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joseon king dressed golden suddenly

meanwhile korean................

Guide to Korean culture

Emperor Gojong
Yellow robe Complement with a dragon. fanyonbobyon mumbo
the Yellow Dragon Robe was usually wore by korean Joseon emperor at work.
The king's imperial robes in Joseon Dynasty were red, but king Gojong became to  wear a yellow imperial robes when he was to be emperor of great korea in 1897. The shoulders of both sides on the Yellow Dragon Robe,attached five clawed dragon embroidered in gold thread, with a complement of round nails painted dragon. the dragon chews the white pearl in mouth that symbolized red sun and moon.the sun,moon and pattern of five clawed dragon are symbolize emperor, the other robe was designed as same except the the thin sleeve.

黄龍袍付龍紋補(ファンヨンポブヨンムンボ) fanyonbobyonmumbo

Gojong (Hangul: 고종; Hanja: 高宗; RR: Gojong; MR: Kojong), the Emperor Gwangmu (Hangul: 광무제; Hanja: 光武帝; RR: Gwangmuje; MR: Kwangmuje; 8 September 1852 – 21 January 1919) was the twenty-sixth king of the Korean Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of the Korean Empire.

Before the Sino-Japanese War 1894
Joseon king Gojong 高宗 wears read robe without dragon.

1897年 The Greater Korean Empire 大韓帝国  established.
king Gojong wears golden robe with three dragons on the circle.

the resulut of the Sino-Japanese War 1894,
Treaty of Shimonoseki 1895 April 17, korea released from chinese colony.
"Article 1: China recognizes definitively the full and complete independence and autonomy of Korea, and, in consequence, the payment of tribute and the performance of ceremonies and formalities by Korea to China, that are in derogation of such independence and autonomy, shall wholly cease for the future."

korea was colonized by china for 1000 years. thanks for Sino-Japanese War  (1 August 1894~ 17 April 1895),Joseon dynasty could independent from china.
korean king could not wear golden robe with nine dragon,they were permitted the red with three dragon only,they were seemed just as local governor of china.
but japan won china and absolved korea,then korea established as The Greater Korean Empire in October 1897,king Gojong called himself as korean emperor and made his golden robe firstly. he should work other consequence doing...

★併合前の高宗 Before the Sino-Japanese War 1894

wonderous, he put French military saber and German helmet, anyway you look at his unique uniform collected in suitable... (not hanging nor iron, wrinkled clothes ) and trimmed to dress up his figure suitably in a hurry.


★併合後の晩年の高宗 king Gojong after amalgamated by japan.

gladly king Gojong, dressed up his uniform which made in the famous purveyor shop for Emperor of Japan.

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