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Accused Korean 'madam' captured by ICE returned to Korea

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■GlobalPost/AFP(2013/04/04 18:45)
Alleged S Korean 'madam' deported from US
APRIL 4, 2013
Accused Korean 'madam' captured by ICE returned to Korea

LOS ANGELES — A Korean national wanted in her native country for operating a Los Angeles-based prostitution ring was turned over to South Korean law enforcement representatives Thursday at Seoul Incheon International Airport by officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).
Eun Suk Sun, 37, was transported from Los Angeles to South Korea on board a commercial aircraft escorted by officers from ICE ERO. Sun is charged in a warrant issued in May 2011 by authorities in South Korea with operating a prostitution business in this country that employed other Korean women. According to the warrant, in November 2010 Sun hired the women to preform acts of prostitution at an apartment in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles.
Sun's repatriation to Korea follows her Jan. 17 arrest on administrative immigration violations by special agents with ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). HSI special agents in Los Angeles began investigating Sun after receiving information about her alleged criminal activities from the HSI attaché in Seoul.
Department of Homeland Security databases indicate Sun originally entered the United States in July 2003 on a visitor's visa, with authorization to remain in the country for six months. Following her arrest in January, ICE placed Sun in deportation proceedings. Last month, an immigration judge ruled she had no legal basis to remain in the United States, paving the way for her return to South Korea this week.
"If the charges in this case prove true, this fugitive's actions degraded the local community and the lives of the women she exploited for her own enrichment," said Timothy S. Robbins, field office director for ERO Los Angeles. "ICE will continue to work closely with its foreign law enforcement counterparts not only to ensure that criminals are held accountable for their actions, but to safeguard the rights of law-abiding citizens here and overseas."
In the last six months, HSI Seoul has coordinated the repatriation of 18 criminal fugitives to Korea and the return of three criminal fugitives wanted in the United States. Both ERO and HSI work closely with foreign consular offices in this country and Interpol to identify and locate foreign fugitives.

매춘조직 운영 한인여성 추방

합숙소 차려 놓고 타운 아파트서 성매매
입력일자: 2013-04-05 (금)
주택가까지 파고든 한인 성매매가 문제가 돼 온 가운데 LA 한인타운 내 아파트에 성매매 장소를 차려 놓고 매춘조직을 운영해 온 한인 여성 ‘마담’이 연방 이민당국에 적발돼 한국으로 추방됐다.

연방 이민세관단속국(ICE)dms 한인타운에서 성매매 조직을 운영하던 한인 여성 선모(37)씨가 지난 1월17일 이민 당국 수사요원들에 의해 체포됐으며 추방재판에서 추방결정이 내려져 한국으로 추방됐다고 4일 밝혔다.

ICE에 따르면 선씨는 지난 2003년 7월 관광비자로 미국에 입국한 뒤 체류기한을 넘겨 불법체류를 해왔으며 이후 2010년 한인타운의 한 아파트에 성매매 합숙소를 차려 놓고 한국에서 오는 여성들을 매춘에 동원해왔다.

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