Tuesday, November 15, 2011

japanese sea foods イカ

i want to live in EU or US ,but i might be not able to do any more, since the supermarkets in US don't sell the japanese food,natto and crisp fishes at the low prices. with age, beef is heavy for the weak stomach, fish and shellfish is healthy.
i got the calamari,inkfishes in supermarket,two pieces only $5 to price down half price,$2.5!! it was not written for sushi ; can be eaten by raw, but it was from Osaka fisher market directly,then i ate a half by raw and cooked squid ink spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, for hidden tast,dropping a few thailand enam pla, wring a lemon, its very delicious.

the best season for Surume-ika;Todarodesu pacificus steenstrup is summer-autumn, Yari-ika;loligo is winter-spring, Aori-ika ;Sepioteuthis lessoniana is summer-early autumn, Kou-ika ;Cuttlefish is winter-autumn, Kensaki-ika ;Photololigo edulis is summer season from spring.
its fresh clarity if the pattern is clear. just landed can be visceral transparently.
Freshness don't have transparency no longer, changing  from brown to creamy white.

How to recognize fresh squid ☆
 dark brown leather is more fresh. Some are rounded and elastic body


新鮮なイカの見分け方☆ 1.皮が濃い茶色の方が新鮮 2.身に丸みと弾力があるもの

Come distinguere seppie calamari e totani




おとこの料理 いかの塩辛パスタ編

侵略!?イカ娘OP ふわふわ時間(イカ娘ver)
ika musume. "invasion!! Squid daughter"  Fille du calmar. Tintenfischtochter Figlia di calamaro. Hija del calamar. Filha de lula. Дочь кальмара.
how to cook a squid.
Nybelinia surmenicola ニベリニア
Anisakis アニサキス


When this Anisakis reaches the humans stomach, begin having abdominal pain and vomiting begin within a few hours after a meal. not Diarrhea likely.
it is likely to cause severe pain since Anisakis breaks eating the stomach lining and intestinal wall of humans.
be careful.
In addition, the general process in the early stage of infection of Anisakis, to find how to get rid of anisakias from stomach with the camera or abdominal surgery.

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