Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biwako Lake Biwa


i went to Shiga last weekend, its cloudily day.
it must pass through in Kyoto city, or use expensive Meishin Nagoya-Kobe highway,but new highway by-path is built recently!
yes, Kyoto professional communist opponent against built highway has been very confused many people. they claim such as "protect beautiful sightseeing of old Kyoto", "highway will bring heavy smog pollution","the highway capitalism is not looked like slow Kyoto".
then its from Kyoto station to Kurama mountain,its only 5.7km,but the street has traffic jam everyday,it have to have about 2 hours.....
recently some subway have run in Kyoto at last,hehe
barbarian bus drives should lose their job!!

green tea trees in Uji

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