Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lavine Honors Korean 'Comfort Women' by Heather Doyle

Lavine Honors Korean 'Comfort Women'
South Korean dignitaries, Lavine discuss resolution to honor memory of women abused during World War II.

Posted by Heather Doyle (Editor) , February 22, 2013 at 02:43 PM
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Assemblyman Charles Lavine joined several South Korean dignitaries in honoring the memory of women who were abused during World War II.

"200,000 of these ill-termed 'comfort women' in Korea…were subjected to sexual servitude," said Lavine. The first memorial to comfort women in New York State was placed in Eisenhower Park.

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"It's important to recognize today that what occurred years ago in Asia has tremendous significance," said Lavine, stressing the importance of protecting all citizens, including girls and women. "Even in today's world, it happens far too often and on a daily basis. Girls and women are brutalized. We see this happen in Afghanistan where girls are shot because they want to go to school."

To honor these women, Lavine gathered with representatives at his Glen Cove office to discuss a resolution that would honor these women. In attendance were David Lee, President of the Korean-American Public Affairs Committee, Gwangju Council Deputy Speaker Dong Chul Yoo, Gwangju Council Speaker Sung Kyu Lee, and Councilman Dong Soo Lee.

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