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Can you distinguish Japan and Korea Part2 - Test

THECAT8th  (3 日前)
@stephan05es ive seen so many videos made by japanese so im sick of it. i didnt know they were racists.
i just started youtube to watch lady gagas alejandro. but this..anyway thanks. i just realized its hard to have true realtions,. also dont worry. i dont live in japan. and if you hate korea, just tell japanese ladies to stop coming to korea to shopping and to have bunch of plastic surgeries, ok? i dont have bad feelings toward japanese women. but people like you are mostly narrow-minded men.
THECAT8th  (3 日前)
@baron706 explain koreans taught japanese lords (town lords since there wernt actual king yet in japan.) how to write and speak chinese and chinese letters and japan letters are so highly effected by chinese letters. end my comments since no use talking with you, if really you think japan independency towards chinese culture or if you have pride to your culture, you wouldnt write fake comments and fabricate japan in that way. just be proud of your country japan even it doesnt have long history
THECAT8th  (3 日前)
@baron706 lol. you schould know korea was not an island like your country , japan. so korea had MANY WARS with china or other tribes - huns anr stuff. there were warriors, its just in korea in chosun era the power of king was so high there were no need of samurais to protect the small lords in town, while japan in 18c was like medial of europe so town lords had more power than japan king so the lords had to protect themselve. different. and if you say korea was chinese dependency who could you
baron706  (4 日前)
@galadrimruinil In 1350s all Koreans changed the traditional nice name to Chinese name. Until the incident
Korean had more than 2 kanjis name as well as Japanese or manchulian. I know one name 鬼室福信、鬼室集斯. This is ancient Korean name. It has meaning. If we write Japanese sentence only in HIRAGANA without Kanji, city hall or university will not accept the paper. Kanji -Chinese character is very important character.Korea threw away Kanji. Kanji remembers China rule.
baron706  (4 日前)
@galadrimruinil Korean's weak point is too emotional. Suppose there is correct reality here, if a Korean doesn't
like the reality, he will not face to the fact, and he made new logic or history. But Japanese is different, Japanese
can see the photo of poor period. We are very much proud to the process to solve the purpose. But Korean insist Korea has been rich country from begining of human. Don't forget Korea had been dependency of China for 1000 years long. Koreans have Chinese name.
baron706  (4 日前)
@galadrimruinil SEJOEN invented hangul for STUPID, IGNORANT people. this issue was recorded. So YANBAN peers didn't like to use hangul. therefore hangul could not be spread over the peninsula.After the annexation, FUKUZAWA YUKICHI gave an idea to write hangul and KANJI together. This was similar to Japanese writing. With kanji, hangul became strong character. In 1960s, both Korea threw away kanji from hangul. So hangul writing became weaker. Kanji is very important for making new words.
baron706  (4 日前)
@galadrimruinil You are ignorance.Did you see HANGUL text book in 1910? First of all Korean literacy was only 4% . almost people could not write writing except YANBAN peers. Yanban looked down upon Hangul, they
use only Kanji .Because Korea had been a dependency of China for 1000 years long. But 1200s~1350s was Mongol period. Any way Hangul had been spread in the annexation by Japan. Until Japan's appearance Hangul was forgotten by casual people. Hangul was invented in 1446 by SEJOEN king.
galadrimruinil  (4 日前)
@baron706 And they built a railway facility or other facilities for their convenience, and the looting.
but such things was destroyed all at Korean war.
This is true.
galadrimruinil  (4 日前)
@baron706 You are lying.
Japanese people had been banned Korean language.
And they are have changed it to Japanese the names of Korean people
Because, in fact, for a long time, Korea's civilization was more superior then the Japanese.
The Japanese were afraid of it.
Eventually the Japanese are Korean language banned, and has been beautifully packaged their(Japanese)shameful history, and has been fabricated.

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