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What is "(Korean) comfort women" issue?

2012/03/10 13:54

First, we have to know the fact:

"Japanese army's Kidnapping (or Seizing) Korean people"
is a very "New" issue that have been "Created" decades after WWII.

It was started from a fiction novel published in 1977.
And this topic was made as a hot topic by
a false report of a certain newspaper company
who mis-believed just a fiction novel as "real history" in 1992.

However, this false report was broadcasted just before Japanese prime minister visited Korea, and thus, Japanese government decided to apologize there
even though they did NOT know if that report was true or not.

Such unnecessary apology "created" this issue.

Now a days, it has already been clearly proven that it was just a fiction novel thru lots of investigations, and even the author of that novel already confessed in 1996.

However, that false report and government's apology were widespread all over Korea and they never accepted the results of investigation anymore.

That's why we hear about "comfort women" issue now.
In other words, nobody... indeed, not a single "comfort women" was blaming Japan after WWII, until that fiction novel was published.

But anyway, let's go back to the "Real" history.

So-called "Korean Ian-Fu (comfort women)" were nothing but "officially-recognized prostitutes", who performed sexual service and had received the high-salary.

As the physical evidence, there are articles of "Comfort-women Recruitment".
Most of comfort women were justa applicants for those "open recruitment".


And also it is already proven by these physical evidences that payment for comfort women were very high, comparing with other people at that time.
So, indeed, comfort women were officially-recognized prostitutes.

However, it is also the fact that many women, who applied to this recruitment, did NOT exactly know what their job will be, but just jumped to such a high wage because they or their family had debt.
In such case, I do understand they would feel like they were "deceived", however, what I have to say is, it is still the truth that they became "prostitutes", who received "high wage" in return of their sexual service.

"Prostitutes as a result of tricky recruitment" is totally different from
"Kidnapped sex slaves" like Koreans are saying.

Also, It's a sad fact but some Korean women were sold by their own parents, because parents were saddled with the debt.
"Seizing" actually conducted by the Korean human-trafficking organization in such a case.
Those Korean agents seemed to actually "kidnapped" some girls, too.
But NOT by Japanese army, anyway.


The great evidence from another perspective is, the report created by US Army in 1944, regarding 20 Korean comfort women.
This report clearly states as follows:
A "comfort girl" is nothing more than a prostitute

And also, it proves that many of them became prostitute becase of the debt.
Even more, it states that they were living a wealthy life, and those who payed back all the debts were allowed to go back to Korea.

girls who had paid their debt could return home. Some of the girls were thus allowed to return to Korea

By the way, there are even worse cases:

Some of the people claiming for the compensation from Japan are NOT even actual "comfort women", but just telling lies.
(for example, the place or the time in their testimony has clear conflict with the facts of WWII, or, keep changing every time she testifies, etc.)

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