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sado lesson Omizu-tori todaiji 東大寺お水取り

釣釜 tsuri-gama swing oven

my scramble is bad, the babble is roughly.
well sajin can scramble finely and softly.

Todaiji Nigatsu-do Shuni-e

水取りや 籠もりの僧の 沓の音
水取りや 氷の僧の 沓の音
mizutori ya koori no soo no kutsu no oto

Repentance drawing holy water Ceremony
priests in cold
sounds of their shoes

御水取 おみずとり お水取 o-mizutori (おみづとり), drawing holy water [from the well at Todaiji, Nara, 12 March

Repentance Ceremony from wiki

The Fire Ceremony
Every night, ten select believers (eleven on March 12) shoulder large pine torches as long as 8 meters and weighing as much as 80 kilograms. Girded with swords and staves, the torch-bearers climb a flight of stairs and run along the balcony of the Nigatsu-dō, showering sparks on the public below. It is thought that these sacred sparks will protect the recipient from evil. The monks also chant, perform ritual circumambulation, and wave swords to ward off evil spirits.
[edit]The Water Ceremony

Underneath the Nigatsu-dō is the Wakasa Well, from which, according to legend, water springs forth only once a year. After the final night of the Fire Ceremony, the monks gather water from the well around 2am by torchlight, after which the water is offered to Kannon and to the general public. It is popularly believed that this water, being sacred, can cure ailments. The water from the well is actually gathered into two pots, one containing water from the previous year, and another containing water from all previous observances of the ceremony.

古都に春呼ぶたいまつ 東大寺で「お水取り」

奈良東大寺二月堂 修二会 お水取り Todai-ji, Nara Japan

1080p 東大寺二月堂修二会(お水取り・お松明) Torchlight at Shuni-e of Todai-ji

詠年: 天和4年(1684) 出典: 野ざらし紀行 松尾芭蕉

"Nozarashi Kiko" (Journal of Bleached Bones in a Field) is a travel record by Basho MATSUO, haikai (seventeen-syllable verse) poet in the mid-Edo Period.

句意: 厳しい余寒に耐えて修二会の行を修する衆僧の、内陣を散華行道するすさまじいばかりの沓の音が、氷る夜の静寂の中にひときわ高く響きわたる。

Meaning of a phrase:
endured severe lingering winter, monks train Shuni-e ;The confessor ceremony in winter,running with fire inside of adytum,  crackles over their fierce shoes sounds, high ringing sound exceptionally in the silence of coldest night.

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