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皇帝> 朝服は、朝会や祭祀などの重要な典礼の際に着る服。明るい黄色で、ふともものあたりに9匹の龍が刺繍されているもの赤い朝服は春分の日の儀式用青い朝服は冬至の日の儀式用。水色の朝服は秋分の日の儀式用。冬服は、縁取りに毛皮(ボア)がついていることが多く、夏服は全体的に粗い生地(ガーゼ生地)で作製、春秋はシルクで作製されている皇帝用だけは必ず胸の金龍の左右に権力の象徴である斧と弓が刺繍されている。乾隆帝の皇帝服は450人の職人が5年かかって作った

Emperor's Clothes 
The royal dress had strict rules. See Resources for more white. men followed the Qing Dynasty styled dress, women were decided not be necessarily comply. Therefore, women wore  Manchu clothes containing mark of Han ethnic. 
Simply put the typical,
Imperial top of ceremonial robe > morning, morning Robe (Chanpao,court dress) .
morning dress was wore during important liturgy like  as morning assembly or imperial rite. Bright yellow, which is embroidered with nine dragons around the thighs. The red dress for the morning ritual of Vernal Equinox Day. Blue morning dress for the winter solstice ritual day. Morning light blue dress for Autumnal Equinox Day ritual. Winter clothing often marked with fur trim (bore), summer was generally coarse cloth (gauze fabrics) prepared in the spring and autumn were produced in silk. Only for the emperor bows surely be embroidered with an ax and a bow which the symbol of power put both sides of dragon on the chest. Emperor Qianlong clothes were made by 450 artisans took five years over.

cool!!! great china!! but actually actor played Chinese emperor,he is korean......
安七炫(Kangta)...anyway enjoy watching the beautiful pictures.
cool sean! but korean acter's barycenter is above of body, his hip and balance are unassured. i think its signature of korean martial art. the sword have only light power,and lose. the right black swordsman is Chinese acter,on the view he is a glimpse, the design of korean architecture, made in korea are good,but useless....

 时下正在无锡影视基地热拍的电视剧《帝锦》必将成为近年来最受瞩目期待的宫廷剧之一。原因如下:第一,中港台韩强大的明星阵容;第二,波澜壮阔、起伏跌宕的剧情;第三,无锡影视基地变身富丽堂皇的宫殿,镜头之下无比惊艳;第四, 重金聘请殿堂级造型师打造华丽宫廷风格,从小宫女到嫔妃到皇后,各位佳丽的造型不一、服饰华美精致。那今天我们先来看看《帝锦》中的各种华丽场景吧,瞧瞧无锡影视基地如何惊艳变身~~~

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