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Korean Food: Kimbap and youtuber

Korean Food: Kimbap (김밥)

  • Although the true origins of the term, gim are unclear, there are records dating from the 17th century of Kim Yeo-Ik cultivating gim. There is a monument in Taeindong, Gwangyang set up in his honor for these achievements.
  • There are many legends about the etymology of the word gim. One version explains that an old lady in the region of Hadong discovered a log covered in gim floating down the Seomjin River, which inspired her to cultivate gim on upright bamboo support poles. Another legend says that the word "gim" was named after its creator, Kim Yeo-Ik, who lived in the island Taeindo during the reign of King Injo, who was the first person to have cultivated gim after seeing a drifting oak branch covered in it.
  • From the mid-Joseon period there are records of gim in 15th century documents Gyeongsangdo Jiriji (hangul:경상도지리지, hanja: 慶尙道地理誌) and Sinjeung Donggukyeojiseungram (hangul:신증동국여지승람, hanja:新增東國輿地勝覽). "Gim" is recorded as a regional delicacy.
  • History: The earliest mention of gim is recorded in the Samgukyoosa (hangul:삼국유사, hanja:三國遺事) a document created during the Goryeo era documenting the history of the Three Kingdoms Period of Korean history covering 57 BCE to 668. The Samgukyoosa contains passages that record gim having been used as far back as the Shilla dynasty. It is conjectured that gim collected on rocks and drift were collected and eaten even before the Shilla period.
  • Gim (food) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gim (food) Roasted gim Korean name
    Revised Romanization (gim) McCune–Reischauer kim
    Gim (김), also spelled as kim,[1] is the Korean-word for edible seaweed in the genus Porphyra. In Welsh this food is called laver. The Korean version is usually salted, unlike the nori of Japanese cuisine.
  • @UltraCuteSeal Research youself. I don;t want to talk with your jap trolls. Get out here. This is just a Korean Food Video.
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  • "Do you guys know that a laver (kim) was moved from Korea to Japan?"
    Show me grounds, please.
  • Hey, fucking Jap trolls! Just shut up! Do you guys know that a laver (kim) was moved from Korea to Japan? Your food culture is just to eat raw fishes, and others many things are just copied things from other nations. Don't write your poor jap language at here. This is just a video to explain how to make 'Korean food: Kimbap'.
  • あはははは!
  • @UltraCuteSeal (笑)니가 지금 광개토왕비를 거론하냐? 자기네 역사 왜곡에 끼어 맞추기위해 남의 나라 역사가 담겨있는 광개토왕비에 석회를 발라 글자를 바꾼 도굴꾼 범죄집단이 감히 광개토왕비를 거론하다니. 파렴치하다.
  • @UltraCuteSeal (笑)お前が今広開土王碑を取り上げ論じるのか? 自らの歴史わい曲に挟まって合わせのために他の国歴史が含んでい­る広開土王碑に石灰を塗って字を変えた盗掘屋犯罪集団があえて広­開土王碑を取り上げ論じるとは。 破廉恥だ。
  • 文化抹殺ねぇ。朝鮮人は自分たちの国を小中華と呼んだが、一体ど­んな文化を持っていたんだい?
  • @UltraCuteSeal 제4왕이 누구냐? 곽공공은 또 누구냐? 그가 왜놈이든 아니든 상관없다. 일제때 테라우치가 총독으로 있을때 한국의 서적들은 문화 말살을 위해 거의 전량 불태웠고 중요한 사료들은 전부 일본으로 밀반출했다. 이번에 돌아온 조선의궤도 그 일부다. 한국의 고대사는 지금 너의나라 왕실서고에서 썩고 있다. 그것을 아는 우익정치인들이 한국을 비아냥거릴때 고대사 사료를 들먹이는 것이다. 비열한 족속들의 비열함이 극에 달했구만.
  • ついでに言うと、第四王の重臣である瓠公(Hogong)も倭人­だから。
    それから、日本が書物を盗んだのなら、三国史記は何を元に書いた­んだ? 韓国の歴史教科書のように、三国史記もファンタジーなのか?
  • Kimbap is completely Korean food.
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    Japanese food = Baka
  • 日本には

@sakura0jp0aikidodesu I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.. I'm a Korean Studies student, so I'm not just talking out of my ass. At least I got facts behind my words. I don't think that I'm insulting anyone (except for the guy I replied to, I hope). What IS offensive is claiming that South Koreans 'copied' or 'stole' Japanese culture when in fact the culture was forced upon them.

@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Yes, but a lot of asian food DOES look similar. I'm not saying that Asian food IS the same. I'm just saying that a lot of it looks similar. That's it. If you take offense to that, then that sucks for you. If you have anything further, please take it to the inbox. This is just ridiculous.

you wrote that "Asian food looks similar",but each foods have history and the effort to arrange against sitotoxism.they are treasures handed down from our ancestors. i guess that some korean have same idea like you, then they don't know that almost sold strawberry in korea has been stolen from japan. korean stole the seed, they reject to pay the patent fee. the korean pretense was that "because the seed of strawberry is japanese!!"

long time ago,i was a elementary school student, my mother let took me the handmade Obento lunch box for school picnic. but she took a cold, then she forgot to mix rice vinegar and sake for makizushi rolling sushi with seaweed. then the cucumber was sadly memory.

korean kimbap use sesame oil,then kimbap is easily perishable. many people eat kimbap and take food poisoning on summer of every years. increasing bacteria tenth times after one hour. then some korean shop use rice vinegar and sake for disinfect. i have eaten it, its entirety japanese maikizushi....

but korean foods are very delicious i love them, Mrs.aeriskitchen has many talent for cooking then she should arrange the lack of korean food and spread the knowledge. for example, try to add some Citrus junos or mint to be acidity or bacterial killing.

hi,from your comments i checked 「海衣」in 三國遺事.
Samgukyoosa was written by priest Il-yeon 一然 in 1270-1280,then described the part of the Three Kingdoms Period 三韓時代 was just fantasy tale.

numlk01 already had studied about Kimbap and the history of korean sheet dried seaweed,pls check his blog.i think you issue that the ancient documents.

Yonoran and Seonyo was married good couple in Silla era 新羅 157. one day when he took the algae on beach, the rock moved suddenly and he went to japan. japanese people were surprised then they made him their king. Seonyo looked for him,she found his shoe on the rock,then the rock placed with her,Yonoran greeted her as queen.

then in Silla kingdom lost sun and moon. the eighth king Adatura 阿達羅王 아달라왕 send his envoy and ask to back them. however Yonoran rejected "I came to this country for heaven,why should i back." brought back the thin silk woven by my wife and enshrine to heaven,the , the light will be able to recover"

there is written as "藻",so what it was just sea grass not dried laver seaweed 海苔. you should learn and read Chinese character,then put historical comments...poor boy...

young korean don't know that egg were very expensive till about 1960. about 100yeas ago, people bought egg on special day for sickness families. roast cooking with iron pan was very luxury cookery method. till 1910,korea was colony of China,iron had placed high duty then even kitchen of yanban ; noblemen didn't have iron pan. usually korean used earthen pot even in royal court kitchen.

in japan, the history of fried egg was described that Ogiya 扇屋 made and sold fried egg as a souvenir of Kabuki in 1648 when the age of third Shogun Iemitsu. so what kimbap is from japanese imperialism residuary...Islam prohibits pork since burned cooking is needed more fuel and the infestants can't be killed by soddenly.

korean should think the derivations and histories.according to the story of Samguk Sagi,korean fantasy written in 1145,NINJA member will answer you, anyway korean foods are very delicious. kamsahamunida.


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