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The Koreanisation of Australia’s sex industry By Caroline Norma

The Koreanisation of Australia’s sex industry
By Caroline Norma | Published: 28/09/2011

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Thank you Caroline for looking at this specific case of “Prostitution in Australia”. We all know- the public media- including the 2011 Four Corner’s program revelation on “trafficking women for sex slavery”.

South Korean government is well aware of the problem with Australian Holiday Visa Program that they reciprocally have between countries when many women of Korea is working as sex workers!

Most of these women are linked to Korean gangsters (Mafia) – Kkangpae (깡패 ) / Jopok 조폭 (組暴)- assisting them directly or indirectly, having their own understanding, with sending money back to Korea (South). When they are caught by the Australian Federal Police, the Korean women tell their sob story as they being kept as “Sex Slaves”!

In Australia, from State to state the law for brothel operation somewhat vary; ultimately, the local councils mainly determine the development application, administration and approval of site etc., for a brothel!

When an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident join employment, we have to provide, our Tax File number (TFN), address, by filling TFN forms, and provide a bank account number in Australia to remit money by the employer. This could be whether one is Casual, Part-time, F/T, Permanent, etc., etc.,
I wonder whether, this would work for these Sex Workers where brothels pay them by cash! ; most of them don’t have even Australian bank accounts (so, they are really having a holiday, without them submitting a 100 point check even to open a bank a/c where as we all Australians are treated differently!).
My research found that these sex workers work willingly 12-16 hrs a shift averaging about 98 hrs for working 7 days! (Friday, Saturday & Sundays and, holidays are the peak!!).

Also, most of the smart Sex Workers easily make about Aus $ 14,000 to 16,000 A FORTNIGHT, Tax free and they never pay tax nor brothel operators who employ averaging about 5-7 Asian girls, most of them are having Australian Working Holiday Visas or “Learning English “!!!
They remit these monies, (without paying tax to the Australian Govt. which grant them A.W.Holiday Visas) through various other channels using Asian Super Markets’ money remitting channels, through working brothels themselves those who have some connection with local network-business network- of the foreign gangsters, pimps, representatives of “local Loan Sharking ” that all these looking very legal in Australia, very superficially!
These illegally remitted money is not about debts alone, but, mainly these monies are used for drug syndicates send narcotics back to countries like Australia, USA, etc., and also, to supply these narcotics to many workers who require to consume them to increase their efficiency to make more money!
My question to Policy makers, legislators , and for all those who policing implementation of law & order, is that as to why they do not force the brothel operators to keep a standard register of all workers with their true identities, time of working hours, bank account and TFN details, etc.,
At the time brothel operators apply for development applications or otherwise they have abide by the prerequisites of complying with such pre-requisites and also, authorities- Police should have the ability to enter these premises to check all with the workers like any other foreigner is subjected to immigration and other checks!
The local council to the State to Federal Govt’s should adhere to these practices! Also, every client should be provided with a standard tax receipt if GST is applicable!
If the whole country is transacting this way we wonder as to why only brothels are exempted this way?
This is how local councils to State to Federal entities should collect revenue, not only ranging from silly parking infringements to penalties levied for late returning of books & materials borrowed as educational-reading materials at Public Libraries!

If a country restricts a trade for their citizens and if they are sent to another country where the very practice is not illegal, the latter country has to make their policy implementation correctly practised before discussing other trade missions and infringement of working holiday visas and, such holders abusing them to cause a chain reaction of serious illegal activities benefiting drug traffickers to ‘ loan sharking mafia”!

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