Friday, January 13, 2012

the difference with folding fan in east asian 東アジアの扇子の違い

kuk sool won introduces fan weapon wrongly.

Kuk Sool Won - Korean fans and wood breaking
Korean Fan Pair
Price $75.00 ...........its for Buchaechum  부채춤 (korean traditional mass dance) not for weapon... also too expensive. you can buy the big fan for dancing  per only $5 in China.

why is dressed fluorescent pink color on traditional fan...?... don't think deeply.

무악기 芭蕉扇 is from China
Princess Iron Fan 鉄扇公主 in  Journey to the West 西遊記

Chinese Fan dance 中國古典舞-扇子舞(Catherine Yang ) 楊凱琳 9Years O

扇舞丹青 ( 邹亚童 )

Thailand ? Vietnam fan dance


unesco viet nam 2009

japan fan dance

日本舞踊 日本の夜明け

Maiko(舞妓さん) in Kyoto

Kung Fu Fan Dance (功夫扇舞) by CAACF Dance Troupe

some korean copies Wushu or Kung fu metal fan which can make sound like bang bang!,and sell by high price about $50,but its only $5~30 truly.

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