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South Korea owns up to brutal past


Bodo League Massacre at Daejon, South Korea, 1950.jpg
보도연맹 사건
Bodo Yeonmaeng Sageon
South Korea owns up to brutal past

Kept secret … a man turns his head to those about to kill him during the murder of thousands of prisoners by South Korea at Taejon in 1950.
Kept secret … a man turns his head to those about to kill him during the murder of thousands of prisoners by South Korea at Taejon in 1950.

Hamish McDonald Asia-Pacific Editor
November 15, 2008
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SOMETHING remarkable has been happening in South Korea this year, without getting much attention anywhere.

It has been a nation dragging its darkest secrets into the daylight - not historical crimes committed by the long-dead, but those carried out during the 60-year life of the Republic of Korea.

The stream of reports coming out of Seoul's Truth and Reconciliation Commission are unsettling not just for Koreans, but also allied countries, including Australia which defended the southern Korean state and supported its successive leaders.

Out of the competing barrages of propaganda that have shrouded the 1950-53 Korean War, we are finally getting conclusive admissions that some of the worst atrocities, blamed at the time on the enemy, were in fact committed by our side - and we knew it.

The commission is the legacy ofRoh Moo-hyun, the former human rights lawyer and political liberal who was South Korea's president for five years until February. It was set up in December 2005, and operates with a staff of 240 and a budget of $US19 million ($29.7 million) a year, with the daunting task of opening up a century of hidden history. This covers the Korean resistance to the 1910-45 Japanese annexation of the country, political oppression during the postwar occupation when the Americans and Russians set up rival regimes in their zones, the Korean War, and the succession ofright-wing and military dictatorships that lasted in South Korea until the late 1980s.

The massacres of civilians during the Korean War are the most shocking to read about. The commission is working through no less than 1200 cases, including about 215 incidents in which US and allied air forces strafed groups of refugees and other civilians. The victims total 100,000, which the commission says is a conservative estimate.

One of the worst incidents preceded the Korean War, in 1948, when the new Syngman Rhee government installed in Seoul by the United States ordered its army to suppress a leftist revolt on Cheju Island. About 30,000 local people were gunned down.

By early 1950 Rhee had about 30,000 alleged communists in his jails, and had about 300,000 suspected sympathisers enrolled in an official "re-education" movement known as the Bodo League. When Kim Il-sung's communist army attacked from the North in June that year, retreating South Korean forces executed the prisoners, along with many Bodo League members.

At Taejon, about 140kilometres south of Seoul, prisoners were shuttled out of the city's jail by the army and police, marched with hands bound to the edge of long trenches, made to lie down, and then shot with rifles. Their bodies were rolled in and covered.






韓国人自身による真相隠蔽の傾向 [編集]上記の同番組(2008年9月6日、TBSテレビ『報道特集NEXT』)の中で、韓国での街頭インタビューがなされ、一般的に韓国人が本事件のことを知らない事が放送された


1945年 ハンセン病院虐殺事件 犠牲者=84名
1948年 済州島虐殺事件★ 犠牲者=6~7万名
1948年 麗水・順天反乱事件 犠牲者=5000名以上
1949年 聞慶虐殺事件 犠牲者=88人
1950年 漢江人道橋爆破事件 犠牲者=約500~800名
1950年 国民保導連盟虐殺事件 犠牲者=30万名以上
1950年 大田刑務所虐殺事件 犠牲者=1800名以上
1950年 国民防衛軍事件 犠牲者=数十万名
1950年 朝鮮戦争★ 犠牲者=400万人以上死亡
1951年 智異山居昌事件 犠牲者=大人334人と子供385人
1980年 北朝鮮餓死★ 犠牲者=500万人以上死亡
2010年 天安沈没事件 犠牲者=乗組員46名他
2010年 延坪島砲撃事件 犠牲者=海兵隊員2名、民間人2名
2012年 朝鮮戦争は休戦状態で継続中

헌병대의 보도연맹원 '대량학살' 최초 구체증언 확보
6.25 당시 헌병대 과장 김만식 씨 증언 토대, 전국 조직적 학살 자행

2007-07-04 15:59기사크게보기기사작게보기이메일프린트

6.25 전쟁때 강원도와 충북, 경북 북부 지역 보도연맹원에 대한 집단학살이 헌병대에 의해 이뤄졌고 최초 학살은 강원도 횡성에서실시됐다는 구체적인 증언이 국내 최초로 나왔다.

'한국전쟁 전후 민간인 학살 진상규명 충북대책위원회' 는 충북도청에서 기자회견을 갖고 6.25 전쟁 당시 6사단 헌병대 4과장으로 근무하던 김만식(81) 씨의 증언을 토대로 보도연맹원 최초 학살은 6월 28일 강원도 횡성에서 이뤄졌다고 밝혔다.

또 청원 오창창고에서 보도연맹원 370명이 학살된 집단 발포는 6사단 19연대 헌병대에 의해 이뤄졌고 800여 명이 학살된 옥녀봉은 6사단 7연대 헌병대, 음성과 진천의 70여 명 학살은 6사단 7연대에 의해 실시됐다고 밝혔다.
과거사위, 함평 양민학살사건 진..
80년 '남파간첩 사건' 중앙정보부 고..

이와함께 6사단 19연대는 경북 상주와 문경에서 각각 400여 명을 학살했고 영주에서는 350여 명을 학살한 것으로 드러났다고 밝혔다.

민간인 학살 진상규명 충북대책위원회는 6사단 헌병대 현장지휘책임자인 김만식 씨의 증언을 토대로 전쟁이 발발하자 마자 강원도 횡성을 시작으로 전국에서 조직적으로 보도연맹원 학살이 이뤄졌다는 사실과 구체적인 학살 가해자가 밝혀진 것이 큰 의미가 있다고 강조했다.

또 충북에서만 36군데에서 5천800여명의 보도연맹원이 학살된 것으로 드러났으나 총체적인 조사가 이뤄지지 못했고 대부분의 보도연맹사건에서 헌병의 역할이 많았다는 증언이 나왔지만 체계적인 조사가 이뤄지지 못했다며 80살이 넘은 생존자에 대한 조사를 촉구했다.

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