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Burma: The Untold Story by Won-Loy Chan

Burma: The Untold Story by Won-Loy Chan



Los Angeles -- Local volunteers advocating for the “Comfort Women” resolution, will host a fundraiser and reception this Friday in honor of Yong Soo Lee, 78, survivor of a military rape camp organized by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. On the brink of an historic vote in the United States House of Representatives, community leaders and public figures will present English translations of sworn testimony from survivors, followed by a speech from Ms. Lee.

Reception in Honor of Young Soo Lee
Friday, July 13, 2007
6:30 PM
JJ Grand Hotel
620 S. Harvard Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90005

The “Comfort Women” resolution was introduced in late January by Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) calls upon the Japanese government to acknowledge historical responsibility for the rape camps. On June 26, the resolution passed the House Committee of Foreign Affairs by an overwhelming margin of 39 to 2. The 121 Coaltion (, a national human rights organization representing nearly 200 civic groups, planned the Los Angeles event in anticipation of a vote before the full House body as soon as next week. Similar events will be held in Washington leading up to and after the vote.

Ms. Lee visited the US from Seoul, Korea twice earlier this year, most recently as the symbolic spearhead of a demonstration on April 26 at the White House, where Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with President Bush. On Feb. 15, Ms. Lee testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Annabel Park, 121 Coalition National Coordinator, was in the audience. “Lee Halmoni’s words crystallized the meaning of this resolution for me,” Park said. “A lot of this movement is centered upon restoring dignity, and she was the most dignified women I had ever met. Her ongoing commitment to justice, truth, and to her fellow survivors, both living and deceased, is an heroic act of courage that inspires us all.”

On March 2 of this year, Abe outraged the international community by stating there is “no evidence or testimony” that the women were forced into sexual slavery, in contradiction of the historical record and reputable historians in Japan and throughout the world. On June 15th, a full page advertisement in the Washington Post paid for by high-ranking Japanese officials made similar claims, irking Vice President Cheney and the United States Navy.

The “Comfort Women” were primarily girls under 18, some as young as eight, who were subjected to systematic rape and enslavement at “Comfort Stations” set up in Korea, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Because most of the survivors are in their 80’s, this may be the last chance for Congress to act before they pass away.

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南京屠殺倖存者日法院勝訴 (08:02)
法院判處《南京大屠殺的徹底檢証》一書作者和出版社賠償原告400萬日元(1美元約合115日元 )。東京地方法院審判長三代川三千代宣讀判決書說,原告是倖存的受害者,而《南京大屠殺的徹底檢 証》的記述卻讓人產生其是假冒受害者的印象。作者所述情況不真實,損害了原告的名譽。
侵華日軍南京大屠殺期間,美國牧師約翰﹒馬吉冒險拍攝的紀錄影片《南京暴行紀實》,真實記錄了南 京城南門東新路口5號兩家平民11口人慘遭殺害的情景,其中倖存的那個小女孩就是當時年僅8歲的 夏淑琴。日本展轉社1998年出版了日本亞細亞大學教授、右翼學者東中野修道所著的《南京大屠殺 的徹底檢証》。東中野修道在書中誣稱那名少女不是夏淑琴,誣指她編造事實。今年5月,夏淑琴向東 京地方法院提出訴訟。

Comfort Women of China/慰

The little-known official Comfort Women provided titillation to the Chinese troops in periods of aggression. They have only recently come to national recognition through some of the first commemorative landmarks in Shanghai. This photo dates from 1933.

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