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Do not shy! "sex" Created a unique culture of Japan by chinese

Do not shy! "sex" Created a unique culture of Japan
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Apr 24th, 2007, 04:46
According to Japan's Mainichi Daily News reported that early this year, the U.S. State Department statistics in the service of foreign women Japanese is so surprising is that Japan was a world number one exporter of prostitutes, all over the world can see the basic Japanese prostitutes. In general, the export of prostitutes are LDCs, as a developed country, Japan prostitutes exports first in the world, how will let the world was shocked. In fact, only Japan and Africa the first export of prostitutes in Japan's sex industry is first in the world. Of course, the Japanese prostitutes practitioners of the vast, poverty is not for the Japanese, but this country has an impressive array of cultural, It is this culture hastened Japan's unique social incest, metamorphosis, comfort and sex industries.
Before World War II, Japan has always been a religious country, the Japanese emperor is not only the supreme leader, Japan is still the -- the leader of the Taoist gods. After World War II, the emperor into a symbol of the Head of State, Class-A war criminals of Emperor Hirohito personally with the family from the Taoist god. Nevertheless, the Taoist god is still the state religion of Japan, Japan's large and small throughout the shrine is proof, diplomatic controversy to the Yasukuni Shrine is one of the more remarkable person. Shinto is a Japanese origin of the story, saying that the Japanese archipelago and the Japanese are the product of God incest. God Izanagi lives and Izanami orders had to learn that they had been planted days Zhu Yu, established Hachihiro Palace. Brother sister then asked, "your body becomes long? "Sister answered," My body has completely grown up. Only one not together. "My brother said," my body has become longer. But a surplus. I want my superfluous, not into your cooperation, land and production, You see? "sister agreed. Therefore, they are combined with the birth of the Japanese islands. Japan also an origin of the legend, days as god and his sister spear with God and the Aegis in the vast East China Sea, stirred a long while again, God spear and Aegis on dropping in the water is stirred off the stage into a sea of the Japanese archipelago, days as god and his sister is in the Japanese archipelago on the proliferation of large and the nation. World religions and myths and legends, the lack of incest description, but, with the exception of the Japanese nation, no one dares to call themselves national gods or ancestors were the descendants of incest. Brother and sister incest given such a lofty and sacred status, it is not surprising that the Japanese will incest very tolerant, even said, "as long as consensual incest who" had nothing to do with outsiders. The world of prostitutes, young and beautiful prostitutes is the biggest productivity, old Huang Chu prostitutes often herald the impending end of career. However, the passage of the law is difficult to set up in Japan, Japan's most popular young women are not prostitutes, older prostitutes are more old Hong Artemis. We can not think that patronize prostitutes are older men, on the contrary, young prostitutes aged man is the real customer. Elderly Japanese man chasing prostitutes trend, it's not because they see their mother Xu has been the flirtatious old, but in order to resolve festering in the heart of mother and son incest complex. In Japan, can not, can not or incest with the mother of young men, often will find similarity with the old mother prostitutes arranged harbor. To help incest aspirations of the people, Japan has been in a unique intermediary companies, if you are a customer, As long as you include your mother and your own photos, detailed information to the company, they will find one for you and your mother age, appearance, behavior, thinking, the right attitude you almost unanimously prostitutes She let you specify the location and you live one to three days, during which she had to completely imitate your mother's life process If living, cooking, laundry, and your conversations, in addition, but also with feelings and you make love. Japan sex industry outside social life, there are some complex and incest connected to the occupation, for example, Some bathhouse customers Chaibei, drinks, towels, clothing and the delivery was a 50 to 60-year-old women, Spa Hut Lane certain to accompany the tea in addition to a beautiful girl but also have some old lady, These occasions are the targets of the service without exception, are young men. Incest literature, film and television, used to constitute the true story of the Japanese community exotic scenery, incest in the Japanese society thick accumulation is evident. Japanese archipelago in the incestuous brother and sister born, virtually myth that sex on the empowerment of the magical charm. In the Japanese culture and the subconscious, sexual intercourse is a miraculous productivity, not only has the power of the sacred, but also the peculiar physical and psychological adjustments. Japan's history of war and colonialism, along with all the crazy Japanese military sexual activity, Each one of nature are exploiting the boundary with the trip and accompanied the war on the Japanese archipelago in God brothers and sisters born the same sex. Japan whether myth or reality, are genuine patriarchal country, a man married to conquer the world. Women will have to man all the physical and mental dedication. Performance at the national level, the man's "patriotic" performance of died for the country. woman's "patriotic" performance for the dedication of the soldiers, this dedication will inspire the soldiers of the war potential, so as to open up more state land, which is a typical Japanese comfort cultural origin. During the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan war Hiroshima harbor to the Navy base, local woman positive for the officers and men of comfort, After a year over 2,000 illegitimate children. Japan has always maintained that sexual satisfaction can improve the army's combat strength. So when the Japanese army during World War II hit where it immediately established where the "comfort stations." In the past Japan, it is generally believed that women can no longer sex life, but not men. According to the Japanese military abstinence results of the survey showed that abstinence over time, the military's fighting capacity will start to decline. For example : "pilots abstinence over three weeks before the accident-prone air. "In order to" enhance the combat effectiveness of soldiers, " "famous" comfort women system will come to the fore. Because during the war, "equality transaction" lose the legal protection of the military and psychological loss of balance and become the beast, and other reasons Li has become the rape and gang rape, North Korea became the biggest victim of the system. As North Korea became a Japanese colony, to a continuous stream to the battlefield to provide comfort women, Korean comfort women for almost the Japanese comfort women, more than half of the total. Japan's occupation of Korea, North Korea first established throughout the so-called "outbound profile" of a vice establishment, With the "Manchurian Incident," and the fall of the northeast and northeast China have emerged around the Japanese-style "entertainment facilities" These places have become Japanese military and businessmen comfort stations. Comfort stations also with the pace of the Japanese army to China from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines and the Pacific islands, Later, as well as to war in full swing when the army went it is pressing to create a barracks and comfort stations. Japan not only for their own comfort soldiers, and also has a fortune to the United States occupation forces "treated with courtesy." After the defeat of Japan, August 28, 1945, the Japanese government's initiative, Siqianmori to protect the purity of women and the American occupation forces simultaneously address issues of sexuality as an excuse, Large organizations operating Maichun "International Goodwill Association" (nee "special comfort facilities Association") in Palace Square before the establishment the. According to records, the first time the opening of brothels, U.S. troops formed a long queue, and the scenery is spectacular. As demand exceeds supply, creating a brothel, the comfort women constantly on the rise, but still failed to meet the demands of U.S. forces, So there have been a prostitute at a pick up of 47 people. Consequences later found "International Goodwill Association" of the comfort women, 90% of the carriers, After examination of the United States naval forces there a 70% carrier. This result has also caused the two sides of the Japan-U.S. "misunderstanding" : Japan is that the U.S. military "presence of STDs" The United States and Japan that the "testicular operations", as the British forced China to import opium. Beginning of World War II, the Japanese military comfort women is a Japanese woman from the country's basic comfort women come from the voluntary, Because Japanese women believe it is their dedication and efforts of the country the best way comfort women was able to become a Japanese woman to become the pride and glory. With the prolongation of war and the military's enrollment, Japan's comfort women have insufficient supply in a timely manner, The Japanese government will allow and encourage troops to the occupation forced recruitment of comfort women. This move to the occupied people to bring human rights and human dignity and untold sufferings. After World War II, the defeated Japanese liquidity needs with wartime responsibility, with the comfort women issue by the Japanese deliberately concealed and delays. Some people think this is Japan ashamed and uneasy performance, worry written into history would be detrimental to their nationals to promote national image. In fact, this is precisely the distortion and misunderstanding of Japan, the Japanese consciousness, the forced recruitment of comfort women is only normal. This strong and powerful men marrying no difference. But to the Japanese occupation of women do not take the initiative to Japanese military comfort puzzled Accordingly finds occupied people and their quality of women is not high, Japanese comfort women for Japanese soldiers most women love, This is the Japanese army in situ after the forced recruitment of comfort women, the local women still continue to add to the battlefield reasons. Therefore, the Japanese government withheld and the reasons for denial are not in the country, it understands the international view of the comfort women and the Japanese different, understand forced recruitment of comfort women in the international community is a very ugly crime, a crime is to assume the political, legal and financial responsibility, and that responsibility is precisely the Japanese government bent on doing everything possible to be ignored. Therefore, the Japanese government's eyes, the comfort women is an international issue has nothing to do with Japan. Japanese believe that sex is the magic of productivity, naturally there will be a "unique" development pornography industry power. In Japan, a major pornography industry brothels, books, television programs and movies and AV, Besides individuals or community organizations sexual activities also included. Japan's sex industry to achieve an annual output value of more than 5,000 billion, even more than their high-tech industries but also large, but also huge profits. Japan sex industry too developed, the local community of women in short supply, so they do everything possible to introduce foreign young woman. Japan's underworld in the inducement, every year thousands of girls to embrace having their dreams, from all over the world plugging into Japan's love affair field. Many young and beautiful foreign women
Apr 25th, 2007, 03:46
The Japanese is the abnormal nationality, their woman meant from thebirth an prostitute's birth, at world all attack pornography industrytime, the Japanese actually with all one's strength develops thepornography industry, Japanese man life the pursue is lies down on thefemale person, Japanese woman life the pursue has the innumerable mento crawl on her body
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