Monday, October 3, 2011

Budoguya 武道具屋

i went to Budoguya ; japanese martial arts shop to pick my new hakama.
its very far. most budoguya shop owners are older then they don't know using internet. but the shop opened in Yahoo last month.
at low birthrate, Budoguya business hardly.

hakama for aikido is heavy for me, then i have one but usually i use kendo bakama. once i bought expensive Aizome hakama , 16000yen, $208,made from cotton 100%, but too heavy for me.
the hakama is made from Polyester 65%, rayon 35%,ポリエステル65%・レーヨン35%,
its wrinkle-resistant,good. 7650yen to discount 6000yen, about $78.
well.....appreciating yen is very seriously my childhood,1$ was about 250 yen.

you can choose your favorite color for name stitchwork.
few options in internet,but you can choose in more 150 color in reality  shop.

in autumn, many policemen get behind in the street.
to go to supermarket just to buy foods for dinner,its very danger in this season, they put penalty for just 10 km speed over, 15000yen, $200, but they don't regulate yakuza and pachinko paler(japanese gambling place), then police is hated by people.

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