Monday, November 7, 2011

the life of korean people around korean war.

the following photos were taken by Australian during korean war as a member of the participating in UN to attack to North.  excerpted from the website in Australian War Memorial. 

April on 1951. Suwon (水原) - local farmer and his wife. 
<BR> the woman is smoking with pipe, the exposures her breaths are a little unusual,and shocked. but watching the Photo taken about 1900, we can see many photos like that.
there was consciousness of predominance of men over women absolutely(男尊女卑),women proud to expose their breaths the proof to bear the first son.

mochi- i guess that the picture was taken around 1960 or 70, the jacket wore the right man looks made in about 1960.

 unknown age
 unknown age

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