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did japan ban hungul? by Oishinbo

Expose the lies in Oishinbo comics 美味しんぼの嘘を暴け

Japan Governance to eliminate the Korean ethnic

South Korea,we were not able to learn our own language nor history under forced Japan occupied,following the advertising absurd slogan such as Japan and Korea should be unit,the homeomorphous theory that both Koreans and Japanese had common ancestor, Korean should be integral imperial vassal.

In addition, we were forced to recite the imperial subjects,to bow upward to the imperial palace in Tokyo, to visit japanese shrine.
as well as grossly,japan enforced to change our own name to Japanese style. Empire Japan imprisoned or even killed against those who denied it without hesitation.
religious schools not followed to their policy were closed.

(quotes from the National Korean high school history textbooks).




민족말살 통치

우리민족은 일제의 안 아키라(鮮) 일체, 날 아키라(鮮) 동(同)조론, 황국신민화와 같은 황당 무계한 슬로건의 밑에서, 우리나라의 말과 역사를 배울 수 없었다. 또, 황국신민의 서사암송, 미야기(宮城) 요배, 신사(神社)참배는 물론, 격심하게는, 우리들의 성명도 일본식에 바꾸게 강제했다. , 일제는 이것을 거부하는 사람에 대하여는 투옥, 살상도 망설이지 않고, 이러한 정책을 따르지 않는 종교계통의 학교는 폐쇄되었다.

(국정 한국 고등학교역사교과서보다)


this book is the oldest surviving language dictionary.
published in korea on April 10, 1930 "Dictionary for Korean regular school," third edition by japanese publishing company imondo under amalgamated age.


현존하는 최고의 국어사전국내에서 발행된 국어사전 안(속)에서 최고가 되는 1930년4월10일 출판의 「보통학교조선어사전」제3판.
1930년에, 일본 통치 아래의 학교에 있어서의 조선어교육용에 일본의 출판사 「以후미(文) 도(堂)」보다 출판된 사전.
Japanese imperialism wrested or banned hungul?
Did Japan ban Hangul?

textbook for elementary school in Governor-General of Korea
let's learn hangul and japanese
조선 총독부의 교과서


back cover

This child is greeting the old man lives next door.
Knowledge of courtesy manners.  Page top is Japanese, bottom is Hangul.

Following passage is quoted by a Korean text book. 

>Korea was a colony of Japan for thirty-five years.
>The Japanese government forced the Koreans to use only Japanese.
>It was really painful for them to stop using their own language.
>They could not use it again in public until the end of World War II.

..It is a completely Korean lie !!! Japan did not forbid using the Hangul Alphabet (A language in current Korea).

On the contrary, Japan spread the Hangul in Korea while Japan governed them.
Japan continued being ordered for several months by the Korea government and did "annexation",
not a invasion. It was the annexation that took an official procedure without a problem in the international law at all.

The history of the Hangul Alphabet

The Hangul Alphabet was made by Seshu (1418-50) of Korea. However, Kanji, Chinese words were used for all such as a history book, an official document, education as an official language in Korea of those days. The Hangul which should have been national language continued being despised as a language of ignorant masses for a Korean. And Hisan of Emperor of the tenth Korea prohibits education / learning of the Hangul in 1504.

Why now the Hangul which it was said "an ignorant masses letter", "woman character", "child letter", "rest room letter", and was discriminated against would spread these in Korea?

Because there was the custom that Japan do education and infrastructure maintenance in the countries where they governed, Korean reading and writing ability was necessary for education (The greatest Seoul National University in South Korea was made at this time).

Therefore the Hangul buried from history for a long time was adopted.

(the knot of Japanese Yukichi Fukuzawa had spread the Hangul from before the Japanese ruling. Yukichi Fukuzawa had published world first Hangul paper (漢城周報) in Korea. But because education was not developed very much, most of commoners couldn't still read Hangul)

y rate of a peninsula was very low in those days. The lower photographs were used for their education.

Please answer questions below if you consider it to be a lie.

Q1: Can you show me official documents written in the Hangul before the Japanese spread Hangul?

"Japan burnt all official documents down", you may insist. I ask you next question if you say so.

Q2: Can you show me the evidence that the Hangul had been spread very much before the knot of Yukichi Fukuzawa had been coming to Korea? For example, please show me the things which were written in Hangul, like literary works, academic books, dictionaries which were spread to the public widely.

It is impossible that Japanese find anything Hangul out and burn it, no matter how they are very cruel.
There should be the private books and old remains which Japan was not able to finish looking for.

- Can you answer these questions?  It cannot be possible.

Because Koreans tell lies, they were robbed of their things which there were not from the beginning.

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