Saturday, November 5, 2011

the first Ro day 炉開き

the first Ro day.its new years day for Chajin tea masters.

people of former days also chose the date of the Boar day to start using kotatsu;heating. 
regarding Boar as Extreme shadow (attribute of water) in Yin-Yang and the five elements, believed that is able to escape from fire disaster.
there is a commitment that for the first opening furnace is as camellia flowers. The promise is that "you must do so", which means it does not need not be.
So why camellia leaves, it has the form that ready the decline in the tree that spent enough greenery days,  dewy camellia bud has the life power of bloom tomorrow.
it is the nature, represented of the humans living.there is Philosophy of tea. 

Robiraki is the ceremony day that using first new tea leaves "Kuchikiri (open the leaf)"
cutting the cover of crock contained new tea, and using it. the mouth of the pot and start using it.The tea ceremony is held out as same as today.

prepared chopsticks, one is Kuromoji;Lindera umbellata and the other is  cedar Sugi. Zenzai is mainly sweet for Koicha;deep tea, originally eaten with using Kuromoji one stick only, but it is inconvenience,then it is accompanied with cedar chopstick. When a formal tea ceremony, after eating, fold cedar chopsticks in half, bring back kuromoji.

the bowl with Makie (gold painting) is made in Edo era.
yumyum~~~my teacher cooked Ozenzai.





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