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Photos of Comfort Women during WWII

These are photos of a brothel house and comfot women following millitary camps and moving into a new brothel camp house. Their faces look like enjoying picnic to go to a new location. Nothing more than regular life of a day.

Photos of entrance in Comfort station
위안소의 입구의 사진

Picture of comfort women brothel house, says "Welcome brave soldiers of a holly war" "Japanese girls make best service with our true hearts and bodies"
At that time(the late of WW2), more than half comfort women were Korean.


위의 사진의 왼쪽의 현수막에 「몸도 마음도 Sasageぐ야마토나데시코(大和撫子)의 서비스」라고 씌어져 있습니다만, 당시, 위안부의 반수이상은 한국인여성

Comfort Women entering to a building
The right smiling woman who guided soldiers to entrance, always be edited to cut in history textbooks.
미소를 보이고 있는 오른쪽 끝의 여성은, 역사교과서에서는 반드시 잘라져서 게재된다

the photo of comfort women on campaign

Comfort women crossing a river following the soldiers
일본 병사의 나중에 강을 건넌다 (한국인)위안부의 사진

hearing about comfort women, many people imagine as "poor people" .
however there were many women to make money by an act of comfort (prostitution) in the war.
who are known as so called as "comfort women" .
Some of the comfort women who had been sold by their parents or carrying the debt.
people who didn't want to do in such the working by myself currently seeks the apology and compensation from Japan.
For that matter, The point of the problem is that military forced draft had really done or not.
because it is evidenced that they had gained high revenue from the comfort station.
※ the income of comfort women was expensive because there was risk to serve in the war.


종군 위안부와 들으면 「불쌍한 사람들」을 이미지하는 분도 많은 것 같습니다만 전쟁중은 위안 행위(매춘)에 의해 수입을 얻는 여성이 많이 존재한 통칭 「위안부」라고 불리는 사람들로 하는 위안부 안에는 부모에게 판매되어버린 사람이나 빌린 돈을 떠맡고 있었던 사람도 있었습니다.
본인이 기대하지 않고 그러한 일에 오른 사람들은 현재, 일본에 사죄와 배상을 요구하고 있습니다.
게다가 말하면, 문제삼아지고 있는 것이 군에 의한 강제가 정말로 있었던 것인가? 의점입니다.
왜냐하면 그녀들은, 위안소에서 고액인 수입을 얻고 있었던 것을 알고 있기 때문입니다.
※전지에 종군하는 위안부는 위험이 수반하기 위해서 수입은 비교적 고가

Comfort women being trucked to Japanese camps
the photo is published on the website in korean government as forced draft of sex slaves.
트럭에서 이동하는 위안부 한국 정부의 HP에서는 강제 연행의 모양으로서 게재되고 있다

It may be difficult for foreigners to distinguish Japanese and Korean culture.
The women are wearing Kimono and Kappogi. One woman has Anesankaburi on her head. There is Karakusa pattern Furoshiki on right side. Every house in Japan had the Furoshiki in those days.

Showing Japanese women as Korean women to cheat foreigners is clear evidence of their lie.

(mochi) well....the women on the luggage carrier are absolutely not prostitutes,just as remained wives. they were escaping from Manchuria or korea. they wear Kimono,japanese traditional clothes, outer wearied white aprons;that was cooking uniform for kimono,cover their head with white towel,the style is called Anesan-kaburi for homemaking of married women.

korean prostitutes hated to wear kimono even in WW2,they bought western dresses that were too expensive at the age, and made cosmetice with lip rouge(it was much expensive too, a piece was 20yen valued as income for a policeman of one month)
korean lies are fulled with venomous.

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