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Inclusion of the Korean Women in Nurses by the Japanese Military in Indonesia after the World War Ⅱ

第二次世界大戰期 인도네시아로 動員된 朝鮮人 女性의 看護婦 編入에 관한 硏究
Inclusion of the Korean Women in Nurses by the Japanese Military in Indonesia after the World War Ⅱ
姜貞淑(Kang, Jeong-Sook) 저
pp.57~99 (43pages)

간행물명 : 韓日民族問題硏究
권/호 : 한일민족문제연구 제20집 / 2011
발행기관 : 한일민족문제학회

간행물유형 : 학술저널
주제분류 : 역사학
파일형식 : PDF

Ⅰ. 머리말
Ⅱ. 日帝 占領期 인도네시아
Ⅲ. 인도네시아로 動員된 朝鮮人 女性
Ⅳ. 敗戰 直後 ‘邦人’ 女性에 대한 看護婦 編入命令
Ⅴ. 朝鮮人 女性의 名簿 收錄과 看護婦 編入意圖
Ⅵ. 맺음말

There were thousands of Koreans in Indonesia when Japan defeated in World War II. Some documents, such as the Rusumeibo(留守名簿 absentees’ list) and Fukuinmeibo(復員名簿, returned people’s list) made by the Japanese military forces and List of the Korean Society in Palembang(「팔렘방조선인회명부」 in korean) and List of the Korean Society in Balikpapan(「남방조선인회명부」 in korean) made by Koreans, reveal that 361 Korean women were there as temporary nurses and employees in the Ninth and Tenth Nanpo Army Hospital List or as employees in the 102nd fuel arsenal in List of the Korean Society in Balikpapan. In this paper, I tried to investigate the backgrounds of the women and the reason why the Japanese military forces put their names in the lists as nurses and employees of the military immediately after the end of the war.
The Japanese forces included them in the lists because the headquarters of the Japanese army and navy made an order that any women who had worked in comfort stations in Singapore and Indonesia, regardless of being Koreans, Japanese or Taiwanese, should be transferred into nurses. Of the women in the lists, those who recently reported their cases to the Korean government, as well as women listed in the List of Korean Society in Palembang, were all ‘comfort women’ and in a few cases, managers of the ‘comfort stations’. Also, in the memories of Korean men who were mobilized to this area and stayed more than three years, most of the Korean women were ‘comfort women.’ Japanese women were employed in the army and the trading company or ‘comfort women.’ While Japanese forces included Japanese women in the military to protect them and to use their labor forces, they included Korean women because they did not want to show ‘comfort women’ existence to the Allied Forces. This Difference is caused by the colonial discrimination.

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