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Working Holiday Program in Australia Turning into Working Girls in Australia Program?

Working Holiday Program in Australia Turning into Working Girls in Australia Program?
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A while ago, I wrote about rampant sex trade export to Japan here. It now seems that the problem has proliferated into the far end of the Pacific in Australia.
Australia has a working holiday visa program for young people (age limit up to 30) who want to travel around the country while earning income to pay for the travel expenses. While many use the program to travel and learn English as the program was intended for, some are taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in prostitution.
The problem seems to have gotten so much out of hand that the two countries are now discussing to find a solution to the issue. According to the Korean consulate in Sydney, there are close to 1,000 Korean women who engage in prostitution in Australia on the working holiday program.
Ironically, in Australia, prostitution is legal and hence lack the legal means to prosecute/expel the sex workers and the Korean government is contemplating forced return of the women on the basis of the Korean law.
Sex For Yen -- Exporting Prostitution To Japan Exposed
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Korea has a very large sex trade presence weaved into the very fiber of its society. While many may not see it while walking around the neighborhood, those who know (basically any Korean male), can easily spot businesses that engage in different forms of sex trade located every block of the city.
The government, over the last few years, has recognized the importance of improving the country's image and shut down many 'red light districts' in and around Seoul.
Unfortunately, the sex workers that used to make their living through the oldest profession in the world now found themselves out of work and in need of money. What they found as a solution was going international with their trade.
Many made their ways to North America but most made their way into Japan. Japan not only provided geographical advantage in being the closest neighbor to Korea but also a huge prospect with high Yen and lower language barrier. (many are said to have been lured by the prospect of making $30,000 a month)
Among those who made their journey to Japan were also those that owed money to loan sharks (most of whom are also linked to organized crime) and had no choice but to surrender themselves to the overseas sex trade.
While this may not be anything new, the phenomenon is getting the attention of the Korean press due to a series of sex videos that were shot and distributed online by a Japanese man who installed hidden camera in a motel room while he had sex with the Korean working girls.
The 12 videos, thanks to the 1st class Korean Internet infrastructure, have become widely available in Korea leaving the women some of who are now back in Korea exposed for their indiscretion.

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