Sunday, August 7, 2011

why mochi became to put comments on youtube

hi,thank you for visiting and watching my channel.
special thanks to USnavy and Taiwan,thank you to help and great support for fukushima disaster for all of the world people.
i had remained a silent observer about korean problems for a long time, because i had though that some of the rabid japanese insisted to japanese right.
but i notice that its not trivial problem but involved for our children and decide to write comment in youtube.
the way of my mind changed is as follows,sorry for long sentences.

we are holding similar problem in japan,there are said that korean historical drama and pop music are very popular in tv show but nobody watching fun with korean music and drama around me...
the inclining have been seemed since about 2002 world soccer.
people become to notice that there are some of the affected problem of media and movies.

firstly,could pls no misunderstanding,i like korea basically.
korean people are very kindly and nicely.
but even average citizen change about martial art,history,and takeshima island they called dokto.

this is very serious problem...i have not noticed the trouble recently.
i am learning aikido(合気道),tea ceremony (sado,茶道,urasenke) flower arrangement(kado,華道,ikenobo),and iaido(居合道) a little of bit.
when i had watched that korean tea ceremony and flower arrangement in tv news about 10 years ago,i wonder that their works were a little bit trivial since they used some toiletpaper with tea and cable tie with flower.
in addition korean said that these culture is originated in korea, korea taught japan in fact on ancient history.
i thought oh is it really? i have not known that,i am sorry for korean.
arranging flower and to welcome with tea for host is common habitude in the world.its just similar at haphazard and the origin is not big problem.
and tea tree were from china.
respect and develop each other culture is very wonderful...i thought stupidly.

we blessed for real when tkd had gotten olympic.
tkd is from shotokan karate and arranged korean style.its no problem i thought. its look gaiety and fun. then korean became to say that tkd is originated from korean tekkyon on history. but i thought its good.

i have not known aikido problem till recently.when i was watching youtube to confirm the technique,i found hapkido movie and surprised.since they fix too strongly,muscle and tendon would be broken.firstly we learn don't do knock out to pair severity.breath and belly power is most important.i heard old man in dojo about hapkido,then he kept sigh and told.
the origin of hapido had learnt equally with other japanese but he should learn more.he didn't have teacher license.
i understand then hapkido are halfway. but it is korean problem,we should not concern it
since the wrong way is already be put in place as korean style..

and then i found the news of kumdo before a few weeks, korean move that kumdo get olympic.
for all that i was thinking that is problem for kendo only.
its not big problem.
then finally the news of that haidong gumdo will exhibit japan expo in paris.
i have not known about HDGD till now.
then i watched youtube movie,then i am angry at last.
since they let wooden sword and imitation katana hold children just for only superficial.even if imitation can kill easily.
and recently tkd movie is dangerous,they play acrobatics show kicking and jumping highly.but there are involved that to get serious injury like partial should be embargo in dojo usually.
we are quite confused and i am going gaga about korea.

actually jap culture is not cool at all since they are for just old men and women.
young people don't like.but thanks for western people who say jpn culture is cool then we can revise them.
samurai,katana,ninja,ukiyoe are valued now,but they had been found it by western people.
thanks for their working and spread to world looking nicely culture,we proud jpn today.
but korean are free driving on the way.
like the origin of samurai is korean who called hwarang,its evidence.
they show a book written about 18ac,but it written that "cosmetic boy danced with sword in old age" .korean can't read chinese character....
then we have to explain their misunderstanding from  mistaken transferred.

by the way i don't know about kuk sool won well.
i had taken the lesson of wushu for a few times in community center.
i think ksw is mixed with aikido,tkd,wushu,but is strange since the techniques are looked like patchwork.they will have some injure.
but just watching the movies of jet li, jacky chen they are kung fu,it should be able to have right eye. why western people are deceived?

yes,,,,,very seriously and big trouble. since korean government support their business and propaganda i think.
if even we say modestly,korean would reply "jap nationalist!!""narrow mind"
"racist".....our heart are broken.

but i find that we are not anxious since we have big friends like you in overseas.
i need your help on end,could you please teach us how can we handle the problem against korean.japanese are very week to debate speaking and writing in english depressingly...

and now many japanese are discussing the problem and study the ancient historical reports in forum now.


if you accept could you pls help us!!

i am sorry for my poor english and long desultory texts.
thank you for your reading!

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