Monday, August 22, 2011

hangul was made from mongole Phagspa alphabet ?


seed in water year 1443, (25th years of King Sejong) on winter,
my royal highness enactmented 28 letters for sound positive, insisted on the generalized example or the meaning, named Hunminjeongeum. shaped the Pronunciation,emulated the shape from Mongolian ancient hieroglyphics, which also match the scale on the basis of voice.
it could be involved all of that the meaning of trilateral for (A Tiandiren;celestial being and underground being),the mystery of Yin and yang;sunny side and shadow side.for using these 28 letters,arranging freely without the end,easily,smoothly and simple also particularity all of the range.
then smart man can understand during in morning, ignorant can till 10 days.then used it,people can read and understand the content of the book.used it for hearing the appeal of people, you can understand the hurts.Chinese rhyme can distinguish between clear sound or dull sound,music can be beautiful melodic harmony. there are nothing with any flaw when using, everything can be attainment perfectly. the sound of wind, the voice of crane, voice of chicken,even the dog barks, all of which can be taken the dictation.



계해년 겨울에 우리 전하께서 정음 스물 여덟 자를 창제하시고 , 간략한 보기와 뜻을 들어 보이시고 이름을 훈민정음이라 하였다 . 물건의 형상 ( 꼴 ) 을 본뜨되 글자는 옛날의 전자를 모방하고 , 소리를 따라서 음은 칠조에 맞으니 , 삼극의 뜻과 이기의 묘함이 다 포괄되지 않은 것이 없다 .

Ahiru-script was descend in Urabe Abiru clan of Tsushima island,
Jindai moji or Kamiyo moji (Japanese: 神代文字 “scripts of the age of the gods”
but actually,japanese copied hangul.

ahiru script in grass style
madoka runes/人◕‿‿◕人\

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