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Old Korea Elizabeth Keith エリザベス・キース
Elizabeth Keith -
British, 1887 - 1956
Elizabeth Keith was born in Scotland and was a self-taught artist. Her sister married an English publisher who worked in Tokyo and Elizabeth went to visit her there in 1915 intending to stay for a short holiday. She travelled to China, Korea and the Philippines, painting watercolours of the fascinating scenes she saw. On her return to Tokyo she held a small exhibition and the entrepreneurial Japanese print publisher Watanabe Shozaburo persuaded her to allow his highly skilled carvers and printers to produce woodblock prints from some of her paintings. Keith wanted to master the techniques herself and she stayed on in Tokyo to study woodblock printing. Before long her blocks were carved and printed with little aid from Watanabe's artisans. Her first prints met with great success. Watanabe was delighted to publish prints by an artist whose work would be appreciated by European and American collectors. Keith was influenced by Fritz Capelari, the Austrian artist whose prints were published by Watanabe and who in his own turn had gone to Japan after the success in Vienna and Berlin of his countryman, Emil Orlik's prints were made there early in the century. Keith travelled throughout East Asia and produced more than one hundred prints of oriental subjects. They were well received in the United States and Britain but Watanabe's studio was destroyed in the 1923 Tokyo earthquake and most of Keith's woodblocks were lost. She returned to England in 1924 and went to France to study the art of etching but in the early 1930s she was again back in the east and she stayed and worked there until just before the Second World War. After the war she went to the United States, where she died although in her last year she held an exhibition in Tokyo. Her talents have become much appreciated and many of her prints are in important public collections and museums
조선의 풍물/ Elizabeth Keith


엘리자베스 키스의 그림들

엘리자베스 키스(Elizabeth Keith, 1887-1956).
스코틀랜드 출신의 여류화가. 여러 차례 동양을
방문하여 정감어린 시선으로 이땅의 풍물들을 그렸다.
그녀는 한국을 무척 사랑했다고 전해진다.
화풍은 섬세하고 잔잔하다. 평생을 독신으로 지냄.

그녀의 화집 [Old korea](1919)에 실려 있는 그림들을

춤추는 무당
필동기라는 이름의 남자
한 농부
바느질하는 소녀
밤의 동대문
새해 쇼핑
색동옷을 입은 아이
서울의 결혼행렬
시골의 결혼잔치

우천시 쓰는 모자
the hat for rainy day

장옷을 입은 여인
lady pulls over the blind cloth

관복을 입은 청년
Youth wearing a official robe

할옷을 입은 공주
princess wearing Hanbok

대금을 부는 악공
offical musician blowing a whistle

Korean seesaw

무 관
Military officer

대동강변 풍경
大同江岸 the scean of Taedong river (north korea)

춤추는 무당
dancing sherman

필동기라는 이름의 남자

한 농부
a farmer

The Country Scholar 1930

The Gong Player

Embroidering, Korea

Wedding Guest, Seoul

A Daughter of the House of Min
by Elizabeth Keith, 1938

Korean Mother and Child
by Elizabeth Keith, 1924
Wonsan, Korea
by Elizabeth Keith, 1919
A Temple Kitchen, Diamond Mountains, North Korea
by Elizabeth Keith, 1920

A Morning Gossip, Hamheung, Korea
by Elizabeth Keith, 1921
Country Wedding Feast
by Elizabeth Keith, 1921

Marriage Procession, Seoul
by Elizabeth Keith, 1921

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