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Awesome Haidong Gumdo Jingum Sword

Awesome Haidong Gumdo Jingum Sword

anyway,ryanban didn't use long sword like katana;Jingum as korean called.
they just had small 40cm sword.

the sword doesn't have wave pattern that proof of identity of katana.

but the fact from korean history was.....
there were not existed any Ssaurabi (싸울아비)  nor  Samurang in korea.
they held shortly sword like big thermometer.
korean ryanban were great archery artists,he put the bow in cage on his back,then sword was hamper for it,then they backed the handle.

武藝圖譜通志(1790) : Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts in Korea .
[ It is the official document at Korean Dynasty, written by The Korean King order in the 18th century ]
國練兵之制三軍練于郊,衛士練于禁苑,其禁苑練兵盛自 光廟朝,然止弓矢一技而已如槍劍法技,既未之聞焉,
Archery was the only martial art that had? been practiced by Korean soldiers. They have no skills of sword or spear fighting.
It is plagiarism that gumdo is traditional martial arts in Korea 1000years or more.

Kumdo Fraud - Bonguk Geom

[Annals of the Chosun Dynasty Seongjong] 11th Year from Seongjong reign (1480) 6th Month 11th Day
矧惟國人, 不慣槍劍, 專業弓矢, 爲禦敵之備
The people were not accustomed to use of sword or spear, defended from the enemy only by archery.

Muye Tobo Dongji 1790
Archery was the only martial art practiced by Korean soldiers.
There's no spear or sword art.

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