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the photos of Kisaeng women

기녀 Kisaeng

기녀위문(1905) 노일전쟁 당시 기녀들이 일본군

기녀위문(1905) 노일전쟁 당시 기녀들이 일본군


the Kisaeng mother and daughter

妓生の親子 今夜も遅くなるのと子供は不満顔
the Kisaeng parent-child, her daughter complaints to mother,"will you go back in midnight also tonight?"
There were many Kisaeng having with children.

the class in Kisaeng school

 she is japanese geisha 彼女は日本の芸者さんです

기생 (Gisaeng) or Kisaeng, also called as 기녀 (ginyeo), were Korean female entertainers or sometimes prostitutes. They are mostly considered as the Korean counterpart of Japanese geishas.

Kisaeng were artists mostly hired for the royal court but were spread throughout the country. Kisaeng write poems, play music, and also dance. They received intense training during their childhood from which they possibly inherited from their mother, or sold from a poor family. Despite their service, they had inferior status in the society.

One of the most popular Kisaengs is 황진이 (Hwang Jin Yi), known for her talent, wit, and exceptional beauty.

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