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Man crashes truck into gate of Japan's embassy in Seoul

Man crashes truck into gate of Japan's embassy in Seoul
SEOUL (Jiji Press)--A small truck driven by a South Korean man crashed into the front gate of Japan's embassy in Seoul just before 5 a.m. Monday, apparently because he was angry about a territorial dispute.

The 62-year-old man was arrested at the scene by police officers on guard at the embassy. The steel gate was distorted and came off the rail, but there were no injuries or damage to the embassy building. Japan lodged a strong protest with South Korea over the incident, urging it to take preventive measures.

The man, a truck driver, told the police that he crashed the truck into the embassy gate because of a bilateral territorial dispute over small Sea of Japan islands, called Takeshima in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea.

In late June, a Japanese activist tied a message that read "Takeshima is Japanese territory" to the statue of a girl erected in front of the embassy. The statue symbolizes the women who were forced into prostitution for Japanese soldiers during World War II, who are known as comfort women.

The man said his act was intended to show his protest against the activist's behavior. The statue was set up in December by a South Korean group in support of the comfort women, despite opposition from Japan.

On the side of the truck a message in Korean read: "A big earthquake jolted Japan. Keep working hard, Japanese. South Korea will provide support. To Japanese Cabinet ministers, you know that Dokdo belongs to South Korea, don't you?" The damaged gate is about three meters tall and five meters wide. It was returned to its original position by a crane truck following the crash.

In Tokyo on Monday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said the Japanese government has lodged a strong protest against the latest incident with the South Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry.

(Jul. 10, 2012)

Man crashes truck into Japanese Embassy in Seoul

A crane is used to repair the main gate of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul after a man rammed his light truck into the gate yesterday. No one was hurt in the ramming and police detained the 61-year-old driver, identified by his surname Kim. The man insisted that he attacked the embassy in a show of protest against a right-wing Japanese activist’s nationalistic insult last month over Korean women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II, Yonhap reported. (Inset:) A camera man films a truck, which is parked as detained at a police station after the truck driver rushed into the main gate of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul yesterday. SD-Agencies

Man Crashes Truck Into Gate of Japanese Embassy
by Ryan on Monday, July 16, 2012 17 comments

On Monday, a 62-year old man angry at Korea’s new favorite Japanese politician crashed a 1 ton truck into the gates of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. No one was injured (with the exception of the gates, which he damaged but failed to break down), and the man was arrested.

The man, identified simply as Mr. Kim, was protesting both the actions and words of Nobuyuki Suzuki, the Japanese politician in question, and the Dokdo/Takeshima issue. The South Korean government offered an expression of regret to the Japanese Embassy and said it would tighten security to prevent a recurrence from happening.

Surveillance camera screen shots of Mr. Kim driving his white 1-ton truck into the Japanese embassy in Seoul. (Images provided by Seoul Metropolitan Police)
For those unfamiliar with Mr. Suzuki, he is a Japanese right-wing politician who recently caused outrage in Korea when he erected a post next to the comfort women statue by the Comfort Women Museum in Seoul. He also referred to the comfort women as “prostitutes” and the statues or memorials dedicated them as “prostitute monuments”. A group of surviving comfort women has asked the Korean government to bar Suzuki from entering Korea in the future.

Mr. Kim told the police after he was arrested, “If I die, please cremate me and spread my ashes in the waters off Dokdo.”

From Nate:

Truck crashes into Japanese embassy, protesting ‘Prostitute Stake’
On the 9th at 4:55am, a Mr. Kim (age 62) crashed a 1 ton truck into the gates of the Japanese embassy located in Junghak-dong in Seoul.

Mr. Kim was arrested by the police guarding the embassy. The impact of the crash pushed the embassy’s gates inward 1 meter; however, there were no injuries.

Police are investigating his precise criminal intent based upon his own report that he was protesting the designation of comfort women as ‘prostitutes’ by the Japanese.

Comments from Nate:


It was the gate of the Japanese embassy that damaged one of our people’s properties. So, the Japanese government should immediately compensate him for damages!


What a man, [how manly].


Isn’t this man a man of great national merit? ke ke ke. He is willing to go to any expense of his own possession to express his patriotism.


He actually did something wrong, but I feel like he did a good job.


ke ke ke…So they let the Japanese asshole go who put up the stake [by the comfort women statue] and arrested the old man who crashed the truck into the embassy? ke ke ke…Aren’t they completely nuts? ke ke ke


Give him recognition ke ke ke


[This old man is] a hundred times better than our government…much respect to him.


“Criminal intent” seems very inappropriate [to describe this case].


[He is] a true patriot…spanking is the best medicine for the island monkeys [Japanese].


Kim Jang-hoon and this guy are much better for politics than a hundred trucks of Korean politicians.


The insurance company better cover this guy’s fine.


What a man of merit. But our own government calls him a criminal.


This man should be in the Blue House.


A righteous man. [His act] warmed my heart after a while.


[Korea] needs to compensate him for the damaged truck.


The reporter left something out…[the old man] did a great job by putting the words “Dokdo is our land” on the front of the truck. Why did you not mention that?


They better compensate this guy tsk tsk…


How mad he was -_- When an individual [is compelled to] do such an action, what has our government done?


He’s a criminal? ke ke ke. So are the patriotic martyrs An Jung-geun and Yoon Bong-gil criminals as well?


That guy is much better than our clueless government. He was very brave. Why is a patriot being arrested?

Japanese Netizens Protest Against Comfort Women, Koreans React
by Raphael on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 65 comments

Screenshot of the Twitter demo hosted by Japanese Netizens
The issue surrounding comfort women during Japan’s occupation of Korea has always been a thorn between the Korea-Japan relationship. We’ve already covered the Japanese politician who vandalized the comfort women statue outside the Japanese Embassy, and just recently the man who crashed his van into embassy gates to protest against the Japanese politician as well as Japan’s continued insistence that comfort women were merely prostitutes.

Last week, the United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton upped her stance by outright saying the words ‘comfort women’ should be replaced by ‘enforced sex slaves.’ In the below article, Japanese netizens are described organizing a mass online protest against the U.S. comfort women resolution that asks for Japan to be held accountable for the sexual enslavement of women during its colonial era.

At the time of writing, the online protest has reached nearly 20,000 signatories, only 5,000 short of an official response from the Obama administration.

From Segye Ilbo:

10,000 Japanese Netizens sign ‘Oppose U.S. Comfort Women Resolution’ petition
On the 13th, Japanese netizens intended to build a mass ‘Twitter Demonstration’ demanding the abolishment of the ‘Comfort Women Resolution’ adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives. The conflicts between Korea and Japan surrounding the issue of ‘comfort women’ is likely to spread from offline to online.

It has been confirmed that Japanese netizens are preparing a mass Twitter demonstration from 7pm on the 13th July in order to petition the abolishment of the ‘comfort women resolution’ (resolution #121) passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2007.

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Resolution 121 content demands for the Japanese government to officially and clearly admit, apologize and assume historical responsibility for the forced mobilization of comfort women by the Japanese army during World War II.

For the past few days, some Japanese Tweeters have been using their own Twitter accounts to spread awareness of the ‘Twitter demo’ through a considerable number of retweets.

On the Twitter demo, they conveyed their plea [for people to] petition, urging them to sign the ‘abolish the House of Representatives’ Resolution #121′ on the White House’s complaints website ‘We the People‘. One tweet read ‘close to 10,000 people have signed the petition’, another saying ‘Please consider [sign] our petition.’

Comments from Nate:


Looks like they’ve gone crazy after soaking up all that radiation..


Are you saying that only a few of Japan’s rightists are the problem? [The whole of] Japan is a trash country.


Those scumbags don’t know how to apologize about their past. I just want the archipelago to completely sink.


People can change the future if they try hard. But no matter how hard you work, people cannot change the past. Japanese people who don’t seem to know this fact are not civilized.


Japanese are simply following their ancestors’ footsteps tsk tsk. That is why they are being punished by earthquakes, tsunamis etc. Seriously, you people should snap back to reality


That is the difference between the Japanese and Germans. It’s a difference of national character. In other words, it’s the difference between human and monkeys. They are just a herd of monkeys who do not know their past behaviour.


Like…. I really can’t ever make any positive comments about you people.. It makes me so angry


Why don’t they just admit it and apologize? Since Japan is a rich country, their mess can be easily cleaned up by compensating those comfort women. But since you people are so proud of your own country, you think that apologizing to those comfort women will hurt the nation’s pride. That is so wrong and that is the reason why the current generation who did not experience the war tweet shit like that and think that it is actually the right thing to do. And regarding Japanese national character, who’se to say they won’t start World War III. They’ve invaded other countries for thousands of years. When they think they’ve gotten stronger than America, Korea will become their first target. I wish they could just sink before that happens.


Hey people, do you guys still think it is only a few bullshit rightist monkeys who make noise? Huh? You Jap-collaborator bastards? I will drink you guys up and drink you bitches up who are trying to sell our country.


I pity those Japanese bastards who’ve become more and more patriotic by learning seriously distorted history. I wonder what will happen when they find out how bad their ancestor monkeys were tsk tsk tsk Although I think we should try not to blame them unconditionally, those people who make monkey sounds should definitely be beaten with the stick.


Did those fucking bastard Japs go crazy after being nuked? When another tsunami strikes, think we should send them photos of our national flag with hashed pig feet in order to wake those bastards up from their own dream world.


We need to gather 100,000 people who support America’s comfort women resolution.


The more they make monkey sounds like that, the more they are advertising themselves as an embarrassing people who don’t seem to realize that they are no different from their ugly past. That is why they are called as Pig feet [jjogbal-i, or 'Japs']. They are so embarrassing [play on words with jjogpallida, or ‘embarrassing’, and jjogbal-i i.e. pig feet/Japs]


I tried imagining if the Germans say their Nazi past was all a fabrication and the Holocaust never happened. If that happens, the whole world will become speechless. But Japan is exactly doing that.


The king of all historical distortions truly is Japan. To what extent have they distorted the truth?.. I bet they’ve distorted history way too much. Otherwise they would not be going crazy like that. I doubt they can still act like that after learning proper history. The truth is spread around the world and even people from other countries know the truth. But what makes them still go that crazy? Are you guys trying to bury your ostrich-like heads in the sand? What are you people who live in the country that is Japan?


ke ke ke..But still Korea will say “most of the Japanese are so nice and kind~”. What? Only a few politicians say this? ke ke ke Then who voted for them? ke ke ke


Who are you people who click “dislike”? Are you guys Japanese?


Look how those nuked monkeys think…


Tsunami Park, Aftershock Choi, Mr. Earthquake…. Would you please..? [Names written based on Korean celebrities Park Hae-il (same pronunciation/spelling as ‘Tsumani Park’), Choi Yeo-jin (same pronunciation/spelling as ‘aftershock Choi’) and Ji Jin-hee (sounds like Jijin-ssi, meaning ‘Mr Earthquake)]


Hillary once said, the term conform women is wrong. She said “Sex slaves who are mobilized against their will” is the proper term. [She has long been an advocate for women rights]


You people should admit to your past and start afresh. You do know that by doing what you’re doing, your past wrongdoings won’t simply disappear overnight?


2 years ago, I did a short school trip to Japan, and Japanese people, who didn’t know we were South Korean called us ‘Chosen-jins’ [Japanese pronunciation for 朝鮮人, which is North Korea's way of denoting 'Koreans'] and starred at us. Maybe they meant “what the fuck are those Chosen people [i.e. North Koreans] doing in our country?” Regarding the history of our Korean peninsula, I think their attitude is so rude.


Our government takes a hard line against North Korea, but is silent when it comes to Japan. It is because the president is a real jjogbal-i [Jap][Lee Myung-bak was born in Japan]. What the fuck?


Both Japanese and German showed the world how brutal humans can become. But there is one key difference between them. German people apologized for what their ancestors did but the Japanese….? The current generation is simply following their ancestors’ footsteps…


Japanese people have simply proved how shameless they are… Americans will be surprised of that… You should learn a lesson from Germany. Germans bring their children to historical places from the Nazi era and teach them to apologize for what their ancestors did. The Japanese on the other hand whip out their Rising Sun Flag at any given occasion? Where’s the pride in that?…


You guys have gone to so much trouble for covering the sky with your hands. Do you think you can manipulate and distort world history as you have done on your own island? I even feel that cursing you guys is just a waste of time. People curse when their attention has been grabbed


Such a rubbish country. They make me log in to this website to write comments. Don’t you people feel shame for your own history? Japan is trying to bury the things their ancestors have done. Bastard monkeys…


There is no future for a country that has forgotten its history. Wake up Japan.


And it’s with this kind of country that we participate in military cooperation?……….Sigh……



You sons of bitches.. you better all just sweep away when a natural disaster strikesㅡㅡ

S. Korean rams truck into Japan Embassy in Seoul in political protest
SEOUL (Kyodo) -- A South Korean man rammed a truck into the gate of the Japanese Embassy compound in Seoul early Monday to protest over a post planted outside the embassy claiming Japanese sovereignty of a couple of South Korea-controlled isles in the Sea of Japan.

The crash, which occurred at around 4:55 a.m., damaged the gate but caused no casualties, embassy officials said.

According to embassy officials, a Japanese man belonging to a nationalist group last month tied a wooden post, asserting Japan's territorial claim to the disputed islands, to a bronze statue in front of the embassy. The post, on which the message "Dokdo is Japanese territory" was written in Korean, was affixed to a statue of a Korean girl, erected in honor of Korean sex slaves to the Japanese military in World War II.

Both Japan and South Korea claim sovereignty over a couple of islets in the Sea of Japan, known as Takeshima Island in Japan and Dokdo in South Korea.

The truck driver was quoted as telling South Korean police that he was angry the South Korean government had not taken up the issue with the Japanese government.

His truck carried a placard reading "Dokdo is our territory."

Police said the truck driver was also incensed the post was tied to a statue dedicated to South Korean "comfort women," as the wartime sex slaves are euphemistically known in Japan.

Police said the man carried a memo in which he wrote, "I am telling this to Japan. Your act of attaching a wooden post to the 'comfort women' statue deserves divine punishment. If I die, cremate me and scatter the ashes around Dokdo."

Embassy officials said the embassy filed a protest with the South Korean government over the incident.

A senior official at the South Korean foreign ministry later said that the South Korean government "expressed regrets to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul" and pledged to step up security around the embassy.

A group of nine former South Korean "sex slavery" victims filed a defamation complaint with the South Korean public prosecutors on July 4 over the wooden post, which has inflamed public opinion in South Korea.

July 09, 2012(Mainichi Japan)

Seoul truck driver rams home his point
(0) | | |
Published: July 10, 2012 at 8:56 AM

SEOUL, July 10 (UPI) -- South Korea has expressed regret over a truck-ramming incident at the gates of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Police arrived on the scene and immediately arrested the 62-year-old driver of a 1-ton truck that embedded itself in the main embassy gate at around 5 a.m., a report by Yonhap news agency said.

No damage was reported, though the main gate was pushed back several feet, Yonhap said.

"The Korean government expressed regrets to the Japanese Embassy over the incident and will take necessary measures, including tighter security near the embassy," a senior official at Seoul's Foreign Ministry said.

The driver, named Kim, said he smashed into the gates to protest what amounted to an insult by another protester, a Japanese man named Nobuyuki Suzuki.

In December former Korean sex slaves, or comfort women, and their supporters set up a bronze statue of a young girl in front of the Japanese Embassy. The statue is a symbol of defiance against their treatment by Japanese soldiers during the occupation in World War II.

Nobuyuki later posted a video clip on his blog showing him setting up his protest, which read "Dokdo is Japanese territory," a reference to Japan's claim to the disputed islands in the South China Sea.

A group of 10 local women who were comfort women filed a defamation suit with a Seoul prosecutor's office against Nobuyuki earlier this month, Yonhap reported.

Police said Kim rammed the Japanese Embassy gates to protest Nobuyuki's use of the statue, which he said was an insult to Koreans.

Japan reportedly lodged a formal diplomatic protest about the incident and requested tighter security.

The Dokdo Islands are in reality a group of two main islets rising to nearly 560 feet and surrounded by dozens of sharp rocks protruding from the sea. They are sometimes called the Liancourt Rocks and known by the Japanese as Takeshima.

The volcanic rock islands are 46 acres in area and are slightly closer to mainland South Korea, around 135 miles, than Japan, 155 miles. The nearest land mass is Korea's Ulleung-do Island at about 55 miles away.

Like many disputed islands in the South China Sea they have little use as an inhabitable area and offer some appeal as an ecological point of interest.

Their real value lies in the accompanying ownership of the surrounding sea because of fish resources as well as oil and gas deposits on the seabed.

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