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Joseon envoy to Japan

최초의 한류, 조선통신사

역사채널ⓔ (003) 한류, 믿음을 통하다

최초의 한류 구다라 열풍! 14

ウマウマ通信使 Medieval Korean diplomats

Korean diplomats who steal chickens are fighting with Japanese citizens who try to take those back.
They visited Japan to pay tribute to shogun, the leader of samurai clans.
However, their crude and brutish behavior often caused trouble with Japanese citizens.
The material of this GIF-animation is a part of the sketch that a samurai painted in the middle of the 18 century. The samurai was assigned to entertain the diplomats.

Chosun dynasty was deemed inferior than Japanese court internationally, that's why they could not use the worl "外交使節(diplomat)" and they used "通信使(messenger)" instead. This means that Chosun dynasty was not completely independent from China. Chosun did not have complete right of foreign diplomacy.

Yangban also stole tableware, beddings, and so on, from Daimyo or others.
There have been customs in Korea, that Yangbans could have gotten anything they like, anytime they like, anyone they like, even if there have been bodies after they’ve left.
1545nao 6 か月前

Poor pride Koreans do not admit that Chosun dynasty paid tribute to Shogunate during Edo period.
Chosun was so completely defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi that they were afraid they would be conquered again.
kagejiro 8 か月前

朝鮮通信使の真実 The truth of Korean tribute mission.

Japanese conservative activists are protesting against NHK, a public broadcasting company.
NHK aired the fake documentary, that sided with an evil propaganda of Chinese Communist Party, and jeopardized liberty and independence of Taiwan.
And the activists are also criticizing the excessive consideration of the company for neighboring countries.

Yangban the ruling class of Korea were allowed to take anything away from common people in Korea. So they did the same thing in Japan but they got unexpected counter attack from the Japanese.

tarou3917 11 か月前

koreans are chicken thief! hahaha
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Chicken thief! lol
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