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@rpons541 on youtube haidong gumdo

Olympic Fencing vs. Haidong Gumdo part 1 with Olympic fencing rules

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"@rpons541 "my grandmother had been raped by korean" LOFL. That must be lie. That is the most ridiculous comment I ever got from Japanese.. Japanese always pretend to be victims.. they are nothing but criminals. It is well known that women in countries which ruled by Japan were raped by Japanese and victims of sex slaves. JUST THINK. Japanese ruled Korea. There is no way that your grandma had been raped by Korean. It was not your grandma. It was Korean women. They had been raped by your grandpa." 

DrChrisOuellet  (17 時間前)
I haven't been deleting ANY comments, even if I don't agree with them. This is an open forum, you get to speak your peace.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (17 時間前)
@DrChrisOuellet thanks! you are very nice and gentle guy!! also could you turn back or give his comment mentioned for my grandma and grandpa? i am not angry him since his comments have very value for thinking of japanese war crime. thanks! :)
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (18 時間前)
@DrChrisOuellet dear DrChrisOuellet san hi,you are deleting our comments on your movie,could you take back or give me the records.since his comments was very helpful for studying.thank
rpons541  (1日前)
When Japan ruled Korea, Japanese confiscated lands from Koreans and gave it to Pro-Japanese Koreans. We called these traitors "Chin il pa" Korean Government confiscated those lands from traitors and gave back to land owners. I don't see any problem with that.
rpons541  (1日前)
"Special law to redeem pro-Japanese collaborators' property"accept korean government can confiscate the property and money supralegal from whose familiar with japan. Of course.Those pro-Japanse Koreans worked for Japanese government to survive and accused Koreans. They are traitors. .
rpons541  (1日前)
From 1910~early 1930 Japanese banned Hangul and taught Japanese script in school but Korean language was not banned. However, In 1938 Japanese banned Korean language and forced Koreans to speak Japanese. The Japanese opposed the study and use of Korean and threw many scholars into prison. This incident called "the Joseon Language Institute incident".
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 you don't know that korea and japan were poor countries,they had only within 10 percent of sewage line.then they had suffered dye by disease aggregational in increments of the point on village or city.even in north korea and china have been scuffed corera still should think by your self.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 you mean "Maruta",i know well since i have learnt in school too.but the picture was very strange seemed like patchwork and the shadows were bum around from sun.i think you mentioned about unit 731,that was just the Health and Safety unit.believed your story is from just japanese novel.they checked quarantinable disease like cholera,pest,typhus or dysentery.
rpons541  (1日前)
From 1910~early 1930 Japanese banned Hangul and taught Japanese script in school but Korean language was not banned. However, In 1938 Japanese banned Korean language and forced Koreans to speak Japanese. In 1942 The Japanese opposed the study and use of Korean and threw many scholars into prison. This incident called "the Joseon Language Institute incident". 

sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 you should check your statute,"Law against anti-national activities 1948"or "Special law to redeem pro-Japanese collaborators' property"accept korean government can confiscate the property and money supralegal from whose familiar with japan.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 hi,korean nationalistic guy in right wing.thank you for your colored comment.i am just a japanese small aunt,not tend to right nor left.although sister of my grandmother had been raped by korean then she might be biased to korean,but she also said that the korean villager neighbor were all of them very kindly people.korean Confucianism accept the discrimination against women,i remember from your comment.
rpons541  (1日前)
Yeonsangun was the worst king ever in Korean history, In 1504 he banned learning Hangul because documents that blamed him were written in Hangul. But in 1506 Yeonsangun was killed by coup. Hangul was banned for less than a year. Jungjong has nothing to do with Hangul. He loved Hangul and his epitaph was written in Hangul.
rpons541  (1日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Second. As “Korea and Her Neighbours” by Isabella L. Bird Bishop said, It is true that Korea used Chinese script before King Sejong invented Hangul. But
1504 Yeonsangun(燕山君) banned Hangul,
1506 King Jungjong (中宗) 11th king abolished the Ministry of Eonmun(諺文省)
1911 Japanese Governor-General of Korea became to introduce hungul in education.
These are not true.
rpons541  (1日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Okay. I guess you are Japanese. I'm not writhing this comment to convince you because you are already contaminated by wrong history by Japanese right wing. I'm writing this comment for people in other countries so they know that you have the wrong information.
First of all, your grandma has very strong tendency to favor the right wing. It is obvious that Japan is a criminal country. They declared the war and did horrible things.If you have a chance, look up "Maruta"
DrChrisOuellet  (1日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu I do teach Haidong Gumdo. I am not directly affiliated with the WHDG federation, though I maintain good ties with its members including those who taught me Gumdo. Some of the decisions the WHDG made are not all to my liking, but they are still good people with real skill.
I like your Chinese rebirth art! You need to try and spar with it. Without sparing, it's just a drill and many mistakes in interpretation will happen. I am currently doing "rebirth western martial art".
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 The Korean File of Korea under Japanese rule 日韓併合の真実
you should study reading halt or zero blog on can see the hungle textbooks in amalgamated age.korean make a lot of accusations at any time.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 appearing in a mixture of Chinese characters and En-mun, a resemblance to the Japanese mode of writing, in which the Chinese characters which play the chief part are connected by kana syllables.En-mun, the Korean script, is utterly despised by the educated, whose sole education is in the Chinese classics
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 THE KOREAN SCRIPTS the distinction of being the only language of Eastern Asia which possesses an alphabet. Only women, children, and the uneducated used the En-mun till January 1895, when a new departure was made by the Official Gazette, which for several hundred years had been written in Chinese,
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 Must read!! “Korea and Her Neighbours” by Isabella L. Bird Bishop
In July, 1894, Mr Otori made the useful innovation of publishing the Gasette in clear type, and inthe following January it appeared in a mixture of Chinese hieroglyphs and En-mun, the "vulgar script" of Korea, and became intelligible to the common people.p374 
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 1443年  ◆「訓民正音」創出
1504年  ◆成均館におけるハングル教授が禁止される(成均館は、儒教経学の最高学府)
1506年  ◆諺文庁閉鎖  ハングルが全面的に廃止される
1911年 朝鮮総督府による「朝鮮教育令」 ハングル教育がようやく始まる
1443 "Hunminjeongeum" King Sejong (世宗) ordered the Choson Dynasty(李氏朝鮮)
1504 Yeonsangun(燕山君) banned Hangul,
1506 King Jungjong (中宗) 11th king abolished the Ministry of Eonmun(諺文省)
1911 Japanese Governor-General of Korea became to introduce hungul in education.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 i had believed teacher's opinion and textbooks not her,but recently i find that there are some antilogy in korean claims. yes,rather than japan had spread hangul and let flowered korean culture in amalgamated age.wanted japanese name was just korean.japanese hated to give japanese name to korean firstly.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (1日前)
@rpons541 hi,korean.thank you for your comments.i had learnt in social class in middle school like that "Japanese had banned speaking Korean, Korean culture and even Korean name. " same as you mentioned. my grandmother immigrated to korea till the end of WW2,when i asked her "you banned hungul",she answered "you are brainwashed from communist teachers. all of saying are lie. don't believe them".
rpons541  (2 日前)
Since 1910 Japanese distorting history and denying that a huge part of their culture is from China and Korea. I admit that Japan was very strong country once. But it doesn't mean that they can change the history and rob cultures of other countries.
rpons541  (2 日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu wow... you are so ignorant. what the fuck are you talking about? "Korean have banned speaking Japanese and japanese culture till 1998"? WHAT? Where did you get that information? I have lived in Korea 15 years and that is NOT TRUE that Korean have banned speaking Japanese and Japanse culture. Actually, that is what exactly Japanese did to Korean when Korea was colonized by Japan. Japanese had banned speaking Korean, Korean culture and even Korean name.
taihuu25go  (3 日前)
I do not think that all Koreans are bad.
For a Korean, it is nationalism of the insanity of Korea
There are the people who I do it, and is at a loss who want to be similar.
However, such people are inhibited socially.
The Korean cause elite officer who is charged by Korean patriots to be able to fold it in support of Japan.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  are you a teacher of haidong gumdo? i think its great but little bit a mix of the chinese rebirth art,compare your techinques and think.
單刀法選 Chinese Longsword / Saber Ancient Manual: Complete Demo!!
單刀法選 Chinese Longsword Ancient Techniques
單刀法選 Chinese Longsword Ancient Techniques (#10: Up-Bow, #11: Low-Watch)
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  i guess they have learnt kendo for 20 year or more just watching their step suriashi(すり足),they are familiar with each other since their getting well-timed the maai (間合い) or break line mikiri(見切り)are very real fight is just like 0:38 watching face to face not moving or grinding. its like cat fight,not cool. hit by even in bokuto bokken wooden sword (木刀),the arm could be crush up. 
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
katana is very expensive in japan even cheaper is from $1800 or more.then i am very surprised to know on discussing with micheal what sold cheaper katana like musashi2 about $180 in us or other overseas countries. con just moment pls.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
thank you for your friendly are right at all.almost japanese don't have concerned about our be honest,i am sometimes misattributed as yakuza's wife while bring and going to dojo with katana rolled by cloth. until recently dressed katana in room washitsu(和室) were yakuza houses then police man list their names.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
i am just watching the movie of Toyama-ryu (戸山流) you introduced me.hahaha XD the guy hit his friend strongly says "sorry!! Does it hurt?" i am sure that he must drink sake or beer too much and apologized again in later party!
DrChrisOuellet  (3 日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu That's good that you do shinkage-ryu and know the history. 99% of gumdo people NEVER SPAR. Only <1% take the techniques and try to use them. They may not be historically accurate, but they work - not jumping and rolling - basic cuts and stances. My student in the video does no acrobatics.
Some very serious Japanese people doing the same with their art, again not a koryu, but very respectful attempt to USE what they know:
I respect these people.
DrChrisOuellet  (3 日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu I have very good Japanese and Korean friends. In Canada we are friendly. It is a shame more people do not practice koryu in Japan, if they did we could get such martial arts in the rest of the world. Instead we are left with few options. Koreans are very good at popularizing their martial arts, don't blame them for it, it is not because they are greedy, they are more open. Anyone who does their research will not believe in "Samurang" and made up history.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet i have not seen your lesson directly,then i should keep silence,but i guess they are very strange.voluntary is not trouble,its charge for the chosen guy on himself. but they get what i should respond that haidong gumdo techniques are contrariety at all,not martial art.i will explain the history of taijutsu (体術)next time. thank you.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet then samurai could know before fighting where he came from just seeing his walking.even in same style,we are not like each other.
about 300 years ago,the fighting was like that.not acrobatics,not fun.
戦国時代さながら like in sengoku era
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  iaido or aikido were organized recently before about 100 years ago,its are new.since almost clans (藩) had their own dojo(道場) and practiced on local.just seeing same techniques,but each clan had their own techniques such as the difference of the timing lag to hold.the techniques were arranged or developed against local climate.northern swing is little bit small even in same style (流派)since cool to use economy.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet hi,i am very surprised you know japanese culture very well than know 関口新心流 Sekiguchi shinshin-ryu,i watched their demonstration 演武 in wakayama castle or gokoku shrine (護国神社) in mie long time before!! i am in fact,iaido or koryu(古流) are not popular in japan since its for croaker nob older men and antwacky,less move.then for younger its not fun,they choose kendo,later be older they enter to iaido.
DrChrisOuellet  (3 日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Gumdo is a sword art, it's not historically accurate but it works. Your dishonesty is that you don't even practice the techniques of your own culture which you value highly. You live in Iga but you don't do koryu, you do watered down mainstream iaido and aikido. That's TERRIBLE. I would KILL to have the chance to learn a koryu and you're sitting right next door to 2 major ryu-ha. Learn about your own culture's traditions before insulting those who can't. 
DrChrisOuellet  (3 日前)
@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Neither iaido nor aikido have any solid basis in history, they're both modern, and have no greater claim to historical accuracy or legitimacy than gumdo. Iaido was created in 1966, aikido in ~1900. People in the west make fun of iaido and aikido because they don't teach you how to fight. They are pretty, but mostly fantasy.
You should drop that watered down stuff and do Koryu! Sekiguchi shinshin ryu can be found in Wakayama and Shingyoto-ryu can be found in Mie prefecture.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  there is nothing like true judge whether the art is absolutely real or wrong.but i can say haidong gumdo is not "a sword art" nor martial art.even children know it in japan. you are compliciting with korean fraud. you should notice by yourself.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  in koga they device some trip in their house.when walking the street,you can fall down to a hole.also the village pretty girl give you a tea kindly,recline to wall while you drinking,suddenly the wall tips over,you would catch there any castle where ninja servend in or ninja house in korea? the culture,martial art,history and religion are all connected.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (3 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet hi,i know taihu,he is history specialist.i am learning aikido about 20 years or more,iaido a little bit.but i am a weaker.i guess rather you don't train real martial art,you don't understand the art basically.japanese are quite confused to fabricated korean arts and chosunninja...since i am living near Iga(伊賀) where was ninja village.i'm sorry if you are offended.
DrChrisOuellet  (4 日前)
@taihuu25go I know many Koreans, and Japanese for that matter. In all cases they have been good people, honest and with integrity. The most greedy people I have met, I hate to say, have been Americans and Canadians. I am a Canadian.
Looking at the videos you watch I have to say you watch a lot of nationalistic propaganda taihu. That isn't healthy. It makes you more like choson ninja, not a better man.
Some of your comments lead me to believe you don't practice a sword art - do you?
taihuu25go  (4 日前)
You do not know a Korean.
Religion and martial arts are business for a Korean.
Therefore they give priority to that they get money over essence of martial arts and the religion.
In other words the showy, useless movement such as the movie is important to them to gather students.
Of course their false tradition is performed combined sales of.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  you should ask to European people in the sread why japanese wonder haidong gumdo then you understand biased korean brainwashing.they study very well,thanks.
Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet its natural to fight hold the double edge straight sword and fight gripped by both hand with katana is like suicide attack or kamikaze....since you should step into your enemies territory,ichigekihissatus(一撃必殺) means that you should die clearly if your first swing attack would not give drubbing to your enemy.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet its natural to fight hold the double edge straight sword and fight gripped by both hand with katana is like suicide attack or kamikaze....since you should step into your enemies territory,ichigekihissatus(一撃必殺) means that you should die clearly if your first swing attack would not give drubbing to your enemy.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet  hi,i am sorry for surprised you.we talk to the cultural problems as korean fabricated art on history sread in 2ch japanese big forum from japan expo.i can't see the dangerous acting in haidong gumdo.and a little bit angry.swing around like it,you will have serious injure... 
DrChrisOuellet  (4 日前)
I am really surprised that this now quite old video is all of sudden attracting so much interest by several different people, all of them Japanese and anti-korean, 15+ posts within 3 days, it's suspicious and odd.
Speak your peace but try to remain on the topic: There is no historical accuracy intended in the video - I've made this very clear.
This is for fun, style against style, in this restricted application gumdo is obviously not "crap". It works. Movies are irrelevant this is sparring.
enushisama  (4 日前)
Kendo was the origin of Korean Gumdo.
Gumdo was introduced into the Korean Peninsula from Japan during the period of the Japanese protectorate and annexation (1895-1945).
That doesn't mean Gumdo is "crap"
However, HaidongGumdo has the history different from Gumdo.
They insisted “the traditional Korean martial art from ancient times”. It’s “crap”.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet the shop owner of kendo weapon(武道具屋) will choose the wooden sword for you just watching your body,count up your posterior length and weight.the shop is information center like dragon quest.come japan!!!
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet also wooden sword (木刀) made in korean have some nature,the wooden sword should have weigh balance,foible,the edge of sword should be more weight,the technique to make it is needed by kill of a craftsman.its never be taken in within a few years.then korean wooden swords are strange.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet i wrote some comments to michel who learn german haidong gumdo,but i send you too.come japan and let's learn iaido(居合道),its smell frump,but real .4 classes / month $40 only! you look nice with katana. kendo(剣道) 2 class in week/free-$38 on one month,shoringi kempo(少林寺拳法) same cheap. since the teachers are voluntary.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet you can't read Chinese character(漢字),then korean deceive many people.there is not only one for true way on martial art,but i must say haidong gumdo is plunder art.we japanese suffer and belt up in a long time for Korean problems.its just copied the surface of Japanese Kendo only without the reason(理)and Samurai spirits.this is not Budo(武道) anymore,Korean changed worst as Korean twiddle leaping dance.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet pls watch and compare the technique.
Super Humans Super samurai 平成の侍 町井勲
Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu - Part I | 天真正伝香取神道流
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet why you can't notice the involved antilogy techniques,katana is curved for both hands,then the step ashisabaki(足捌き) should length shoulder-width,since its danger to cut the leg by myself self-destructing.

samurai shinken red!!
炎奏戦隊ゲキオンジャー 初ライブ<3/3> gekionger live!!
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (4 日前)
@DrChrisOuellet hi,friend,you are cool guy,but funny korean style..we can't choke down with laugh the movies of haidong gumdo even if children since we are familiar with costume drama or ranger series like power samurai troop "shinkenger"its just for children,but the tate(殺陣);fighting scenes are very full-blown.
taihuu25go  (5 日前)
taihuu25go  (5 日前)

written in "Muye-dobo-tonji".]
This is a copy of "紀効新書" which I purchased from China.
It is written in "紀効新書".
This copied a text of Kageryu which Japanese pirates possessed.

However, Korean army was not able to understand the contents of "紀効新書".
Therefore they asked them about it whenever Chinese army came to Korea.
Because Chinese army were not their martial arts, nobody was able to explain it to them.

taihuu25go  (5 日前)


Fighting against Wae(Japan), Their army made a desperate charge to us. Though we had spears or swords, There was no time to draw swords or no chance to cross spears, everybody were killed by opponet’s sword. Because no tradition to train swords or spears had been passed down.
DrChrisOuellet  (5 日前)
@taihuu25go I think the reason they insist on trying to modify history is related to deep rooted animosity between your peoples. It will take many generations to resolve, only time will heal the wounds.
Ship-pal-gi is "traditional" Korean sword forms recreated from the Muye-dobo-tonji. They try and use everything from the time period, including the weapons and clothes. It's as accurate as can be done without lineage and transmission.
taihuu25go  (5 日前)
People of the comedians whom I posted are all the members, actors of the samurai movie.
Their member did the performance instructions by the samurai movie.
It is a similar thing to have HaidonKUMUDO and them.
However, the Japanese can understand if I watch their video, but they who are a comedian learn basics of KENJUTU properly.
Their skill is higher than Chosunninjya which calls itself "korean true budo master".
But they do not call oneself the martial artist.
taihuu25go  (5 日前)
I watched the different TameshigirI video by the Korean.
(probably daehang kumudo?))
I thought then.
In "Korea, there is a person with splendid SKILL"
Then why will they insist on the false history?
And will they insist that the concept of Bushido is the Korean origin while insisting on the lie history?
And they never use Korean traditional clothes and traditional TOOL.
DrChrisOuellet  (5 日前)
@taihuu25go Gumdo does not look at all like your 1985 comedie.
Understand something: I am from the west, I don't have your cultural bias - I frankly don't care about korea vs. japan arguments. I like ancient Japanese arts as much as I like modern Korean interpretations.
This man is not Japanese: watch?v=Rxp7HqgCLZM
Does he have skill? If you say "no", you're blinded by cultural bias.
taihuu25go  (5 日前)

taihuu25go  (5 日前)
The fool who calls itself Korea tradition ninjya.
It is two years ago that this man has begun to learn Haidonkumudo.
However, he called himself MASTER from it past.
Now. He calls himself "True budo master".

I cut soft bamboo growing up in katana(WOOD) and played while we imitated tv in a childhood, and flying up.
HAIDON KUMUDO which he shows his student as traditional NINJYA martial arts in Korea is play in the days of our child.
taihuu25go  (5 日前)
Haidongumdo cuts bamboo.
However, the style deteriorated Japanese Iaido, too.
After all the movement that they cut bamboo is Tate.
I am about the same that I played in katana which we sharpen a tree and bamboo and made when we Japanese were children.
DrChrisOuellet  (5 日前)
@enushisama Gumdo is modern. That doesn't mean it's crap. The fact of the matter is almost all cultures lost their traditional techniques, european or asian - and that includes Japan. Japan kept some *few* techniques, these are koryu, with full lineage, they are very rare and very few Japanese practice them. The vast bulk of Japanese practice post-world-war 2 sport combat kendo. That doesn't mean kendo is "crap" it's quite good in its own right but it's not koryu. 
DrChrisOuellet  (5 日前)
@taihuu25go Partially true. Haidong gumdo is bastardized kenjutsu mixed with elements from the Muye-Dobo Tonji. It is entirely modern. 80% of gumdo practitioners compete exactly as you said "for the beauty of the pose". 19% do real cutting of targets and these guys do in fact know how to deliver a sword cut.
1% actually try to use the techniques in simulated combat.
This is about the same percentages in traditional Japanese Koryu although in Koryu historical accuracy is the central component.
taihuu25go  (6 日前)
The base of Haidong Gumdo is a performance in the Japanese Samurai movie.
The Japanese calls it Tate.
Therefore, in the world tournament of Haidong Gumdo, the player competes for only the beauty of the pose.
enushisama  (6 日前)
Only Koreans are different. They forgot own skills of sword or spear. Korean King wrote ' 購得戚繼光紀效新書遣訓局郎韓嶠遍質東來將士Therefore, Koreans began learning sword skills and others from Chinese (in the 17th century) '
And Chinese Longsword skill from Japan.
DrChrisOuellet  (6 日前)
@enushisama Every culture on earth has used swords and spears. From african tribes to european knights you'll find swords and spears. Koreans are no different.
enushisama  (2011/08/05)

武藝圖譜通志Muye Dobo Tongji (1790) : Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts in Korea .
[It is an official document at a Korean Dynasty, written by The Korean King order in the 18th century]
國練兵之制三軍練于郊,衛士練于禁苑,其禁苑練兵盛自 光廟朝,然止弓矢一技而已如槍劍法技,既未之聞焉,
Archery was the only martial art that had been practiced by Korean soldiers. They have no skills of sword or spear fighting.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
@OVERCAPITALIZE stupid me! i should say firstly thank you for your understanding,using "the annex" not colonization age.thank you!!
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
if you can believe it,korean have banned speaking japanese and japanese culture till 1998.even today they have a law that "pro-Japanese politicians" to "pro-Japanese collaborators"that korea can confiscate all of asset of Chinilpa,people friendly to Japan (親日派).then they are making up their history or renamed to like hapkido,taekondo,yudo,kumdo from aikido,karate,jyudo,kendo.the conclusion,almost korean fraud teachers didn't serve their military obligation,Cowards running away from their duty.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
moreover The Bodo League massacre (保導連盟事件),about 20-120 millions people had massacred allege the chaos,many people who attended familiar with japan,they had killed in public execution.the movies are too much savagery,caution...if you are not 20years,don't watch.
The Bodo League massacre
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
in Korean War (朝鮮戦争1950- 1953),us soldier had fallen about 40,000,both north or south korean soldier and citizens had died about 200 million...when japanese ruled in korea,korean peninsula was peaceful till the end of ww2.even in the war,korea was not action aria.then my grandmother was surprised seeing the burnt ruins when came back to japan.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
@OVERCAPITALIZE hi,i had wrote on kuk sool won movies but i must put them again.pls read!almost korean martial arts have contrariety and Unfinished.since a lot of korean real budoka(martial artist 武道家) had fallen in ww2 as soldiers of korean-japanese empire.and as little as possible surviving had killed by own country.
OVERCAPITALIZE  (2011/07/24)
Obviously. Korean martial arts are inspired by the japanese during the annex.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
@OVERCAPITALIZE  but strongest is animosity and cabal.using them and spread brainwashed propaganda or cult religion are mightiness.these can kill million people without weapon.the boom of K-pop is used the intelligence system as same as Lenin applied and occurred The February and October Revolution.korean fake martial arts are tooled to spread their fabricated history only.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
@OVERCAPITALIZE since i have known that joint rock(関節技) is most strong in this anime XD princes punie dialog that "the technique value as king is joint rock. even drubbing kick and paunch are weak.resling through the royal road!!"
OVERCAPITALIZE  (2011/07/24)
It doesn't matter who watches it, why use it as a "proof" lol
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/24)
@OVERCAPITALIZE haha,both younger and older watch anime in japan.dai maho toge is under Il Principe Machiavelli,its drawn the regime of terror etc,very with enjoying!!
OVERCAPITALIZE  (2011/07/22)
Why are you using an anime to back up ur case? Even though the breaking joints technique is a 100% true. But these moves in the video is over exaggeration lol.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/07/22)
@OVERCAPITALIZE  saint seiya>>>>gun>&gt;longsword or dugger knife>>rope,tape>>resling,judo>>Thailand muetai kick>>karate>>>>>>>>kendo>&gt;>>>>>>>;>>>>>aikido.....
resling is most royal road...
haidong gumdo?hopeless case.
OVERCAPITALIZE  (2011/07/21)
lol.. if you wanna test who has better power after
shimadori1  (2011/05/12)
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/05/04)
well,i think actually Fencing is stronger than Kendo Japan.
sakura0jp0aikidodesu  (2011/05/04)
cool!!but funny.
why Japanese are confused to Korean Gumdo and Kumdo....pls image that if Japanese swing around rapier that French fencing sword like cheerleading with dressing English kelt,and then the playing would be popular and spread in many country....suddenly the Japanese make public like that "Japacing is Japanese traditional martial art,and Kelt is Japanese wear originally!!"

Korean fabricate like that.
666miyamoto  (2010/12/17)
i've done this repeatedly with a friend of mine being trained in the art of the katana, both have advantages and disadvantages, the victor would ony be deturmined by skill of the art, if they do this often then they'd learn to adapt to the different syles, even though they were not ment to b used against each other
alphanumeric1971  (2010/10/10)
For me the Kendo fencer was too timid. IRL the only thing you have to worry about the foil is the tip, it has no edge so there is no worry about getting cut.

He should have tried to just bash and overpower the foil, or guard lock it out of the way and the deliver solid cutting blows.

the fencer should have tried to use the flexibility and light weight of the foil to move in and get around the heaver shinai.

either way an interesting show.

elitefencer777  (2010/08/18)
I know I'm gonna sound like a douche for saying this, and the video certainly raises many interesting points, but 4 years isn't enough to put on a good show, at least not for a fencer. He has his foot work down, but it's a sign of someone not used to sabre fencing to not take the offensive. If the shinai user used several swift feints followed by heavy swing, he'd have disarmed the fencer. For his part the fencer should have circled more and used the shinai's weight against it, perhaps 2nd parry
Hawaiianstile  (2010/08/12)
wow this guy has no business doing jodan. or tsuki.
illnino98  (2010/07/12)
i would say not completely fair, fencer cant parry without getting his blade ruined, whereas kendo can. mayb with a epee vs kendo would be fair fight
TheMissingno  (2010/04/19)
Must be a pain to fence in kote.
xsnowxdemonx  (2010/04/10)
@StudentOfTheSword dude hiadong gumdo is very different from kendo. foot work is very different and attk styles as well, dont get mixed up between the two. just saying if you didnt know.
xsnowxdemonx  (2010/04/10)
nice i enjoy this sparring and vid 5 stars dude.
ImImAndImIm  (2010/03/25)
The fencer sucks!! Hes not doing the right steps!! When u are doing a marché then u only put ur heel first and then toes the same moment as ur rear foot hits the ground! haha, and thats 4 years experience :3

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