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Korean Comfort Women by Andrew Joseph

FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012

Japan Requests U.S. Remove Comfort Woman Memorial

I recently read a story about how two teams of Japanese officials (no mention was made as to what or who they officially represented) travelled to New York City to ask government officials (again, no idea what department) to remove a plaque remembering Korean comfort women used by the Japanese military during WWII.

Situated outside a public library in Palisades Park (Hey! Isn't Palisades Park in New Jersey?!), the team of Japanese complainers stopped by twice this May to see about getting the 2010 memorial removed, for which Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife assumes is because it embarrasses Japan.

Japan should be embarrassed by this.

Yes, it should be embarrassed about its role in the heinous crime against women, but it should be equally as embarrassed that it should request that the memorial be removed.

Look... I know that statistically-speaking there may not be many of the victims or rapists still alive. But it was a horrible, horrible crime. A crime against humanity.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia utilize the term 'Lest We Forget' when we acknowledge the veteran soldiers who participated in wars to protect the rights of innocents. That's what we do.

Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.

The brass plaque on a stone block reads: "In memory of the more than 200,000 women and girls who were abducted by the armed forces of the government of imperial Japan. Known as 'comfort women', they endured human rights violations that no peoples should leave unrecognized. Let us never forget the horrors of crimes against humanity."

It was dedicated on October 23, 2010 there in Town of Palisades Park in the County of Bergen, New Jersey.

Yes... the stupid article I first read, did indeed get the State incorrect. It is New Jersey!

Obviously, the Japanese attempt to stifle this expression of memorial was deemed distasteful to all non-Japanese involved.

Palisades Park, which has about 20,000 residents, has over half its residents being of Korean descent.

Back in December of 2011, the contentious comfort woman discussion was brought back into the arena after a bronze statue honoring the victims was erected in Seoul, South Korea.

The real contentious part was the decision to erect it across the street from the Japanese embassy there.


The statue of a seated teenaged Korean comfort girl has upset Japan, and says the statue contravenes Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on the dignity of foreign missions.

Of course, South Korea does not call the statue a comfort woman memorial... it's officially called a Peace Memorial. It's a beautiful, sad piece of art.

The comfort memorial, I mean Peace Memorial in Seoul, South Korea.
Now... at least since the issue of comfort women arose back in 1991, Japan has tried to make amends, as they have formally apologized, expressed remorse and responsibility and even offered to set up a Cdn/US $1-billion (~¥79,643,790,000) fund for the victims.

But Korea - or rather some Koreans - say that those actions just aren't good enough.

Apparently because the monies for the fund would be coming from the private sector, the surviving victims say 'no thanks' and want the Japanese government to foot the bill.

The main problem presented by Japan is that according to the 1965 treaties, Japan says it should be exempt from having to pay individual compensation for the stupid stuff it did while in its colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula between 1910 - 1945. As such, it also includes the issues of the Comfort Women even though it did not come to light until many years later.

You know what? While I know these women and their families suffered terribly, take the damn private money and spend it - while there is still time left to possibly enjoy it! Who really cares where the money is coming from! Take it and spend it on yourself, family, friends, charity - whatever. Why hold it up? It's been 67+ years! I'm not saying to forget - and maybe you don't even need to forgive - but please, don't let someone else's evil stop you from enjoying life! How does holding out hoping for money from the Government of Japan actually change the fact that these poor women were uses as sex slaves? Screw principle! Do something nice with the money! For others, if not yourself!

Sure... maybe it's not about the money. It's about punishing the Government of Japan. No problem... I see that, too. But that government is long since past. It's not even about the sins of the father any more... it's the sins of the grandfather.

Besides... do you really think Japan has an extra $1-billion lying around? I think not! The damn country is nearly broke!

Take the money! Turn an evil into something good.

So... my diatribe is over.

Korean Comfort Women
Back on May 1, 2012, according to a more reputable report I read, the first Japanese delegation to Palisades Park was led by the consul general Hiroki Shigeyuki (surname first) who acted nicely and presented his case as to why he was there.

On May 6, 2012, a second group arrived led by four members of the Japanese Parliament, who, let's just say, weren't all that nice. Group #2 were members of Japan's official opposition part, the Liberal Democratic Party.

While trying to convince the Palisades Park officials that the monument should be removed, these four idiots set a new bar for idiocy. They tried to convince the Americans that the comfort women were not forced to become sex slaves.

Oh my Buddah. Are you kidding me?

Palisades Park mayor James Rotundo says: “They said the comfort women were a lie, that they were set up by an outside agency, that they were women who were paid to come and take care of the troops.”

Continuing his report of the meeting, the mayor notes, “I said, ‘We’re not going to take it down, but thanks for coming.’”

Okay... after hearing about this, maybe Japan should make the Liberal Democratic Party contribute the $1-billion in reparations. Idiots.

Maybe they would feel differently if the rest of the world had no pity for the atomic bomb victims? Or tell them to suck it up, it wasn't that hot.

Japan, you have no right to ask anyone to remove anything in another country. The same with Seoul's cheeky memorial statue across the street from the embassy in South Korea. I guess they are still pissed off at you.

Suck it up and move on. Hey... couldn't the private sector donate $1-billion to the gov't and then they could give it to the victims... but do it under the table?

I know, I know... no matter how dirty the secret, it will come out.

Files compiled by Andrew Joseph

US soldier and protected comfort women.
Quite friendly the right US soldier.
he try to open her crotch by his knee...........

Capt. Won Loy Chan (San Francisco, California)

Internet centrist” on Sparkling Korea
November 19, 2007
Anti-Ignorance on Comfort Women
Filed under: Comfort Women,Double standard,Hypocrisy,Korea,Lies — fuga @ 11:03 am
I seriously wanted to avoid this stupid topic, however I felt I was obligated to bring this one up. I’ve mentioned about the mistake of the comfort women photo exhibition before. But, please forgive me to point this latest incident.

Yesterday, a Korean newspaper The Kukmin Daily released an article about ROK goverment’s “The comfort women photo exhibition”.

The exhibition’s or ROK government’s intention was to let people around the world to know about evil Jap’s wrong doings in the past such as “Comfort Women“. However, as I been saying all along, even Koreans themselves don’t know a shit about “Comfort Women“. They don’t even know a shit about Korean “Comfort Women” for the UN(American soldiers) during the Korean war. A Korean professor once said “Comfort Women” meant literally “prostitutes”. Then guess what happen. [pic] He was accused of betrayal and threaten to get fired, and received death thread. Certain truth cannot be told in South Korea.

The article is actually accusing this Korean ignorance on “Comfort Women” because the pictures labeled as “Comfort Women” shown at the exhibition had, in fact, NOTHING TO DO WITH “Comfort Women“, and they couldn’t even differentiate 挺身隊 and 慰安婦. South Korean government has spent billions of won on this and the results are this stupid mistakes full of exhibition and the photo book. Even though the most pictures were taken away from the exhibition, the photo book is out there and it is too late. This kind of misunderstanding or ignorance sparked recent years of the “Comfort Women” hysteria.

The correct label should be 女子挺身勤労隊 marching to a Shinto shrine to pay the respect.

Read on the article. I really don’t have time to translate this Korean misunderstanding or distortion or stupidity or fantasy or whatever.

[단독] 위안부·근로대 구분 못하는 동북아재단… 강제 동원 피해자 두 번 울린다

쿠키뉴스 | 기사입력 2007-11-18 17:52 | 최종수정 2007-11-18 21:11

[쿠키 사회] 역사 바로세우기를 위해 설립된 ‘동북아역사재단’이 기초적인 역사적 사실과 개념조차 구분하지 못하는 무지를 드러내 일제 때 강제 동원된 피해자들의 가슴에 또 한번 못을 박고 있다.

동 북아역사재단은 위안부에 가해진 만행을 세계에 알린다는 취지로 전시회를 열고 있으나 종군위안부와 여성근로정신대를 구분하지 않는 실수를 범했다. 또 확인 안 된 사진을 다수 게재하는 것은 물로 설명도 틀려 피해자들이 크게 반발하고 있다.

이 재단은 지난 15일부터 30일까지 서울 서대문 형무소 역사관에서 독일 라벤스브뤽 기념관의 전시물을 후원받아 ‘한-독 성노예전’을 열고 있다.

엉뚱한 사진들,사실확인도 안해=동북아 역사재단에서 이번 전시회를 준비하면서 내놓은 사진첩 ‘한독 성노예전-일본군 위안부와 나치독일 수용소의 강제 성노동’은 출처도 없고 사실과 다른 사진들로 가득하다.

이 책 36페이지에는 ‘위안부의 생활’이라는 섹션이 있다. 이 섹션 맨 처음에 등장하는 사진에는 ’12세부터 16세까지 한국여성이 동원돼 만들어진 일본 나고야시의 여자정신근로대가 노동장소로 이동하고 있다’라고 돼있다. 그러나 이 사진은 노동장소로 이동하는 게 아니라 신사참배를 위해 이동하는 모습이라는 사실이 전문가들의 지적으로 뒤늦게 밝혀졌다.

더욱 황당한 것은 41페이지에 등장한 ‘일본군을 따라 중국전선에 도착한 위안부들’이라는 사진. 하지만 사진 속 여성들은 위안부가 아니라 친일단체로 알려진 ‘애국국방부인회의’ 멤버들이었다.

동 북아역사재단은 전시가 시작된 16일에야 사태파악을 하고 전시회에서 문제의 사진들을 철수시켰다. 또 홈페이지에 게재된 사진들을 삭제하는 등 부산을 떨었으나 이미 1000부나 찍어 놓은 사진첩은 어떻게 처리할지 대책이 없는 상황이다. 예산 2억을 들인 전시가 엉망이 된 것이다.

위안부와 근로대 구분도 못해= 동북아역사재단은 위안부와 여자근로정신대를 구분 없이 사용해 당사자들의 큰 반발을 사고 있다. 위안부와 달리 여자근로정신대는 일제가 태평양 전쟁말기에 여성 노동력을 착취하기 위해 만든 조직이다. 그러나 여자근로정신대를 위안부로 묘사했다. 근로정신대에 복무했다는 박혜옥(78)씨는 “화가나서 밤잠을 이룰 수 없다”고 분통을 터뜨렸다.

위안부 출신 여성들에 대한 세심한 배려가 부족한 것도 문제다. 사진첩에는 미혼 여성들이 군인에게 끌려가는 위안부를 그리면서 ‘짓밟힌 순결’로 묘사하고 있다. 하지만 위안부 여성 중에는 가정이 있는 부인도 있었고 취업사기 등 다양한 형태가 있었다. 위안부가 모두 처녀였으며 강제로 끌려가지 않았으면 피해자가 아니라는 그릇된 인식을 반영하는 것이라는 지적을 받았다. 일제강점하 강제동원 진상규명위 위안부팀 관계자는 “일본 우익들이 ‘강제로 끌고 가지는 않았다’고 주장하는 논리에 동조하는 것이나 마찬가지로 한심한 작태”라고 비판했다. 국민일보 쿠키뉴스 이도경 기자

[社会] 歴史を正しく立てるために設立された’北東アジア歴史財団’が基礎的な歴史的事実と概念さえ区分することができない無知を現わして日帝の時強制動員された被害者たちの胸にもう一度くぎを打ち込んでいる。








Comfort Women: Sexual Slavery in the Japanese Military During World War II (Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture) [ペーパーバック]
Yoshimi Yoshiaki (著), Suzanne O'Brien (翻訳)

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