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Why Some Asian Girls Like Being Bar Girls By:Dao Jones;read=227

Why Some Asian Girls Like Being Bar Girls
By:Dao Jones
The worst reason in the world to marry a prostitute is because you feel sorry for her and want to 'rescue' her from her condition.

Yes, as difficult as this may be for many of you to believe at first, many Asian prostitutes greatly enjoy the money they make if not how they make it. Don't kid yourself.

Some of them make more money than you do even though you might well hate your job no less than they do. They don't want to be rescued.

Many also enjoy the sex, or at least some of it, depending on the customer, so they actually enjoy their work more than many of you do.

So it is more likely you'll be better off with a woman who has not worked as a prostitute for very long, a year at the most.

Remember that very few go into it with the intention of making it a permanent career. Most want to earn a lot of money in a short time (Which is certainly possible), then get out.

If they don't, there may be a hang-up in their minds or lives you don't want to deal with. Some do like the life very much -- never forget that. Don't fall in love with one of those.

The ultimate test is your own heart, but that's extremely vulnerable in these situations. How do you tell how experienced she is? How experienced does she act? Is she shy or does she love to shake her tits around in the bar?

Does she smoke and drink alcohol? Cuss, especially in English? Is she wearing a lot of gold jewelry, expensive clothing and makeup? How much English does she speak? If she seems to enjoy her life, she probably does.

Spend as many nights with her as you please, but don't let go of your heart. However, you must still be careful.

It's naive to confuse inexperience with vulnerability to love. Jane, the Filipino prostitute I'm going to tell you more about in Lesson 26, had been `working' for only two weeks when I met her. She was inexperienced but certainly not lacking in greed and `bar smarts.'

In Thailand you may run into a situation, especially in massage parlors, where the woman is a contract worker.

That is, her employer paid her or -- more likely -- her parents a large sum of money upfront for her services for a specified period of time. I've heard six months to four years, so I suppose it's for whatever time and amount they agree on.

The parlor then makes money off charging customers for her sexual services. She keeps the tips.

Make no mistake, however -- that is a far above average sum of money in Thailand. Generous foreigners have been known to hand out large amounts to women who treated them nicely.

But the woman is bound to the parlor for that specified period of time. She cannot leave it earlier unless her contract is bought out. If you fall in love with a 134 woman in that situation you will have to buy her contract.

How much it is will depend on what it originally cost and how much time remains on it. Technically, you then own her exclusive sexual services.

This money now for sexual services later is not slavery, for none of them are forced to enter the arrangement.

But once they accept that upfront money, they're tied to the parlor for the specified time, unless a foreign white knight in shining armor rescues them earlier.

You may be a wealthy Sir Galahad, but don't let having lots of money at your disposal tempt you into forgetting your common sense. Don't buy the contract of a woman who doesn't care as much about you as you do about her.

Don't use money to pay for a wife either with a woman's family or in these indirect situations until you're sure she loves you too. First of all, unlike the massage parlor owner, you're won't hire thugs to hunt her down if she runs away -- I hope.

If she doesn't like you but she stays with you because you are supporting her family, she will still be unhappy.

Just as happy Asian women make their husbands very very happy, unhappy Asian women make their husbands very very unhappy.

She may be so beautiful you're overwhelmed, but don't try to buy a woman who's not already attracted to you. Money doesn't buy hearts.

If you love her and she loves you, do buy her contract if you can afford to. If you can't, you're asking for heartbreak. Yes, that's something else I know from experience.

Five of the happiest days of my life were spent with a woman under a contract I could not afford to buy. Unlike my old Filipina friend Jane, she did not want to remain as a prostitute and I still feel guilty for disappointing her.

I know she cared for me very much, saw how much I cared for her and did hope I would buy her out.

My advise is, get so rich you can afford any and all women you like. I'm not there yet, but I'm doing my own best to follow this advice.

Dao Jones

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