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Comfort Women and the Legacy of WWII?

(mochi thinking) she gets gestate....where is her child now?



US M1 carbine

Comfort women, ianfu (慰安婦), or Military Comfort Women, jugun-ianfu (従軍慰安婦)

The sexual exploitation of women in the Asia-Pacific region by Japan was not an unprecedented occurrence prior to the establishment of the military comfort women system (practicing prostitution in Japan is still not illegal, although the Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 does prohibit acts such as coercing a person into prostitution, soliciting for purposes of prostitution, etc). As early as the late-Tokugawa period, mid-nineteenth century, young women were smuggled out of Japan and sold into brothels in the neighboring Asia-Pacific countries. These women were called karayuki-san, literally “a person traveling to China” as China was one of the main recipient countries of these women. The number of karayuki-san increased through the nineteenth century, especially after the establishment of the modern Japanese state in 1868 during the Meiji Restoration. Although the state passed a law in 1896 prohibiting women from leaving Japan to become overseas prostitutes, by that time the prostitution smuggling rings were firmly entrenched and difficult to counter, not to mention the state’s awareness, and thus reluctance to strongly enforce the law, of the economic need for the foreign currency the prostitutes were sending home. However, as broad as the karayuki network was, the military comfort women system was implemented on an even more extensive scale.

Starting from the Manchurian Incident in September 1931 to the end of WWII in the Pacific in August 1945, the Japanese Imperial forces perpetrated a system of sexual slavery as a way to prevent venereal disease and mass rape. These comfort stations were set up with the full and complicit knowledge of the Japanese government officials in Japan, all the way up the chain of command to Emperor Hirohito himself (this was famously determined during the 2001 Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal for the Trial of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery). The women in the system were named ‘comfort women’. Many were Korean, sold by their parents, or cheated by the promise of a good job overseas, as Korean women were more readily procurable and understood the Japanese language (a result of the official colonization of Korea by Japan in 1910). Other comfort women were Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipina, Eurasian (Dutch Indonesian), Indonesian, or even Japanese. Estimates for the number of women caught in this system of sexual slavery vary from 80,000 to 200,000 or more.

However, it would be foolish to think that a few paragraphs can sufficiently address the issues of the comfort women system. That’s why you will find this page to be mostly devoted to links. If you’re relatively new to the comfort women issue, I suggest you skip to the Books section; nothing can beat the detail that is found within those excellent books. If you’re already somewhat familiar with the issue, and want to expand your knowledge, I suggest you visit the Official Documents, Articles, Documentaries, Art, Photo Galleries, and Other, and Museum Exhibitions sections. Whether you’re looking for papers for a research paper or a museum exhibition to visit, all the sites in those sections will provide you with valuable information from a variety of perspectives. Hopefully, after reading all those materials, you will be pumped up enough to check out the Organizations, where you will find not only more information on the subject, but also a narrowed down focus for the purposes of activism.

Also, please visit the Additional Issues of Concern section. The comfort women issue is not a standalone issue; and it is important to be equally as aware of these other concerns.

(mochi thinking)

before just finished WW2,Japanese army pressed draft to civil people, then the number was expanded double as 230 millions. Kwantung army was 70 million. if there was kidnapped 20 millions comfort women, japanese soldiers was given for three soldiers to per one girl. they must sex and die all in days without fighting in field. also japanese military munitions were lacking,but they had 200 regiments made from comfort women. i think comfort women unit could invade one small city.

they are insulting Japanese women. if it were occurred the kidnapped in peaceful city, japanese women just saw only??? they must not permit the crime.
see,their women right associations are connected with north korean and Chinese communists. they use a sense of justice for people and advantage their diplomacy.

almost japanese women had sympathy with them at first,but they required the apology and money times and times. then we wonder and become to check the history. so we knew the facts that they had presented big houses to parents brothers and cousins. i am deeply sorry for them too, but they must complain to korean Confucian society.


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