Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20th Anniversary of 1992 Civil Unrest (Saigu)


20th Anniversary of 1992 Civil Unrest (Saigu)

With the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Civil Unrest (Saigu among Korean Americans) coming upon us, lots of pieces are being written about what we remember, what has changed, and where we’re headed.

Here’s some sites/articles reflecting on the 20 years:

USC’s From the Ashes Conference: The 1992 Civil Unrest and the Rise of Social Movement Organizing - conference brought together leaders of the social organizing movement in LA to talk about 1992, the 20 years in between, and the future ahead for organizing in LA.

USC CRCC’s Forging a New Moral and Political Agenda: The Civic Role of Religion in Los Angeles, 1992-2010 Report - I worked on the project as a PhD student at USC and had a great time interviewing and learning from many great religious/civic leaders in LA.

LAANE’S Rage and Reflection – 2 reports from the organization born out of the civil unrest.

LA Times Op-Ed Article – Lessons from LA from 1992 by Manuel Pastor and Kafi Blumenfield - some may argue with their reflections but an important read nonetheless.

LA Times’ Korean American community coalesces – Written by Edward T. Chang is director of the Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies and a professor of ethnic studies at UC Riverside.

LA Riots: Rev. Cecil Murray Sees Progress in Inclusive Society - - Rev. Murray also has a autobiography out.

Impact of the Rodney King Riot on the Built Environment -

20 Years Later, LA’s Divisions Fade -

KCCD Holds Commemorative Service for Sa-i-gu - - Sa-i-gu means 4-29 in Korean and is term the Korean community calls the 1992 Civil Unrest.

KoreAm’s LA Riots, in Our Own Words - KoreAm is a publication dedicated to culture and issues of the Korean American and Asian American community.

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