Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TVXQ insulted Fukushima nuclear disaster in NHK Kohaku utagassen

東方神起 동방신기:トンバンシンギ TVXQ;Tong Vfang Xien Qi Tohoshinki DBSK
ユンホ(ユノ、〈유노윤호:瑜鹵允浩 - ユノ・ユンホ/U-Know YUNHO〉、本名:チョン・ユンホ、1986年2月6日 - ) - リーダー、ローパート・ラップ担当
チャンミン(マックス、〈최강창민:最強昌珉 - チェガン・チャンミン/Max CHANGMIN〉、本名:シム・チャンミン、1988年2月18日 - ) - ハイパート担当

Tohoshinki live on NHK 2011 Kohaku (Red & White year end variety show) performing "Why- Keep Your Head Down"!
"Did they just say SMEX?".....Yes sir, I believe they did! ;p

the back dancers are japanese, not korean.
why TVXQ staff adopted japanese professional dancers for only the song,since Korean heros YUNHO and CHANGMIN let japanese bow down to apologize as representative of faithful korean people.

(mochi thinking)
i guess korean music K-pop has some violent imclinations..... too scarcely....
some korean think that its be innocence crime if korean beats japanese.
rather than punishment to japanese,its good job to everyone!!

111231kouhaku : tvxq Why[KYHD]

TVXQ was placed number 1 in the popularity vote for the “Kouhaku Utagassen”, proving their huge popularity in Japan.

In the popularity vote involving all the artists who had performed in NHK’s “62nd Kouhaku Utagassen” that concluded at 11.59pm on 31 Dec, TVXQ obtained 49.7% of the total votes cast, winning 1st place with a record of almost half the total votes.
This voting was only open to those within Japan, and Korean fans, as well as international fans were not able to participate. After excluding the repeated votes, TVXQ maintains the 1st place with a shocking 65.3% of the total votes. The “Kouhaku Utagassen” is the most highly acclaimed (music) festival in the Japanese music industry. Thus, the position that TVXQ has managed to establish as top stars in Japan is clearly visible from the vote.
On this day, TVXQ members were dressed in black and white respectively, and performed “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)”, which was released last January. After the performance, the duo sent a message of thanks to their fans.
Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen via Nate]
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TVXQ;NHK Kohaku Uta gassen,battle competition by song between red and white,
concept of their stage is  radiological Tokyo by nuclear accident in Fukushima earthquake.
on the front of the Tokyo Tower as the symbol of Tokyo,TVXQ danced crazy,
"Japanese should apologize to korean with bow and knees down!!"

679:可愛い奥様 :2011/12/29(木) 13:15:03.18 ID:VpUw3J9G0 [sage]
紅白出演の東方神起の曲名を御存知ですか? 「Keep your head down」という曲名です。
日本語に訳すと(土下座し続けろ)。作詞は韓国人、 日本では訳詞で歌うけど、タイトルにも曲中にも keep your head down」が何度も出てくる。



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    1. hi,thank you for your comment.
      the back dancers for PV were 8,all of them were korean.
      i hear that TVXQ changed members of dancers for NHK Kohaku,2 of them were japanese by intent.
      one way or the other,many japanese viewers were disappointed to TVXQ performance...