Tuesday, March 6, 2012

いけばな池坊550年祭記念『いけばなの夜明け Ikenobo-On the rise』

550 years anniversary festival for Ikenobo Ikebana

in Namba Station, Maiko san is advertising with Kyoto sightseeing. Cute.

the current Iemoto generation has some falult. Having as debt mountain built building in bubble hexagonal on Rokkakudo temple. they should be beetles or Lucanidae, since they feel be satisfied to use anything big pine.

in the venue,i looked just hag,hag,hags....too much many hags....
every traditional arts have aging problem,they get a few younger student only, then poor teacher would retire the instructing. since per year, teacher must pay fee about $700-1500 to Iemoto.
on this exhibition is special,Iemoto divided out many Invitation cards,usually teacher must buy 50 flower exhibition tickets per 1000yen $14. seeing people wants to learn Ikebana,that's good.
ridiculous acting by Iemoto,then someone want to be independent,like Sogetsu-ryu..

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