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Japanese "Comfort Girls" Play Mahjong

Japanese "Comfort Girls" Play Mahjong
Original caption:08/27/1945-Philippines: Four Japanese "Comfort Girls," captured in the hills of Luzon, play mahjong during recess period in woman's detention home on outskirts of Manila.The girls were part of a company which rotated among various Japanese Battalions for pleasure of Japanese soldiery.Each had cleared over 300 pesos ($150) for their "favors" to Japanese troops during last month of fighting on Luzon.American authorities said that all suffered from various veneral diseases but are now under medical treatment.

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the photo is appeared in US high school textbooks, "miserable" sex slave life for comfort women
the women had been seemed to be "sex slaves" for  Emperor japan, they also had been forced to play Mahjong in brothels?


アメリカ歴史教科書 '伝統と出会い(Traditions & Encounters)'に積まれている慰安婦写真.
'マージャン遊びをする慰安婦たち'という説明が付いている. /連合ニュース

in so called the comfort stations,meaning as military camp brothels, a lot of Korean comfort women were waiting for the military while spear Mahjong.
in the comfort camps there were a lot of korean children who were sold by their parents.
In addition, they worked and earned for families, instead of their parents. such as whether "forced"?


CNN: Justice for "comfort women"

2012/02/29 に公開
Used as sex slaves during World War II, Korean "comfort women" are still fighting for apologies and compensation. Paula Hancocks reports.

Japanese History Professor on Comfort Women - Yoshiaki Yoshimi 위안부 일본교수 증언

Comfort Women all over the World 세계 각국 위안부증언 慰安婦の証言 justice4comfortwomen· 13 本の動画

2012/08/29 に公開

For too long, Japanese people have denied that the 'comfort women' were forced into sexual slavery.

They claim that these women were voluntary, paid prostitutes.

The average survivor is now over 85 years old, which means that in the early 1940s, they were no more than about 15 years of age.

This video shows the testimony of victims from around the world.

If someone can please make a Japanese subbed version, I would be very grateful.

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