in 1884.
    "IN1884"  This revolution was called Gapsin Coup(甲申政変).After this,金玉均(김옥균) and young Korean politicians announced 甲申綱領,this platform declared "Modernization" and "Independence from Qing(Manchurian Empire)"
  • @frce68 This is wrong.These greedy royale family purged and oppressed Gaehwapa(開化派) like 金玉均(김옥균),朴泳孝(박영효),李東仁(이동인),金弘集­(김홍집)...These gueen,king and his father loved bribes,minted a bad money called "当五銭" and confused Chosen economy.And Korean poors and slaves rebeled against
    Chosen dynasty more than 100 times.Finally these rebels defeated Chosen govet and declared the local autonomy in 1893.
  • @frce68 Chosen was much poorer than Ethiopia.I understood you think African are barbarians but All African nations except Ethiopia were European colonies.And these countries(colonies) were much richer than Chosen.And no one said "Koreans were barbarians".And Japan hadn`t import Korean culture over 1,950 years.Let`s learn true history.
  • Japan had contributed to Korea after Treaty of Ganghwa in 1876.
    This video gives wrong massage that Japan didnt exist in Korea before the annexation.
    This video is clearly misleading
  • No one said these photos are fake.Koreans are misleading.
    1. There is no structures that Koreans built by themselves in this video.
    2. There is no caption about things which Japan contributed to Korea in this video.
    (Japan designed the streetcar,organized and trained Korean army,paved the road.improved
    arround Sungnyemun.
    3.These structures were improved by Japanese money not korean money.
  • 한국군은 베트남 전쟁에서 강간을 반복했다, 결과 3 만 명의 전쟁 고아가 발생. 한국 정부는 베트남 정부에 사죄와 배상을해야한다. 일본 정부는 한국 정부에 사죄와 보상을했다. 전쟁을하지 않기 때문에 본래 그것은 필요 없었다.
    South Korean soldiers in the Viet war repeated the rape. 30000 war orphans generation at the result. Korean government should make apology and compensation, to the Viet government. Japanese government made apology and compensation to the Korean government. Since the war has not, originally it was not necessary.

  • 제 이차 세계 대전 후 66 년 전부터 한국에서는 반일 정책. 일본은 한국을 합병했다. 그러나 전쟁은하지 않았습니다. 그러나 한국과 평화 (1951 년)의 조약은 총 20 억 달러 예외적인 수준의 프리미엄을 지불했다. 일본은 한국에 남아있는 자산 53 억 달러를 요구하고 있지 않습니다. 한국 정부는 국민에게 국가 보상을 배포하지 않습니다. 한국 정부는 국민 전후 보상금을 지불할 필요가있다.
  • South Korea anti-Japanese policy from 66 years ago after the WW2. Japan annexed Korea. but war did not. but the Treaty of Peace with korea (1951 year) paid a compensation of total $ 2 billion exceptional level. Japan is assets left in Korea, not requested $ 5.3 billion. Korea government are not distributed the national compensation to people. Korean government must pay compensation to korea people.

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