Monday, August 15, 2011

korean socially problem

when i translated the sketch of Chunhyangjeon prot,i think korean don't work except connected to business or keeping their proud.Chunhyangjeon is very famous korean love story,i checked in google.come to look for the explanation of story,but i couldn't find it in english nor hangle.suddenly i found the described blog on japanese and chinese website.then i realized that korean are  not interested in their imaginative literature,only make up their history of the research on newspaper,korean don't buy even one book in one year.they study with only one government-designated textbook in school.
i have a headache.......... (;´ロ`)
i will explain their class in korea.

by comparison,the first movie 1923 was made by kosen hayakawa in amalgamated age.
春香伝(1923年) - 早川孤舟(早川雪洲とは別人)の監督による韓国併合期の映画。初の映画化。

what japan banned korean traditional culture or royal culture in amalgamated age?
don't say lie!!

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