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National Treasures of South Korea

National Treasures of South Korea
English: The National Treasures of South Korea are a numbered set of artifacts, sites, and buildings which are recognized by South Korea as having exceptional cultural value. Some of the national treasures are popular tourist destinations.
한국어: 국보(國寶)는 대한민국에서, 건축물이나 유물 등의 유형 문화재 가운데에 중요한 가치를 가져 보물로 지정될 만한 문화재 가운데에서 인류문화적으로 가치가 크고 유례가 드문 것, 독특하고 희귀한 것 등으로 인정되어 따로 지정된 문화유산을 말한다.

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National Treasures of South Korea

1)-National Treasures 1-South Gate of Seoul (Joseon Period)

2)-National Treasures 2-Ten storied stone pagoda of Wongaksa Temple site (Joseon Period)

3)-National Treasures 3-Monument commemorating the border inspection Mt. Bukhansan by King Jinheung (Silla Period)

4)-National Treasures 4-Stupa in Godalsa Temple site (?)

5)-National Treasures 5-Twin-lion stone lantern of Beopjusa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

6)-National Treasures 6-Seven storied stone pagoda in Tap-pyeong-ri (Unified Silla Period)

7)-National Treasures 7-Stele of Bongseonhonggyeongsa Temple (Goryeo Period)

8)-National Treasures 8-Stele accompanying pagoda of buddhist Priest Nanghyehwasang of Seongjusa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

9)-National Treasures 9-Five storied stone pagoda of Jeongnimsa Temple site (Baekje Period)

10)-National Treasures 10-Three storied stone pagoda in front of Baekjangam Hermitage of Silsangsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

11)-National Treasures 11-Stone pagoda of Mireuksa Temple site (Baekje Period)

12)-National Treasures 12-Stone lantern in front of Gakhwangjeon Hall of Hwaeomsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

13)-National Treasures 13-Geungnakjeon Hall of Muwisa Temple (Joseon Period)

14)-National Treasures 14-Yeongsanjeon Hall of Geojoam Hermitage of Eunhaesa Temple (Joseon Period)

15)-National Treasures 15-Geungnakjeon Hall of Bongjeongsa Temple (Goryeo Period)

16)-National Treasures 16-Seven storied brick pagoda in Sinse-dong, Andong (Unified Silla Period)

17)-National Treasures 17-Stone lantern in front of Muryangsujeon Hall of Buseok Temple (Unified Silla Period)

18)-National Treasures 18-Muryangsujeon Hall of Buseok Temple (Goryeo Period)

19)-National Treasures 19-Josadang Hall of Buseok Temple (Goryeo Period)

20)-National Treasures 20-Dabotap Pagoda of Bulguk Temple (Unified Silla Period)

21)-National Treasures 21-Three storied stone pagoda at Bulguk Temple (Unified Silla Period)

22)-National Treasures 22-Yeonhwagyo and Chilbogyo bridges of Bulguk Temple (Unified Silla Period)

23)-National Treasures 23-Cheongungyo and Baegungyo bridges of Bulguk Temple (Unified Silla Period)

24)-National Treasures 24-Seokguram stone grotto and buddha statue (Unified Silla Period)

25)-National Treasures 25-Monument of King Taejongmuyeol of Silla Period (Silla Period)

26)-National Treasures 26-Seated gilt-bronze vairocana buddha statue of Bulguk Temple (Unified Silla Period)

27)-National Treasures 27-Seated gilt-bronze Amitabha buddha statue of Bulguk Temple (Silla Period)

28)-National Treasures 28-Standing gilt-bronze Bhaisajyaguru buddha statue from Baengnyul Temple (Unified Silla Period)

29)-National Treasures 29-Sacred bell of The Great King Seongdeok (Unified Silla Period)

30)-National Treasures 30-Stone pagoda of Bunhwang Temple (Silla Period)

31)-National Treasures 31-Cheomseongdae Observatory in Gyeongju (Silla Period)

32)-National Treasures 32-Tripitaka Koreana at Haeinsa Temple (81,258 printing blocks) (Goryeo Period)

33)-National Treasures 33-Monument in Changnyeong commemorating the border inspection by King Jinheung (Silla Period)

34)-National Treasures 34-Three storied stone pagoda of east in Suljeong-ri (Unified Silla Period)

35)-National Treasures 35-Four-lion-supported three storied stone pagoda of Hwaeomsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

36)-National Treasures 36-Bronze bell of Sangwonsa Temple (Silla Period)

37)-National Treasures 37-Three storied stone pagoda in Guhwang-dong, Gyeongju (Unified Silla Period)

38)-National Treasures 38-Three storied stone pagoda of Goseonsa Temple site (Unified Silla Period)

39)-National Treasures 39-Five storied stone pagoda in Nawon-ri, Wolseong (Unified Silla Period)

40)-National Treasures 40-Thirteen storied stone pagoda of Jeonghyesa Temple site (Unified Silla Period)

41)-National Treasures 41-Iron buddhist flagpole of Yongdusa Temple site (Goryeo Period)

42)-National Treasures 42-Wooden triptych buddhist statue of Songgwangsa Temple (?)

43)-National Treasures 43-Edict of King Gojong of Goryeo (Goryeo Period)

44)-National Treasures 44-Three storied stone pagoda and stone lantern of Borimsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

45)-National Treasures 45-Seated clay buddha statue of Buseok Temple (Goryeo Period)

46)-National Treasures 46-Wall painting in Josadang Hall of Buseoksa Temple (Goryeo Period)

47)-National Treasures 47-Stele for Buddhist Priest Jingamseonsa of Ssanggye Temple (Unified Silla Period)

48)-National Treasures 48-Octagonal nine storied pagoda of Woljeongsa Temple (Goryeo Period)

49)-National Treasures 49-Daeungjeon Hall of Sudeok Temple( Goryeo Period)

50)-National Treasures 50-Haetalmun Gate of Dogapsa Temple (Joseon Period)

51)-National Treasures 51-Gate to an Official inn in Gangneung (Goryeo Period)

52)-National Treasures 52-Storage halls for the Tripitaka Koreana woodblocks at Haeinsa Temple (Joseon Period)

53)-National Treasures 53-Stupa of North Side of Yeongok Temple (Goryeo Period)

54)-National Treasures 54-Stupa of east side of Yeongoksa Temple (Goryeo Period)

55)-National Treasures 55-Palsangjeon Hall of Beopjusa Temple (Joseon Period)

56)-National Treasures 56-Guksajeon Hall of Songgwang Temple (Joseon Period)

57)-National Treasures 57-Stone pagoda of buddhist Priest Cheolgamseonsa of Ssangbongsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

58)-National Treasures 58-Seated Iron Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Statue at Janggoksa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

59)-National Treasures 59-Stele that accompanied the stupa of National Preceptor Jigwangguksa (Goryeo Period )

60)-National Treasures 60-Caladon Incense Burner with Lion-Shaped Lid (Goryeo Period)

61)-National Treasures 61-Celadon Wine Pot In The Shape Of A Dragon (Goryeo Period)

62)-National Treasures 62- Mireukjeon Hall of Geumsans Temple (Joseon Period)

63)-National Treasures 63-Seated İron Vairocana Buddha Statue of Dopian Temple (Unified Silla Period)

64)-National Treasures 64-Lotus shaped stone basin of Beopjusa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

65)-National Treasures 65-Celadon Incense Burner With Unicorn-Shaped Lid (Goryeo Period)

66)-National Treasures 66-Celadon kundika with inlaid willow, bamboo, lotus, reed and mandarin duck designs (Goryeo Period)

67)-National Treasures 67-Gakhwangjeon Hall of Hwaeom Temple (Joseon Period)

68)-National Treasures 68-Celadon vase with inlaid crane and cloud designs (Goryeo Period)

69)-National Treasures 69-Certificate of meritorious subject for Sim Jibaek for his distinguished service in helping to establish the Joseon Kingdom (Joseon Period)

70)-National Treasures 70-Royal proclamation of creation and use of Hunminjeongeum (Korean alphabet) (Joseon Period)

71)-National Treasures 71-Dictionary of proper Korean pronunciation (Joseon Period)

72)-National Treasures 72-Gilt-bronze triad buddhist with inscription of cyclic year of Gyemi <563 A.D.> (Three Kingdoms Period)

73)-National Treasures 73-Gilt-bronze triad buddhist in miniature shrine (Goryeo Period)

74)-National Treasures 74-Celadon water dropper in the shaped of a duck (Goryeo Period)

75)-National Treasures 75-Bronze incense burner with inlaid silver decoration of Pyochungsa Temple (Goryeo Period)

76)-National Treasures 76-War diary, letter file and draft copies of war report of Admiral Yi Sunsin (Joseon Period)

77)-National Treasures 77-Five storied stone pagoda in Tamni, Uiseong (Three Kingdoms Period)

78)-National Treasures 78-Gilt-bronze maitreya in meditation (Three Kingdoms Period)

79)-National Treasures 79-Seated gilt-bronze buddha statue in Guhwang-ri, Gyeongju (Silla Period)

80)-National Treasures 80-Standing gilt-bronze buddha statue in Guhwang-ri, Gyeongju (Silla Period)

81)-National Treasures 81-Standing stone maitreya statue of Gamsan Temple (Silla Period)

82)-National Treasures 82-Standing Stone Amitabha Statue of Gamsan Temple (Silla Period)

83)-National Treasures 83-Gilt-bronze Maitreya in Meditation (Three Kingdoms Period)

84)-National Treasures 84-Rock-carved Triad Buddha in Seosan (Baekje Period)

85)-National Treasures 85-Gilt-bronze triad buddha with the inscription of cyclic year of Sinmyo (571 A.D.) (Three Kingdoms Period)

86)-National Treasures 86-Ten storied marble pagoda of Gyeongcheon Temple (Goryeo Period)

87)-National Treasures 87-Gold Crown From Geumgwanchong (Silla Period)

88)-National Treasures 88-Girdle and Pendants From Geumgwanchong (Silla Period)

89)-National Treasures 89-Gold Buckle (?)

90)-National Treasures 90-Two Gold Earrings With Large Balls (Silla Period)

91)-National Treasures 91-Vessel in the shape of a warrior on horseback and vessel in the shape of an attendant on horseback (Silla Period)

92)-National Treasures 92-Celadon kundika with willow and water fowl designs in silver (Goryeo Period)

93)-National Treasures 93-White porcelain jar with grape design in underglaze iron (Joseon Period)

94)-National Treasures 94-Celadon bottle in the shape of a melon (Goryeo Period)

95)-National Treasures 95-Celadon openwork incense burner (Goryeo Period)

96)-National Treasures 96-Celadon pitcher in the shape of a tortoise (Goryeo Period)

97)-National Treasures 97-Celadon vase incised with lotus and arabesque designs (Goryeo Period)

98)-National Treasures 98-Celadon jar with inlaid peony designs (Goryeo Period)

99)-National Treasures 99-Three storied stone pagoda of Galhangsa Temple (Unified Silla Period)

100)-National Treasures 100-Seven storied stone pagoda of Namgyewon Temple (Goryeo Period)

101)-National Treasures 101-Stupa of National Preceptor Jigwangguksa of Beopcheonsa Temple (Goryeo Period)

102)-National Treasures 102-Stupa of National Preceptor Hongbeopguk of Jeongtosa Temple (Goryeo Period)

103)-National Treasures 103-Twin-lion stone lantern of Jungheungsanseong Fortress (Unified Silla Period)

104)-National Treasures 104-Stupa of Buddhist Priest Yeomgeohwasang (Unified Silla Period)

105)-National Treasures 105-Three storied stone pagoda in Beomhak-ri, Sancheong (Unified Silla Period)

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