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U.S. monument for 'comfort women' defaced, civic group says

U.S. monument for 'comfort women' defaced, civic group says

Published : 2012-10-27 10:32
Updated : 2012-10-27 11:37
NEW YORK (Yonhap News) -- A historic monument at a U.S. public park to commemorate Korean women forced into sexual slavery by Japanese troops during the World War II has been vandalized, a local civic group said Friday.

The monument, a brass plaque on a block of stone, was erected in 2010 at Palisades Park in front of a municipal library in New Jersey in memory of so-called comfort women.

This photo provided by the Korean American Civic Empowerment, a U.S.-based civic group, shows a wooden stake removed Friday from a public park in New Jersey where a monument was erected to commemorate Korean women forced into sexual slavery by Japanese troops during World War II. (Yonhap News)

It was "defiled with a stake by an unidentified perpetrator," said the group, which calls itself Korean American Civic Empowerment. Local police began investigation, it said in a statement.

The group said it found the monument defaced earlier in the day, adding a sign reading Dokdo "is Japan's indigenous territory" was also placed there.

A sticker with the same message was found attached to the entrance of the petition room of the South Korean consulate in New York.

Dokdo, a pair of volcanic outcroppings in the East Sea, belongs to South Korea but Japan claims sovereignty. Japan calls the islands Takeshima.

Relations between Seoul and Tokyo have soured again in recent months due to the Dokdo issue and disputes over their shared history, including Japan's brutal colonization of Korea from 1910 to 1945.

The monument in Palisades Park is the first one in the U.S. dedicated to the victims of Japan's past atrocities. Japanese diplomats and residents here have lobbied the local authorities to remove the monument, according to sources.

Palisades Park Mayor James Rotundo speaks to media after a wooden post was found Friday beside a monument at a public park in New Jersey in the U.S. that commemorates Korean women forced into sexual slavery by Japanese troops during World War II. (Yonhap News)

The Korean consulate in New York asked police to investigate the cases and U.S. authorities said they will thoroughly probe into whether the two incidents are related, promising to take stern actions if necessary.

A similar act of vandalism occurred in mid-June in Seoul when a right-wing Japanese activist set up a provocative wooden stake beside a bronze statue of a young girl in front of the Japanese embassy.

The bronze statue symbolizes Korean "comfort women" and was installed by former victims of sexual slavery under Japanese military rule during World War II and their supporters.

An official with the Korean American Civic Empowerment, a U.S.-based civic group, points at where a wooden post was found Friday beside a monument at a public park in New Jersey that commemorates Korean women forced into sexual slavery by Japanese troops during World War II. (Yonhap News)

NocutView : Comfort Woman(Military Sexual Slavery by JAPAN) English Version nocutV 2011/12/30 On December 14, 2011, Japanese army´s comfort women had held their 1000th weekly rally for Japan's apology since January 8, 1992 International society including United Nations have demanded that Japan should make compensation and apologies for the comfort women, but Japan has rejected it. On every Wendesday, the rally have been held and demanded an Japan's action for comfort women. The number of goverment -registered victim is 234 women and only 63 women out of them is surviving now. Their average age is 86-years-old. In this year, 16 comport women passed away. We set up a monument to the memory here. But, Japanese goverment is continuing to demand a demolition of the monument in front of the Japanese embassy in Korea. (Sugiyama shinsekye - The director of Mistry of Foreign Affiars Asia-Ociania) In these days, Korean comfort women forced into sexual slavery during World War II have kept to hold their weekly rally on Wednesday for Japan's apology and compensation. ( peace monument) December 14, 2011 marks the 1000th Wednesday Demonstration for the solution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery issue after its first rally on January 8, 1992 in front of the Japanese Embassy. This peace monument stands to commemorate the spirit and the deep history of the Wednesday Demonstration カテゴリ ニュース ドキュメンタリー プロデューサー: nocutV ライセンス 標準の YouTube ライセンス NocutView シーズン 11 エピソード 069 リリース日: 2011/12/30 折りたたむ コメントを残すにはクリック 評価の高いコメント usarmy101stairborned 4 か月前 unnnnnnn. KOREANS story is often discrepancies. 返信 ·5 Zeppelin Led 1 か月前 Siiigh,,,,, KOREAN The Korean tells a lie to breathe.XD 返信 ·3 すべてのコメント (75) CocoaTarteNoix 1 か月前 Japan-Korea Basic Treaty Article II says; The High Contracting Parties? confirm that the problems concerning property, rights, and interests of the two High Contracting Parties and their peoples (including juridical persons) and the claims between the High Contracting Parties and between their peoples, including those stipulated in Article IV(a) of the Peace Treaty with Japan signed at the city of San Francisco on September 8, 1951, have been SETTLED COMPLETELY AND FINALLY. 返信 · chopchopgooks 1 か月前 Gooks at it again. Lie, lie, lie, but love causing trouble everywhere. It's because they got their inferior bookchyeongnyoong hapfulyeoodoo asses kicked so badly that's why. 返信 · jazztarou 2 か月前 By an article of KOREA JOONGANG DAILY, everybody can understand the dual nature of Korea government and the Korean. South Korea government was a major mediator of prostitution for the U.S. Military. I feel sorrow and anger. Search : Former sex workers in fight for compensation 返信 ·3 nihonmitubachi 2 か月前 Why there is no monument of comfort women by the Korean military for the U.S. military at the time of the Korean War? Was it not a sex slave who called "patriotic woman" ? 返信 ·2 sidnyrocksm 2 か月前 prostitute testimony will change every time you speak 返信 · undertakerrach02 2 か月前 (Part1)Japanese military did not open brothels during the war. Brothels owners who were local people opened their prostitutes’ business. Were the ladies hurt by the Japanese? We can’t find any evidence of that except ladies verbal statements. Moreover, Korea and Japan annexed in 1910, so many Korean people worked for both countries. Japanese military were dispatched many Asian countries. Therefore many Korean workers also started their business in Asia.  。 。 Endangered Japan (Book 2): Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women GloriousJapanForever·
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