Friday, October 7, 2011

how fold the Fukusa  袱紗の捌き方

Tea washable Fukusa can fold easily.
also can wash and clean if it be dirty at all times. its good for lessons.



1. Fold the hanging Fukusa on hip in two, with taking the inside from the bottom by your left hand. as it draws, bringing the front on knee in front of the body.
take on the edge by your right hand , slide the Wasa of the triangle by your left hand, straight to crossly.

1 腰の帛紗を左手で下から内側に二つに折り、そのまま引き、体の正面膝前に持ってきます。 右手で上の端を取り、三角形のわさのところを左手をすべらせて、横一文字にかまえます。

2.Turn on the inside of Fukusa by the middle finger and two fingers of left hand, rise up your right hand directly on the left kneecap.

2 左手中指以下三本を帛紗の内側にまわして持ち、そのまま右手を左膝頭に上げます。

(left side)             (right side )
(左側)                (右側)

3 Release your left, raise the hand slightly to above the middle of the Fukusa, then fold Fukusa into three by left hand.
While in shaping the fold, down the left hand to the middle of Fukusa,

3 左手を離し、その手を帛紗の中央の少し上まで上げ、左手で帛紗を三つ折りにします。

4.double up Fkusa.
4 帛紗をニつ折りにします。

the figure that Writing "one 一" on Fukusa by index finger of the right hand.
5 右手人さし指で帛紗の上に一の字を書くすがたで、

Fold fukusa to the quarto.
6 帛紗を四つ折りにします。

Change to hold fukusa to right hand.
in addition, double up by the left hand, draw the index finger, poise on the the right knee.

7 帛紗を右手に持ち替えます。

i recommend the high lank fukusa.

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袱紗の折り方 How to fold a Fukusa. 茶道の勉強


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