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Truth of Comfort Women - plot - For repeling anti-Japanese forces 反日勢力撃退用・html版資料館

Truth of Comfort Women
- plot -

Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church

Japanese believers kneeling down on the ground in front of the Korean elders

1.An accusation in Internet
2.Supporting news reports for the accusation
3.Japanese medias are actually gagged
4.South Korea, the large-scale human trafficker

An accusation in Internet

This is an accusation made in a Japanese largest Internet Forum named “2 channel” on 25 October 2001.
The “2 channel” is managing massive BBS system to host the tremendous number of discussion boards. It is also famous for its manipulation of public opinion by using numbers of stoolies acting in various discussions in the forum. “2 channel” is also well known for its impression management business for business organizations and another business of selling opinion data of  Conservatives” retrieved from the Forum to Left-wing groups.
The accusation found in “2 channel” was made by an anonymous woman. Therefore, basically this accusation text has no value as source material.
However, I would like to take up this accusation because several information came up recently that can be evidence of this accusation. In addition, a series of inside stories introduced by another Forum user were all based on fact. He was using a handle name of “Media personnel” and continuously insisting the accusation was based on the truth.

■■■ Give me back my sister, South Korea!!! ■■■


”Miss no name” is a handle name of the person who made this accusation.
As well, “Pretty wife” is also a handle name of another anonymous poster.
Annotation number is shown in {*} style. Comments and references are at the end of the whole text.


Zainichi Koreans, also often known as Zainichi for short, are the permanent ethnic Korean residents of Japan. Strictly speaking, the term refers only to long term, permanent residents of Japan who have either retained their Joseon (the old, undivided Korea) or South Korean nationalities, not ethnic Koreans who have acquired Japanese nationality through naturalization.
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1. Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 11:51 ID:FFmOrZXZ

I want to write about my experience here as my serious warning to all Japanese women. Please note, everything I talk from now is true!!
My sister, who was cheerful and pretty, was taken away from Japan to South Korea after she got involved South Korea and Korean people.
I can easily imagine that you feel “that can’t be true.” But thousands of Japanese women are already taken away to South Korea by an incredibly elaborate plot.
Now, I clarify their dirty tricks to call attentions of all Japanese women.
And again, this is based on my actual experience, so please do not disturb my warning to all women by interruption postings like “This thread is closed”, “Ignore this thread”. {*1} Please, please do not turn my earnest story into ridicule.

It was 3 years ago.
“I made acquaintance of a Korean student”, my sister said and this was where it all began. She was in her junior year in her college when a female Korean student approached her in the campus. Two of them became close friend soon. I also met the Korean student several time and had a good impression with her politeness. I heard that she was a member of a peace organization.

* Snip *

3 Name: Miss No name Posted: 01/10/25 11:53 ID:FFmOrZXZ

I really regret now that if I could get wise at that time.
My sister has become to attend a “Culture Class” of the Peace Organization introduced by the Korean student. According to my sister, the class is “to learn about peace”. In the class she watched videos repeatedly and then listened lectures.
Though the name of the class was “learning about peace”, the contents were only about “how badly Japanese treated Korean”. After watching such sort of videos hours and hours, then listened to lecturers of the organization and the topic was always “Japanese people have never compensated for the crime and always took irresponsible actions.”
One day, my sister told me having a pale face, “Japanese army forced 150 Korean comfort women to stand on a line and cut off their head one by one and cooked head soup. Then forced other comfort women to eat the head soup ……”
I was shocked with the episode but at the same time it sounded “exaggerated” for me so I got suspicious.
While continuing the culture class, her attitude had changed gradually. She began to repeat seriously, “I’m so ashamed of being Japanese” or “Japanese people must compensate Korean people immediately” or “Current Japanese prosperity is founded on the Korean people’s sacrifices.” She completely forgot her schoolwork and started to learn Korean language.

4 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 11:54 ID:FFmOrZXZ

My sister said, “I want to go to Korea to apologize Korean people”.
I thought that was too much to do. But I didn’t take it serious enough and though it was good to have international friendship.
One day, my sister told me that I also should study Korean language. I asked the reason and she answered, “Korean language is the global language and the most excellent language in the world.”
By hearing this I got a suspicious feeling. So I sneaked into my sister’s room while she is away where found some brochures titled “Divine principal” or “Apostate”. I glanced inside the brochures and surprised. One of them said, “Japan is a country ruled by devil that crucified South Korea which is the world ruler”, another said, “Japan is the country of Eve, therefore it is her obligation to serve Korea, the country of Adam.” The brochures were full of such crazy contents!
I asked my college tutor about the creepy contents. He advised me, “That is Unification Church.” Then I made research on the Unification Church and discussed with my parents. We tried to convince my sister to withdraw from the Church. But it was too late. She declared to quit the college and go to South Korea.
So we stopped her desperately, but she swore us angrily “you people are all devils who defame our Messiah and South Korea who rules the world!”
Me, my mother and my father all cried.

5 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 11:56 ID:FFmOrZXZ

Suddenly, my sister decided to join the communal wedding ceremony in Seoul and left our home finally.
I protested against the Korean student who solicited my sister. The student suddenly changed her polite attitude. I asked her “you are the member of the Unification Church, aren’t you?” But she acted as if she didn’t know.
“The founder of Unification Church, Moon Sun Myung. He is so gross!! I feel sick!”
This comment of mine made her so upset. “What did you say?!” She yelled like mad with her face red with anger.
She was a member of the Unification Church as I was convinced.

My family was in so sad tearful days after my sister left home. We all worried about her circumstances.
Sometime later, my sister contacted us to inform that she got married to a Korean man in countryside of South Korea. It made us relieved. But soon after that, she began to send letters quite frequently, in which she asked us to send “money”, “electric goods” and other daily goods. It seemed her Korean relatives demanded her to get money and goods from my family for them. My parents continued to send money and goods as required.

We worried what sort of life my sister had in South Korea, so I decided to go and see her to make sure. It was dangerous for me to go alone, so we had to made effort to find appropriate person for my interpreter and bodyguard.
We found a Japanese student living in Seoul, Mr. A.

6 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 11:57 ID:FFmOrZXZ

Mr. A guided me to the address of my sister’s letter in the countryside of South Korea.
The place was totally different from general countryside in Japan. Not modern farm village with unpaved roads. We found my sister in one of those poor village houses. My sister seemed glad to see me in the village. Her husband was a son of farm family. He was ugly and uneducated countryman over 40 though my sister was in her early 20s.
Mr. A and I talked together with the poor family for a while.
I thought it was not polite to do but I softly objected to their marriage, and asked my sister to go back to Japan.
Suddenly, Mr. A got a pale face. He interpreted that my sister’s husband said, “I paid money!” and continued with ribald derision “It was a good deal, ‘cause this Jap girl has got good figure.”
This made me angry and I really wanted to kill him. But in this situation, I had to swallow for my sister’s safety. My sister also answered, “Japanese people have to compensate Koreans.” She said she was working all day every day. Listening the family’s conversation, Mr. A whispered me, “it seems she is almost slave”.

7 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 11:59 ID:FFmOrZXZ

There was nothing I could do for her but return to Japan. On the way to the Seoul airport, Mr. A taught me many things. For example, strange Japanese women group of Unification Church member were working from early in the morning in Seoul. Those women often joined Anti-Japan demonstrations and performances (or forced to join?).
When I talked about the comfort women, he said he heard from an old Korean man who experienced Japanese colonial era that “coercion story is a complete fiction”.
According to the old man, the fact was that poor families in farm villages sold their daughters to Korean prostitution brokers. It was a common solution in all Asia regions including Japan for such poor people to get out of deep poverty. “It is fiction that Japanese Amy arranged trucks to kidnap girls. Nobody has seen such a scene and never heard such rumors”, the old man told Mr. A.
I told him “then the comfort women stories must have been created by somebody for a certain purpose.” He felt something to my opinion that the Unification Church is using the comfort women stories. “I know a person who is close to the Lawyer Takagi who is supporting the comfort women law suite. So I will contact him to make sure if he knows something about this.”

8 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 12:00 ID:FFmOrZXZ

I felt lost when returned to Japan. I could not tell reality of my sister’s situation to my parents. I thought my sister had been sold to South Korea as a servant named “wife”.
After a while, my sister informed us that one of her kin would visit Japan. She asked us to look after him. My parents and myself reluctantly accepted.
Then a boorish young man, looked jobless, came to my home.
The Korean had a flat face with thin eyes just like pencil lines and looked emotionless. But he blew up easily and blustered us with a red face. During dinner, he sat at table in a very rude manner and ate foods with horrible noise. Not only that, he complained like “Why you don’t serve Kimchi, uh!?! ”, “So bland taste!!” and so on.
Of course, I really hate this Korean.
One day, he yelled at my mother. “The source for Tempura is too bland! You stingy! Are you trying to belittle me!? I’m a precious guest!!”
It was getting almost limit of my patience. I really wanted to put something like pesticide into his food.
I was also realizing he looked at me with leering eyes.
One night, he sneaked into my room and tried to rape me holding my mouth with his hand. I cried and scratched his face. He hit my face with his knuckle so hardly.
This made my father enraged and he drove the Korean bastard out of our house. I was relieved.

* Snip *

11: Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 12:02 ID:FFmOrZXZ

One day Mr. A in Seoul sent me a surprising information. Following is summarized information from Mr. A.
What I should explain first is that it was an organization called “Hundred Members Committee” who raised the “Comfort Women Issue” for the first time. The object of this organization is to “obtain official apology and compensation from Japanese government to Korea and Koreans”. Some Korean members of this organization and a Japanese housewife went to South Korea to search “victims” suitable for starting lawsuit. Kim Hak-soon who was the “first woman came forward as a victim of sex-slave system” was just a Korean prostitute made a lot of money by prostitution business with Japanese soldiers. But the “Hundred Members Committee” searched such sort of prostitutes and had them sue Japanese government. Then, they started propaganda to Japan and international society.
Now, what sort of organization is the “Hundred Members Committee”? In fact, this committee is a secondary organization of the Unification Church and its direct parent organization is named “Women’s Foundation for Asian Peace”. Besides, Ken’ichi Takagi, the lawyer who supported the prostitute lawsuit, and the Japanese housewife who went to South Korea to search “victims” are also members of the Unification Church. (Of course those two are denying the fact. Because it is the policy of the Unification Church, members are ordered to answer “No” when they are asked if they are members of Unification Church.) Their actions are based on their belief of the teaching of the Unification Church that is like “Japan is a devil country, therefore Japan has to compensate for the crime that crucified Korea which is the country of Messiah”.

12 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 12:03 ID:FFmOrZXZ

After rapprochement between Moon Sun-Myung{*2} and Kim Il-Sung{*3} in 1992, General Association of Korean Residents in Japan became to be involved to the activities of Comfort-women issue, and many North Korean “fake comfort women” sprouted like mushrooms. They circulate vicious rumors like “Japanese soldiers cut off comfort women’s head and cooked soup with the head. We were forced to eat the soup”.
Then what is the reason why the Unification Church fabricated the “sex slave issue”?
The reasons are complex.
First, they wanted to diminish credibility of Japan and Japanese. So that they can let Japanese government pay compensation to South Korea and give advantage and political status to Zainichi Koreans in Japan.
Second, they brain washed Japanese women to setup as “commodity for trafficking”. They planted feeling of penance to Japanese women’s mind and let them believe “being in the same situation as the comfort women can be a compensation”. This was their trick.
According to Mr. A, thousands of Japanese women have already been made up as “commodity for trafficking” by this trick, like my sister, and sold to South Korea. Especially in countryside where there are high demand of women.
This story made me rock back on my heels.
I also heard from another person that Shin Sugok, the feminism activist, also has relationship with the Unification Church and she delivers many lectures to the organization events. I became I cannot trust all Zainichi Koreans.
The Unification Church, believers, General Association of Korean Residents, and Korean Human Rights Campaigners in Japan…. They are all in one crony.
The reality is that they are the abject fellows who continue the activities to make Japanese women into slaves of Korea under mask of justice.

13 Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 12:05 ID:FFmOrZXZ

Currently, a lot of Japanese women are cheated by this Korean’s propaganda and support their activities. But it is totally wrong. Because it just helps crimes of the Unification Church. I can say again and again, so many Japanese women are sold to South Korea as “commodity” of trafficking by the Unification Church. If you cannot believe my story, please take action and research how miserable life those Japanese women have in South Korea. You can understand that those women are all held in slavery. I don’t understand why Japanese mass medias do not take up this tragedy. Why so-called quality papers like Asashi shimbum, Mainichi shimbum or Yomiuri shimbum do not clarify such a women trafficking for public? Why!?
I simply want to ask why Japanese TV’s do not report the fact that Japanese women are badly harmed? What is the reason why medias cannot report? Why?
Right at this moment, many Japanese women are brain washed by bad Korean religion and sold to South Korea to be enslaved for their whole life.
Give me back my sister!

14:Name: Miss no name Posted: 01/10/25 12:06 ID:FFmOrZXZ

Now, I finish my story about the miserable experience of my family.
I think our experience is hard to believe for most of Japanese women, but it is true.
I think all Japanese women need to know the existence of the dirty trap that leads Japanese women to miserable situation. So I posted this series of messages.
But I think most of Zainichi Koreans in Japan and South Korean people are good people. So please do not have ethnic bias to whole Korean society. But it is the fact that there are crazy people in part who have ill mind against Japanese and do evil things without scruple. It is also the fact that those bad activities are untouched.
Maybe there are some people who would not like to believe my story.
I don’t want to be hurt by heartless responses like “show evidence!” or ”don’t create a story!” So I will never come back here again.
Believe or not believe is all up to each person. I cannot blame people who do not believe my experience because it has not been broadcasted by mass media.
But anyway, let me insist again.
Whole my story is true! It is really true!!

28: Name: Hello I’m Media Man Posted: 01/10/25 14:42 ID:8OQ8aU4v

I think the long text posted here is based the fact in large part. But unfortunately, I believe that it will not be broadcasted by mass media
Both General Association of Korean Residents{*5}, the North Korean organization, and Korean Residents Union in Japan (Mindan){*6}, the South Korean organization, have networks and know-how to take organized protesting action quickly. If any of mass media report a bit of reality of Koreans, specially the dirty part, they take murderous protesting action to suppress the speech. Most of Japanese media organization experienced horrible obstruction of business by Zainichi Koreans.
In TV or Newspapers, we will never watch nor listen negative news about Korean Society including North Korea, South Korea and Zainichi Koreans in Japan.
I also have experienced Korean’s vigorous protests several times in a magazine section of a publishing company. We could not carry on our work during their campaign days.
The only publisher who never yielded to the protests was only “Bungei-Shunju”, I believe. Their protest is abnormally relentless. They continuously threatened us by Phone and Fax saying, “Stop discrimination!” “Don’t write any articles that encourage bias to a specific ethnic!” “We will sue you!” etc….
Even though the article was based on the “Fact”, but it was negative for them, they condemned us for “discrimination” or “prejudice” and finally brought up “past Japan’s sin”. They are the peskiest on the earth.

* Snip *

939 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:02 ID:KxRdqMlT

Hi, I am a Media personnel.
Because this discussion seems gathering stream, I would like to provide you some backside information.
One thing I have to insist is that the Unification Church is equal to South Korea. It is common knowledge among media people. For example, the current South Korean President Kim Dae-jung (as of 2001) has been received money as political fund for many years from Moon Sun Myung, the founder of the Unification Church.
That means Moon Sun Myung is the biggest sponsor of Kim Dae-jung.
That’s why Korean government does not care about the Japanese women trafficking committed by the Unification Church. Or I should say it is approved by Korean government.
And what makes bad situation worse is that ordinary Korean people do not care about the trafficking, because the target is Japanese.
In addition, the Unification Church was also the sponsor of former President Kim Yeong-sam. In Korean politic area, the ruling party and the opposition are conflicting with heat, but there is no difference between those parties in the fact that they are all sponsored by the Unification Church. Besides, the fund is gathered by exploiting Japanese believers. The Unification Church has already stolen about 2 trillion yen from Japan. So we should not consider the Unification Church separated from South Korean government. It is difficult to distinguish those two.

940 Name: Pretty wife Posted: 01/10/30 13:13 ID:4BrcI0t5

Response to >> 939

It seems that Japanese mass medias cannot report this news as a company because of fierce pressure. But is it hard to find some way to broadcast widely Anti-Japan education in South Korea by individual level?
I think the number of victims continues to increase, if we do not take any action right now. What can we do? No other efficient way than patient effort of e-mail tactics?

941 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:14 ID:KxRdqMlT

Response to >>940

I think that is impossible for mass media.
Medial personnel are also employees of media companies. They have to protect their position inside their company first.
No Japanese media reports that the rapist-murderer of Lucy Blackman case is former Zainichi Korean and he acquired Japanese nationality for his convenience of picking-up women. To report this, we need to be prepared for risk of our lives.{*7}His Family members are still maintaining Korean nationality, and still no apology to the Lucy’s Family.
Both AUM Shinrikyo cult{*8} and Soka-Gakkai {*9}are dummy organizations of Zainichi Koreans in Japan as well as the Unification Church, but no media can take risk of reporting this fact. Anyway, this kind of matters is “taboo” among the media society.
My boss also pulls his face just hearing the name of “General Association of Korean Residents (GAKR)”. His attitude is like “Let’s sleeping GAKR lie.”
It is only in this “2 channel” we can write any reality.

942 name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:16 ID:KxRdqMlT

A rumor is circulating among my colleagues that the Zainichi Korean Gangs and the Fake Right Wings by Zainichi Koreans are holding our company management by balls.
As you know well, the half of gang organization members in Japan is Zainichi Koreans.{*10} The spread of Drug in the post WW2 society in Japan was because of Korean gang’s smuggling from South Korea by ferry. That’s why the Japanese gang organization “Yamaguchi-gumi” started “Drug busting campaign” from their sense of crisis of expansion of Korean gang organization by Drug money.
The “Korean High Schools” supply human resources to such Zainichi Korean gang organizations.

In media society, you can have many kind of inside and backside information of the dark side society, and I’m so sure that Japan is almost occupied by Zainichi Koreans.
The societies of criminals, religions, politics, entertainments & etc, are all controlled by Koreans. We should never vote or donate to Komeito-party which is one-body with Soka-Gakkai organization, because the organization is controlled by Korean Residents.
However, we must know that more than one hundred members of the Unification Church are working as secretary of Japanese politician, and cash is supplied from GAKR. So Japanese politicians hardly take actions for the Japanese women trafficking issue.

945 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:24 ID:KxRdqMlT

I think I have to mention that Korean Residents Union in Japan(Mindan: South Korean Zainichi organization) has no organization relationship with the Unification Church.
Not sure about the relationship in individual levels though.
But GAKR (General Association of Korean Residents) is completely adhered with the Unification Church. Because the founder Moon Sun Myung is a close friend of Kim Il Sung.

Zainichi Koreans always claim that “Zainichi Koreans in Japan are pitiable discriminated minority”, but they are far from the pitiable minority. This is their biggest fiction they have noised abroad. Do you know what is the biggest domestic industry in Japan? It’s Pachinko (kind of gamble) industry, which earns over 30 trillion yen annually. In fact 80% of Pachinko business is owned by Zainichi Koreans, and they don’t pay tax properly. {*11}
The money that Zainichi Koreans, which is only 0.5% of population, earn is estimated 40 trillion yen including black society’s earnings.
It is no doubt that “Zainichi Koreans are the world richest minority”. And the overabundant money is provided to political society. Most of lawmakers of LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) and SDP (Social Democratic Party) are bonded by such Korean money. That’s why Japanese government easily pours 1 trillion yen of our tax to Chosen Bank Group (Korean bank group in Japan) that was nearly bankrupted due to illegal loan operation.
Kneel and apology diplomacy to Koreans is only way for those politicians.
Sad to say, Money is Power in today’s world.

* Snip *

947 Name: Pretty wife Posted: 01/10/30 13:28 ID:fgAIH0HC

I’m just curious to know. But do Zainichi Koreans pay inheritance tax?

* Snip *

950 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:30 ID:KxRdqMlT

Currently, Zainichi Koreans are focusing on Film industry. Using the money squeezed from Pachinko addicted Japanese they support Film creation as sponsors.
These days, you can see quite many films with Korean theme. These films are created for mind control or image control to Japanese people.
For example, the film titled “My boss is Jesus”. This film was nothing more than rubbish but message of the film is “Koreans are all good people”.
Another youth film titled “GO”. I think they want to say “Koreans are cool and good-looking” through this film. The original novel of the film is just only third class novel from any aspects. It’s the winner of Naoki Award though. It is said that the publisher Bungei-shunju, one of Naoki Award selection member, and Zainichi Korean society have made secret promise. Those two were opposed to each other before.
You remember the film starring Ken Takakura that is about a Korean died by Zainichi Koreans suicide attack? I forgot the title. That is well-thumbed theme of “Koreans are all victims of Imperial Japan”. They are trying to implant a sense of sin to Japanese people’s mind. It’s the same old trick.
Anyway, just like Jewish in the USA tried a kind of mind control through Films in a past time, Zainichi Korean organizations in Japan are copying the Jewish method.
TV, film, news, etc…. all those medias will never report other news than how Korea and Koreans are wonderful.

955 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:35 ID:KxRdqMlT

Response to >>947
You want to know about inheritance tax?
Unfortunately, I am not an expert of taxation, so I have no idea.
What I know is about the secret agreement between Treasury Ministry and GAKR (General Association of Korean Residents). It was concluded many years ago.
The agreement is, in short, that the ministry admitted Korean’s privileges of tax exemption.{*12}
There is no Pachinko owner who runs business without tax evasion.
The prepaid card system was introduced to prevent tax evasion before. But it was not successful because of counterfeit cards.

960 Name: Media personnel Posted: 01/10/30 13:39 ID:KxRdqMlT

Though Zainichi Koreans have no wish to get Japanese nationality, they started activity to demand the “right to vote”, now. Not only that, they also started propaganda to international society saying “Japan does not give us citizenship. We are persecuted”. They are living in Japan safely but they are not attached to Japan and Japanese at all. They rather have ill intents and harms.
Zainichi Koreans often say, “Japan should coexist with Asian neighbors”, but this phrase cannot be taken as read. Their favorite words like “coexist” or “friendship” only have meaning of “Japanese should follow our order”. Absolutely, it’s their ego.
Their interest is only about their own profit and benefit and no concern about Japanese people’s benefit or national benefit of Japan.
They always demand “apology” and “compensation” to Japanese, but they never admit their fault and never ever apologize for their fault.

Of course many of Zainichi Koreans are different. They get along with Japanese people and have ordinary life as Japanese citizen.
Above examples I shown are all bad kind people belong to the political activist groups, civil groups and any other harmful organizations.
I can say majority of Korean Residents are rather victims of such activists and organizations.

{*1}”Thread” is a unit of discussion inside the internet forum. Each thread has its own discussion theme. Sentence like “this thread is closed” or “ignore this thread” are often posted to disturb a discussion.
{*2}Kim Il Sung: Former leader of the socialist nation Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea). He was well known of his Red Terror with continuous blood purge to maintain his political power. Died in 1994.
{*3}Moon Sun Myung: The founder of the Unification Church which is South Korean based religion organization. Activist of independent movement during Japan’s annexation of Korean Peninsula. After independence of Korea, established International Federation for Victory Over Communism to against North Korea.
{*4}Shin Sugok: A Zainichi Korean. Self-professed Human Right Worker who is insisting herself as a “victim of discrimination” in her lectures. She requires “1st class seat of bullet train or airplane and arrangement of hired card to/from airport” and her lecture costs fancy “500,000 yen per 90minutes”.
Reference) 「最新 有名講師・講演料 700人情報」 日本実業出版社 “Famous Lecturer's Fee/Latest data 700”Nippon Jitsugyo Shuppan (Publisher) Mar 2001
the content of her lecture is just insulting Japanese society and much far from “human rights”.
{*5}General Association of Korean Residents (GAKR): An organization of Zainichi Koreans of North Korean nationality. They continue rebel campaigns against Japanese government under the name of “Human Rights Campaign” or “Peace Campaign”.
{*6}Korean Residents Union in Japan (Mindan): An organization of Zainichi Koreans of South Korean nationality. They are opposing to GAKR, but continue rebel campaigns against Japanese government as well as GAKR.
{*7}This fact is not reported inside Japan. But it was disclosed in May 15 2001 issue of “Time” Asia.
{*8}AUM Shinrikyo: A cult Group which committed terrorism. Parents of the founder are Zanichi Koreans and naturalized Japanese. This fact is documented in a spectator’s record of Tokyo Court on June 29 2000.
{*9}Soka-Gakkai: A reiligion organization identified as cult in France. June 25 2001 issue of Kokumin-Shinbun reported the founder of Soka-Gakkai is second generation of Zainichi Koreans.
{*10}The ratio of Zainichi Korean Gangster is 50 times as high as Japanese in proportion to total ethnic population.
Reference)『現代』 講談社 2001年1月号 "Gendai" Kodansha(Publisher)Jan 2001 issue

{*11}The fact was revealed by Feb 13 2006 issue of “AERA” magazine..
{*12}In fact, “The 5 articles of agreement(五項目の合意)” for tax exemption was secretly concluded between Tax Office and GAKR in 1976.

Supporting news reports for the accusation

1. Missing 6,500 Japanese women

Christian Today: News of Jan 23, 2006
* This paper is an ecumenical news media that provides information to general Christian public.

“Please search the 6,500 women missing from the mass wedding ceremony”
Victim’s families appealed.
14:36 Jan 23, 2006

Christian churches dealing with problems connected with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Unification Church) in Japan--the Christian Churches Liaison Conference on the Unification Church Problem--held their first joint meeting with Korean church representatives. In the meeting, it was required from Japanese side to cooperate for searching of almost 6500 Japanese women lost after joining mass wedding ceremony in South Korea. Korean representatives agreed to make effort to solve this problem cooperating with religious organizations.
The forum was held on 18th and 19th January in The Centennial Hall in South Korea. Representatives of Victim’s Relative Association attended from Japan and reported, “we have lost contact with those women after they went to South Korea for the mass wedding ceremony” and requested active cooperation of Korean Churches.
On 19th the Japanese and Korean representatives issued a joint statement.
The statement included the following points: 1) cooperation in setting up an advice center for the missing 6,500 Japanese women; 2) leading of found victims to Japanese Churches; 3) exchange of information to search resolution of the Unification Church problems.
It was also agreed that Japanese and Korean churches would cooperate with the committee tackling the Unification Church problem in Yeosu city in South Korea. Japanese representatives pointed out that the Unification Church sponsored resort development in Yeosu is supported by funds stolen from Japanese victims, and stated their policy to thoroughly investigate the source of the funds to stop the development in Yeosu.
To this forum, 28 representatives attended from member organizations of the Christian Churches Liaison Conference on the Unification Church Problem - Japan Catholic Church, United Church of Christ in Japan, Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan, Japan Baptist Union, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, Korean Christian Church in Japan, National Network of Lawyers against Spiritual Sales and Victim’s Relative Association.

2. Comfort Women Issue is a tool for Spiritual Sales of Unification Church

From TV program “Hodo Tokushu - Japan News Network” broadcasted by TBS on June 11, 2006

◆Latest report on the Unification Church

The Unification Church, which caused social problems for its spiritual sales and mass wedding ceremony, has not been seen in Media recently. But still now, there is no end of harms. Number of calls to the advice center is over 1000 in a year.
Recently, the Unification Church is expanding its activities to unexpected area.
We covered its new activities.

◆New kind of harms by the Unification Church

Incheon International Airport, South Korea.
In mid of March, a group of Japanese were arrived to this airport. There were many other Japanese tourists, too.
“Please stand in 4 lines. I will count the heads.” A woman was crying. All members of the group followed her instruction.
“Cheong Pyeong”; unfamiliar name of place was seen on a signboard.
The group of various generations, including families with small children and aged people, moved to get on a bus.
Groups of Japanese appeared one after another. We confirmed nearly 10 buses left the airport with those Japanese.
“Where do these buses go?” We, news clue, followed the buses.
The buses were bound for “Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center”.
We went along a dam lake following the buses.

About 2 hours from airport, several huge facilities suddenly appeared in the mountain.
An odd-shaped building was seen near the top of mountain.
“What are these facilities for?”
According to Unification Church, this is the holy place where Moon Sun Myung, the founder of Unification Church, will create a heaven on the earth.

* Snip *

◆What happened in holy land of the Unification Church?

* Snip *

Ms. B, a 53-year-old former member of the Unification Church was instructed to go to Cheong Pheong for following reason.
She said, “The Church instructed me to go to Cheong Pyeong to hold a service for souls of comfort women. Because Japanese committed horrific crimes against Koreans during the war, Japanese are all possessed by souls of comfort women.”

Her notes of the lectures in Cheong Pheong;
“Because of the souls of coerced comfort women, atopic patients and mental diseases will increase more and more in Japan.”
“Such souls have deep grudge to kill Japanese by breast cancer or uterus cancer”
This kind of words is repeatedly stressed during the lectures.

Ms. B had been feeling something wrong with her uterus when she was advised it was affection of the souls of comfort women. So she participated in the event in Cheong Pyeong to exorcise such souls.

Effect of the exorcism event was described in Unification Church’s in-house magazine.
Believer’s voices were introduced; “Children’s atopic dermatitis has vanished.” “My gout became painless.” “I had a longed-for child.” “My autistic child brought out the words.”
However, nothing was changed to Ms. B, and just fear for spiritual world was remained.

* Snip *

◆Still continuing damages

“National Network of Lawyers against Spiritual Sales and Victim’s Relative Association” was organized by lawyers to help victims of the Unification Church.
It was launched in 1987 when the spiritual sales became a big social problem.
There is no end of complaints about the Unification Church.
The number of complaint is rather increasing for these years and there were about 1000 complaints last year.
The amount of damage totaled more than 2.8 billion yen in one year.

* Snip *

3. Ji Man-won pointed out existence of fake comfort women

Military commentator Ji Man-won raised “fake comfort women” question
Joong Ang Daily(中央日報) April 14, 2005

Military commentator Ji Man-won raised a question of fake Korean ex-comfort women and it caused significant ripples.
On 13th January, Ji Man-won posted an article titled “analyze the comfort women issue” saying, “Who can verify real or fake of the women’s claim to be former comfort women? How can it be verified?”
Ji indicated the possibility that fake comfort women are included in the demonstration group gathered in front of Japanese embassy.
In the article Ji said, “1994 can be the last timing to be taken as comfort women. If those women were over 15 years old at that time, they should be over 78 years old right now.” He also added, “Ex-comfort women seen in TV look too young and healthy. Some of them speak with very lively voices.”
Ji claimed no more than 20 percent of all comfort women were conscripted by Japan, while the rest were ordinary prostitutes trying to escape from poverty.
The Korea Chongshindae Council issued a statement threatening legal action against Ji. The organization’s website was inundated with messages criticizing Ji.

“Fake comfort women in Wednesday meeting”Military commentator’s essay causes ripples.
Chosun Ilbo(朝鮮日報) April 14, 2005

The controversial military commentator Ji Man-won has come under fire again after saying that claims by some women to have been drafted into sexual slavery as “comfort women” by the Japanese Army were fraudulent.

Ji said on his website on 13th and 14th that only 33 women had been confirmed former “comfort women,” or Chongshindae, by Shim Mi-ja, a comfort woman whose painful past was acknowledged by the Japanese Supreme Court. Ji said none of the 33 took part in a protest former comfort women stage every Wednesday in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. Ji also insisted a woman often seen in TV was denied to be paid compensation by related Japanese organization.

* Ji Man-won said Shim Mi-ja was acknowledged as a comfort woman by Japanese Supreme Court, but in fact Shim Mi-ja has lost her lawsuit. Her claim was dismissed on Nov 29, 2004.

Japanese medias are actually gagged

“Mass medias are pressured by Zainichi Koreans. For them, it is impossible to report information that can be disadvantage of Koreans.”
This perspective was true. It was revealed by two incidents in “World-cup Soccer Japan-Korea” in 2002 and “Collision accidents in the Sea of Genkai” occurred in 2003.

1. Gagged media coverage during the FIFA Worldcup Japan-Korea.

Only one web news introduced Ai Iijima’s voice.
Web news site - ZAKZAK June 24,2002

Ai Iijima declared, “I will never eat Kimchi(Traditional Korean fermented food) !”
Her sharp criticism to South Korea in TBS TV program

Ai’s wild remarks caused significant ripples - While South Korea’s unexpected run to best 4 in the FIFA Worldcup is appraised, the judges in the South Korea match became controversial. A happening was seen in a Live TV program on 22 June, a female talent Ai Iijima made series of sharp criticisms against South Korea. She started with the word “the South Korea matches are absolutely unfair!” To her comment, many of responses such as “How true!” rushed across the Internet and this caused public controversy.
Ai Iijima commented in the TV program “Sunday Japon” of 22 June, during other personalities were talking about South Korean supporters’ craze and Gauci’s statement of kick-out of a Korean player from the team Perugia after Italian national team defeated by South Korea.
Ai Iijima excitedly said, “Any and every TV station cuts the angle from the back side that clearly shows (South Korean’s unfair play) in the scene that Totti was dismissed from the field. No fair!”

Ai also criticized the chief referee of Italy-Korea match, saying “how can Ecuadorian plumpy run across the field (to make accurate judge)?”
She was also angry with Korean supporters. “Is it OK to put a big banner of ‘Welcome to Azzurri’s grave’ in the stadium? They have no sense of politeness and is should not be allowed.”
In the program, MC tried to change the topic but Ai could not stop her anger. She told Yasuhiko Okudera, a Sports commentator, “Don’t be so quiet! You can say anything you want! I will protect you.” Okudera hesitated at first but finally said, “The judgments were too bad this time.”

Japanese medias have cut many scenes of dirty plays and violent attacks to Italian players by Koreans including following scenes.

Seriously injured Francesco CoCo.
He was hit badly by a Korean player with elbow.

Totti fell down by Korean’s attack to his foot.
But the chief referee judged it as a simulation play of Totti.

Del Piero also got an elbow blow.

A hard kick straight into Maldini’s head.

In FIFA Worldcup 2002, Korean players continued dirty plays and violent attacks to opposition team players. American, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish players were victimized and got serious injures during the games. However, the chief referee did not give red cards or even yellow cards to Korean players. The referee continued “misjudgments” to give advantages to Korean team.
In 2004, FIFA produced a set of DVD titled “FIFA fever” wherein FIFA selected ”the Worst 10 Misjudgments” in 100 years history of the Worldcup. Indeed, 4 out of the worst 10 were from Korean matches in Worldcup 2002.

Those kinds of Korean behavior during the Worldcup invited criticisms from the international society and it became a major issue. However, only Japanese medias did not report the fact.
Internet users in Japan obtained this information through Internet and realized that Japanese mass medias were all gagged. Of course, it sparked a big controversy.

2. Media report was controlled for the Collision in Sea of Genkai

On 2nd of July 2003, a collision occurred by a Korean container boat “Heung-A Jupiter” which rapidly approached to a Japanese fishery boat “Koyomaru No.18”.
The container boat “Heung-A Jupiter” was owned by a South Korean shipping company Heung-A Shipping Co., Ltd.
In the sea of Genkai at that time, six fishery boats including “Koyomaru” were in operation and could not move to avoid a collision. Despite they gave sings by whistles and lights 3 kilometers away from “Heung-A Jupiter”, the Korean vessel hit straight into left side of “Koyomaru” without reducing the speed.
“Heung-A Jupiter” ran down “Koyomaru” but did not take any action to save crews of the sinking boat and ran away. Damages of “Koyomaru” were significant including one dead and six lost.

On 6th of July, in the sea of Genkai 50 kilometers away from Okinoshima, Fukuoka prefecture, a fisheries patrol boat “Karashima” in searching of lost crew of “Koyomaru” was hit by South Korean cargo boat “KOREX KUNSAN”.
On 16th, another South Korean cargo boat hit a Japanese fishery boat in offshore Makurazaki-city.

Most Japanese mass medias did not report these incidents at all and a part of medias reported manipulating the fact.
For the incident of July 2, the newspaper Asahi-shinbun and TBS TV news program anchored by Tetsuya Chikushi reported the incident as “a collision occurred by Panama’s boat”. In fact “Heung-A Jupiter” was registered in Panama for advantage of the tax haven. Two news medias hid the fact that the boat was owned and operated by South Korean company. This fact was also known to public through the Internet and caused a big controversy.

Only Web news reported the tragedies in the sea.
The most terrible tragedies at sea of the year - but mass medias did not cover
Website: Slush dot Japan / July 12, 2003

A sea tragedy occurred in the sea of Genkai offshore Fukuoka prefecture in predawn on 2nd of July 2003. A cargo boat “Heung-A Jupiter” hit a fishery boat “Koyomaru No.18”. “Koyomaru” was significantly damaged and overwhelmed and crews were thrown into the dark sea. One dead, six lost and many others were injured. The scale of the damage is as same as “Ehimemaru” (collision with US-submarine) accident of two years ago.
Moreover, the fisheries patrol boat “Karashima” was hit by another Korean cargo boat during the searching of the lost crew of “Koyomaru”. The patrol boat was seriously damaged and 16 crews were thrown into the sea.

Did you know these tragedies? Is it first time for you to hear?
Why do medias like TV and newspapers keep silent on such tragedies with significant damages?

* I am planning to report the incidents in Worldcup and the tragedies in the sea of Genkai in separate files. With increasing criticisms against mass medias in the Internet, this kind of gag is getting eased a little.

South Korea, the large-scale human trafficker

South Korea is suspected to have fabricated the “Comfort Women Issue” and use it to deceive Japanese women for trafficking. On the other hand, South Korea is the large-scale human trafficker in the world.

Korea was labeled a “Human trafficking nation”
The Chosun Ilbo (朝鮮日報) Oct 18, 2002

Currently, Philippines government is preparing to file a damage suite against Korean business owners on behalf of Philippine women who were forced to be hostesses or prostitutes in the entertainment areas around the US military base. In such situation, the US military officials in South Korea requested Korean Police to strengthen crackdown in such entertainment areas.
Though the US is deploying the bases all over the world, this is the first example that US a request to the governments of countries. This fact is disgracefully bad for South Korea.
Recently, Seoul HQ of International Organization of Migration disclosed a document titled “Report on the confinement and prostitution case of 11 Philippine women in Dongducheon”. The document makes Koreans ashamed for being a Korean.
One of those women was writing Diary.
“My friend has got a bruise. A Korean customer beat her. The owner shouted in anger when I was unwilling to go out with a customer. Koreans are all sex maniac. Oh god…”
It is impossible to read the Diary without feeling pain.
The Korean business owners brought those Philippine women using Art Entertainment visa (E-6), then taken away their Passports. The women were locked up in bars or restaurants to be forced service and prostitution. No salary given but verbal abuse and violence instead. The owners exploited the women like a leech.
However, it is hard to understand why the police and the government authorities could not find this kind of vicious business committed in their neighborhood. Are they going to repeat excuse like ‘lack of resource for crack down’ or ‘just a minor case committed by a part of bad business owners’?
Last year, South Korea was recognized as a third grade nation in human rights that allows ‘human trafficking’ by US State Department. This time, the Dongducheon report by IOM was submitted to HQ in Geneva. South Korea again disgraced as an immoral human rights abusing nation.
The government should not end this issue with a stopgap measure, but implement a solution based on a long-term policy.
(Rest omitted)

South Korea; the shipping point, the intermediate dealing point and the terminal point of human trafficking
US human rights report says, “Sexism and Racism are still living in South Korea”
YONHAP News (総合ニュース) Mar 9, 2006

The United States admitted that South Korean Government is respecting human rights overall, but pointed out that there still are human rights problem such as discrimination against women, domestic violence, rape, child abuse, human trafficking, discrimination against handicapped and minorities.

In the report, international marriage was increased to 10% of entire number of marriage last year. However the procedure of Naturalization is complicated because of the jus sanguinis. This is an obvious discrimination against minorities.
The salary level of women is staying 63% of that of men and the job opportunities for elders over 50 years old is 33.7% of young generation. This is another problem of discrimination, sexism and agism.

It was also criticized that there are broad range of sex businesses and package sex tours are so popular in South Korea.
The report says that human trafficking is prohibited by law, however the reality of South Korea is the shipping point, the intermediate dealing point and the terminal of human trafficking. It is also reported that Korean women were trafficked to the U.S. via Canada or Mexico, or directly sent to Western Europe or Japan.

Children are sold to South Korea from all over the world for sexual slavery.
US Labor Ministry report
“South Korea is a ‘Sex Slave Children importing nation’”
JoongAng Daily(中央日報) Sep 8, 2006

US Labor Ministry reported that many children were sold to South Korea as “sex slave” from former Soviet Union countries like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Asian countries such as Indonesia and Sri Lanka last year.

US Labor Ministry insisted this fact in the annual report based on the survey on the reality of the children’s labor situation conducted in 137 nations in 5 continents.
However, there was no mention about concrete size of trafficking and actual status of South Korea.

Russian dancers testified, “South Korea was a hell”
The Chosun Ilbo (朝鮮日報) Feb 11, 2003

It was clarified on 11th Feb, that twenty-five Russian women who were forced prostitution and abused in South Korea submitted a petition to the Russian Embassy requesting a support for their returning to Russia. Those women entered South Korea with Art Entertainment Visa (E6).
The petition expresses the desperate plea of the Russian women who were battered with bottle and sexually abused day after day.
Based on the petition, 7th criminal section (Pak Tae-Suk, the Chief) of the Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office conducted an investigation on the organizations that promoted illegal immigration and employment for the foreign women. As a result, six entertainment promotion companies detected and four representatives of event planning enterprises were arrested and indicted on charge of the forgery of private documents.
The abused foreign women entered South Korea under the condition of “event performance job” through foreign temporary worker service of about 200 event-planning enterprises all over the country. But most of the case, the women were forced prostitution. According to the Legal Department, the number of issuing of Art Entertainment visa, which used be 430 in 1992, increased to 5,760 in 2002.
(Rest omitted)

The fact that the sex industry is supporting South Korean economy
“Prostitute market earns 26 Trillion Won in a year”
JoongAn Daily(中央日報) Feb 6, 2003

According to survey conducted by South Korean government, the size of prostitute business industry in the country is approximately 26 Trillion Won (US$ 21 Billion) per annum, and about 260,000 women are engaged in the prostitution business. It was the first time that South Korean government conducted and reported the investigation on the prostitution industry, and also the first nation-wide field survey including private organization.
The industry size of 26 Trillion Won is equivalent to 5% of GDP, which marked 545 Trillion Won (US$450 Billion) in 2002.
The number of women engaged in the prostitution business 260,000 is 4% of the population of the Korean women from 20 to 34 years old (2002 Statistic Agency).
(Rest Omitted)

[Editorial] Prostitution in South Korea: National embarrassment in the international society.
JonngAng Dialy (中央日報) Oct 18, 2002

Are the red light districts in South Korea lawless?
The diary written by a Philippines woman who was locked up in a bar near the US-military base in Dongducheon city describes her miserable life without human rights and full of violence, confinement, watching, abortion and starving. It is hard to continue reading without looking away.
Early this year, a tragedy was happened that fifteen Korean women were burned to death in the fire. They were locked behind bars and forced to be prostitutes.
The case of this time is telling the government policy of human rights protection for prostitute women was not effective.
Philippines government is preparing to file a suit for damage on behalf of the 11 women. The Seoul HQ of IOM, the international human rights organization, has already conducted a field survey on foreign women trafficking in Dongducheon area and reported to Geneva HQ in Switzerland.
Since late 1990’s, more than 5,000 women from Russia and Philippines were sold to South Korea for sex slavery. It was also reported that the ratio of foreign women in the red districts around US-military base in Gyeonggi-do increased from 38% in 1999 to 75% last year. A series of reports on those issues were made by private organizations. However, the negligent of the government invited the national embarrassment in the international society.
(Rest omitted)

The non liquet accusation posted in the Internet….
The supporting news that reports about a great number of missing Japanese women…
The mass media personnel insisted the accusation was “true”….
It was proven that the all backside story told by the mass media personnel was true.
The self-proclaimed victim country of “Comfort Women Issue” was actually a large-scale human trafficking country and it still dealing women from various countries for “sexual slavery”.

Now, who is the actual victim of the “Comfort Women Issue”?

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