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Cambodia Forbids Marriage to Koreans by Korean times

Cambodia Forbids Marriage to Koreans
By Lee Tae-Hoon
Staff Reporter Cambodia has temporarily banned ITS citizens from tying The knot with Korean Nationals、officials at the Korean Embassy in the Southeast Asian country said Friday。 On its Web site、the Korean embassy announced that it was notified of the decision by the Cambodian government on March 5 through an official document。 According to officials of the embassy、the Cambodian government claimed that the measure was drawn up in line with efforts to prevent human trafficking。 The government has also expressed its concern that marriages to Koreans through brokers or matchmakers have become common practice、although it is illegal there。 The number of marriages to Korean nationals accounts for nearly 60 percent of the country's total multicultural marriages、according to them。 The number of Cambodians marrying to Koreans stood at 1759 in 2007、 up from 365 in the previous year。The figure dropped to 551 in 2008。

In a word: Girls – be careful!
VietNamNet Bridge – We’ve translated and summarized a series of stories from the local media about the business of brokering marriages betwen Vietnamese women and Korean men. The stories have triggered hundreds of letters to VietNam Express from its readers. Here are typical reader’s comments.

Young women queue for chance to snag a foreign husbandPortraits: Korean ‘grooms’ and marriage brokers 

As a Vietnamese man, I always protest Vietnamese girls marrying foreign men. The fundamental solution is creating jobs for rural women so they can have stable sources of income and can live in their homeland. If that’s not done, this situation will persist forever, even though the law forbids it. I hope the state can solve the fundamental problem. (Duong Phan)

I’m sad. Many girls have not cared about their honor just because of money. Even sadder, Vietnamese law is too loose. (Bui Tan Man)

Who will Vietnamese men marry? Korean women don’t want to marry unsuccessful men so Korean men go to Vietnam to seek wives. Where will Vietnamese men go to seek wives? (Thu Nam)

Government agencies must intervene. It’s so sad to read stories about Vietnamese girls who are maltreated or even killed by their Korean boyfriends in Vietnam. Please be watchful, you Vietnamese girls who dream of marrying foreign men! In my view, Government agencies must do more to educate girls and deter such marriages, to minimize unfortunate consequences. (Quang Tuan)

Learn from Cambodia. Our male-female balance is at an alarming level already. Vietnam should learn from Cambodia and adjust the laws on marriage with foreign men. Further, these Korean grooms don’t have good jobs. They belong to low social classes in their country and local women don’t want to marry them. But they can immediately have young, pretty and obedient, especially… cheap wives when they go to Vietnam. Does anyone feel this pain? (Nguyen Trung Nam)

Vietnamese people in the eyes of foreigners. As an overseas student, I felt great anguish when a Taiwanese asked me “How is it that we can buy Vietnamese girls at such cheap prices?” Good Taiwanese friends told me that if I know any girl who wants to marry a Taiwanese men, I should tell them to not do it because 99 percent of Taiwanese grooms are rural or disabled men. (Nguyen Tuan Anh)

Gambling their lives. The young women don’t understand about overseas life. All of them imagine that foreign countries are heaven, places where they can have a new life. That is the mistake that any naive girl can make.

It is very difficult to integrate into the life of foreign countries because of cultural and lifestyle differences. It is also lonely. Everyone has to work to maintain their lives. In a developed country, they have to work very hard.

Girls, don’t believe your lives will become happy if you get married to a foreign man. Those who gamble with their lives and are unlucky must pay a very high price. It’s better to respect your values and strive to make a happy life in your homeland. (Ta Duc Thong)

Disguised trafficking. It is very sad to read these stories. Are Vietnamese women so cheap? What can we do to stop this situation? Why doesn’t Vietnam ban such marriages like Cambodia? We should raise our voices in our communities about this issue. Let’s do what we can to stop it! (Minh Vien)

Create a good environment for Vietnamese women. I don’t understand why we ask the state to copy Cambodia’s policy. It is a human right to marry anyone one likes, if they have civil capacity. Why should we prohibit Vietnamese people from marrying the people of this or that country. Suppose such people are in love? Cambodia only bans temporary marriages with foreigners and I think they are seeking an optimal method.

I think that nobody wants to marry someone they don’t love, who is much older than them, and with whom there are language and cultural barriers. You Vietnamese men need to take a good look at yourselves and they way you treat women.

Our society needs to create jobs and better conditions for women to become more socially aware. If foreign men want to marry Vietnamese women, we should not ban them but help our women to learn more about foreign men so they can make good decisions. (Andy)

Why bar people from making choices? Why should the State prohibit Vietnamese men or women from marrying foreigners? They have the right to choose. We should organize clubs, for example a club for Korean grooms in Vietnam and a club for Vietnamese brides in South Korea.

These clubs can provide information for people to learn about each other, the culture, customs and habits of both countries. They will also protect the interest of Vietnamese brides in South Korea.

Please don’t think that if you can’t control something you ought to ban it! If our newspapers only report about Korean-Vietnamese marriages turning out badly, it will hurt Vietnamese brides, their Korean husbands and especially their children when they visit their mother’s homeland.

Girls can take care of their lives. If they are happy, they will stay abroad, otherwise they will return home. Some may unluckily marrry brutal men but that ratio is not high, otherwise they would not go to Korea. It is better to live far from home if you can have a better life and send some money home to the parents than to live in Vietnam with a despotic husband who forbids a wife to help her parents. (Fiat1.6)

Legal framework lacking. Sixty-five percent of the foreign brides in South Korea are Chinese and Vietnamese. Getting married to foreign men happens in other countries, too. But how it happens and how it differd in each country is the issue of law.

Rural girls have the right to wish for a better life and to be able to assist their families. They marry the foreign men voluntarily. We only lack a proper legal framework. (Vinh)

Education and jobs are the key. Do you see any girl who has graduated from a university or has a stable job lining up at the marriage brokers to get a Korean or Taiwanese husband? If one has no job, one dreams of changing one’s life. And why would any woman prefer a Vietnamese husband if he’s a drunken oaf, a wife-beater and one who disdains her parents? If that were my only choice here, probably I’d think of marrying a foreigner myself. (Le Annie)

Marriage brokers ought to be heavily punished. Why don’t government agencies intervene to prevent such activities? (Anh Minh)

Korean grooms are really very poor. I’m working in South Korea so I know about real life there. My advice is not to marry a Korean man because they are really poor. Their income is no more than the income of workers like me and they are all from rural areas. Often they leave their foreign wives at home with their parents while they work in industrial zones, and only come back home one every few months. Elderly Koreans are often very demanding, so many Vietnamese brides are treated badly.

Moreover, many men only marry you to have children. If you can’t bear a child, you may be divorced and sent home. Sometimes after giving birth to a child, you’ll be sent home anyway. Another matter is that in your first years in South Korea, you don’t have Korean nationality so you are not protected by the local laws. You can become victims of violence. (Hoang)

It is quite common. I see this ‘brokerage’ going on every day. Sometimes the girls have to strip naked for the Korean men to choose. At 107 Nguyen Du, District 1, HCM City you can see top brokers, both Korean and Vietnamese. It is sad that ‘selections’ take place publicly at two schools, Nguyen Du and the Conservatory of Music. I hope the authorities do something to stop it. (Thanh Hoang)

There is no happiness when you are tricked. I’m living in South Korea with my Korean husband. I married him through brokerage. I cried when I was chosen by my husband from among hundreds of girls. I agreed to follow him within several minutes. At that time I only know his name and that he was 38 years old.

After three months of doing paperwork, I went to Korea and my dream collapsed completely. My husband is unemployed and an epileptic – something I’d never been told. At first I suffered great misery. I cried a lot, missing my home and knowing I’d been cheated. However, my husband is very gentle and my parents-in-law are very kind to me, because they know that I suffer in this marriage. I’m luckier than many other Vietnamese brides in Korea. I accept this life and try to overcome difficulties. I hope others in similar circumstances will also succeed. (Nguyen Thi Hong)

No free lunch. I’m living in South Korea and I’ve met many Vietnamese women here. I’d estimate that out of 100 Korean-Vietnamese couples, only two or three are living at a “satisfying” level. I don’t dare say ‘happy.’ I think when they agree to marry Korean men after several minutes, young women don’t hope to build a happy family. They have to accept what the marriage brings.

I see many good husbands who give their all money to their wives to manage but it depends on the wives, too. They must face reality and make an effort. There is no free lunch! (Khoai)

Cruel parents. I’m a photographer and I sometimes take photos for young girls to send to Taiwan grooms. Seeing these girls, I feel very sad that some parents force their daughters to get married with foreigners to change their lives. They don’t think about their daughters’ happiness. (Viet Long)

My life is ruined. I was cheated by the go-between, who assured me that my current husband is very gentle, a university graduate and an office employee. Within two weeks after I came to Korea, I knew that I was tricked.

My husband is a brute. Sometimes he wakes me at midnight to press his fingers into dangerous spots in my body. My husband and his mother told me that in Vietnam and Korea, it is normal for husbands to beat their wives. It is their way of show their love.

I’m thoroughly fed up and have made up my mind to return home. However the officials told me to wait. I don’t know how long I will have to wait. I want to tell my story so other girls will know and avoid bride ‘selections.’

Briefly, we are seen as cheap girls and I hope the Government will abolish marriage brokerage in our country. (Nguyen Thi Thu Huong)

The ‘brides’ dream of eating well and wearing beautiful clothes. I think differently. I think it is a shame for Vietnamese women. Only a very few of the women who get married via brokers are forced to live hard lives. Others are lazy women who want a life of luxury, don’t want to struggle to achieve it themselves but rely on luck through marrying foreigners. (Knight)

Just fate. I witnessed a bride selection in Hai Phong. Actually, looking at the future grooms I couldn’t image that they were selecting wives. A group of men wore black suits. Some looked odd.

Escaping from poverty by marrying foreigners is a fact in not only Vietnam but also in China and some other Southeast Asian countries. We can’t ban because Vietnam is too poor and it’s too difficult for rural girls to escape from poverty. (Ha Thi Phuong Dung)

What is the truth? I have been working at a factory in Korea for four years and I know the facts. A man with monthly income of $5000 can easily marry a Korean wife because the average worker’s income here is from $1000-2000 per month. So why would they go to Vietnam to seek a wife? About handsomeness: unemployed men can be handsome. Be careful, girls! (bake_kr)

A ‘love market’ may be a good idea. I’ve been to many countries in the world and I see that life in Vietnam is the best. I wish our leaders to create jobs for Vietnamese people to help them escape from poverty. Our media must report about unlucky lives of Vietnamese women in Korea to awaken rural girls.

Girls, there are many good men in Vietnam for you to marry. You just don’t have opportunity to see them. A ‘love market’ -- like in China -- may be a good idea. (Dung Pham)


The number of marriages between Koreans and foreign nationals has rapidly increased over the past few years and it also has become a great concern not only of the Philippine and Korean governments but also of private organizations like the Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Commu-nity. At this juncture, it would be good to note some information about this phenomenon.

Changes in Korean Family
This situation can be attributed to a lot of factors. The low birth rate and aging society of Korea has a great impact on Korean population. Korean couples today either opt to have just one child or none at all. As an ef-fect, there are more Koreans belonging to the ―senior citizen‖ age bracket than those of the younger age bracket.
Due to modernization and the pursuit of a better life condition, new family types emerged such as: weekend couples, living separately while one partner is abroad due to child‘s education, DINK (double income no kids) couples, single parent family, elderly living alone, and single household.

Between 1990-2004, there were about 130,000 foreign women married to Korean men, majority of which are from the rural areas. As per re-cord women from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and countries from Central Asia top the list. Korea, which was once a homogenous society turned into a multiethnic, multicultural society.
In the case of Filipinas married to Koreans, between 2000-2007, there were approximately 3,790. However, it rapidly increased to 6, 500 in 2009. To date, there are about 8,000 Filipinas married to Koreans, ma-jority in their 20‘s to 30‘s, married to farmers and fishermen in the rural areas. Most of them live with their husband and in-laws.

Ways of International Marriage
The common ways by which foreign women meet Korean men are through the introduction of a friend or a family member. Some of them are through direct meeting, meaning it is by their own choice. A number of them are through religious organizations and through brokers.
Common Reasons for Marrying
According to a survey, the common reasons of foreigners, specifically Filipinas, in marrying Korean nationals is that they consider it to be a passport for employment that could eventually help them in supporting their families back in the Philippines. For a few, it is just for some sense of adventure.
For Koreans, however, especially those who are in their 40‘s, they marry so that there is someone who could take care of him and his par-ents, bear children, and do house chores.

Common Problems of International Spouses
―Marriage is not always a bed of roses.‖ Problems arise and common of which are the following: abuses of marriage brokers, cultural and lan-guage barrier, verbal abuse and domestic violence, prejudice and dis-crimination, social isolation, and poor environment to raise children.
According to the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, the common problems noted based on those who seek their assistance are the following: do-mestic violence due to alcoholism of the husband, maltreatment by in-laws due to inefficiency in doing house chores, infidelity by the hus-band that results to frequent fighting, shouting matches, and misunder-standing, husband‘s deliberate denial of the children, and the husband‘s failure to support the children and the wife.

Korean Government’s Response
The Korean government is fully aware of this phenomenon and the issues and problems that go with it. This is the reason why it is provid-ing all the necessary programs and projects to be able to assist and help multicultural families to be able to integrate into the Korean family and society.
With this in mind, the Korean government came up with its integration policy for international spouses and came up with seven (7) priority areas. These are:
1. Stop irregular international marriage brokerage
2. Provide victims of violence legal status to stay in the country
3. Support early integration to Korean society
4. Facilitate adaptation in school life of the children from interna-tional couples
5. Expand social security services
6. Improve the image of international marriage
7. Establish an inter-ministerial cooperation mechanism

Our Response
Though international marriage offers a lot of good opportunities to couples, it also bring with it numerous challenges and prob-lems. Both parties need support from other people, from the gov-ernment and the private sectors.
As a community, one way of helping them is through education and advocacy. The HFCC, recognizing the fact that our fellow kababayans married to Koreans are part of the community, concretely responds to this challenge by featuring stories of interna-tional marriages in the SAMBAYANAN. This aims to enlighten readers about the different situations involving multicultural marriages, their hopes, their difficulties and challenges.
From January of 2011, we shall be featuring these stories, stories where we can learn from, stories which we can use in advocating for a better situation for multicultural marriages.
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韓国メディア「嫌韓」を懸念 韓国人男性との結婚禁止措置に
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2010/3/20 朝鮮日報
















캄보디아 국제결혼 ‘집단 맞선까지 하면서 돈을 벌거나 결혼하고픈 한국사람’

지난 7월말 한국인 2명이 결혼을 목적으로 결혼 브로커가 준비한 현지여성 49명과 집단 맞선을 보다 적발된 불미스러운 일이 있었습니다. 다행스럽게도 캄보디아 외교부에서 그동안 중단했던 국제결혼 업무를 다시 시작하고 있으나 예전보다 훨씬 강화된 조건으로 신청서를 접수하고 있습니다. 이번에 새로 추가된 서류는 신부를 소개한 한국 거주 캄보디아인의 여권 사본과 관할 면장의 확인이 들어간 신부 부모의 결혼 동의 확인서입니다. 물론 이런 서류 요구는 한국인에게만 제한적으로 적용하는 조치입니다. 부끄럽네요. 도대체 한국사람들 왜 이러는 걸까요.

결혼정보회사. 고객의 정보를 바탕으로 고객이 원하는 배우자를 소개시켜주는 ‘중매자’의 역할을 하는 곳이며 그곳을 통해 배우자를 만나 행복한 생활을 하고 있는 부부도 많습니다. 어쩌면 바쁜 삶을 살아가는 우리에게 필요한 서비스일지도 모릅니다. 그런데 이런 ‘좋은 취지’가 캄보디아에서는 무색해집니다. 서두에 이야기했듯 남자 2명이 현지 여성 49명을 앞에 놓고 마치 상품 고르듯 여자쇼핑을 했습니다. 만약 그 남자들이 그곳에서 만난 여성과 결혼을 했더라도 나중에 자기 자식에게 엄마와의 만남을 어떻게 설명하겠는지요. 참으로 부끄러운 일입니다. 그런 사람들은 한 여자의 남편이자 아버지이자 가정을 꾸릴 아무런 자격이 없는 사람들입니다.

[사진/프놈펜포스트] 지난 7월 30일. 뚤꼭구에 위치한 ‘APP(국민보호협회)를 급습해서 집단맞선중인 한국인 2명과 49명의 캄보디아 아가씨를 조사한 내용이 현지 신문에도 보도되었습니다.

보다 최근 통계자료가 필요하겠으나 필자가 가지고 있는 2009년 초의 기준으로 한국과 국제결혼이 많은 국가로 중국, 베트남, 필리핀, 일본에 이어 캄보디아가 5위를 차지하고 있습니다. 이것은 바꿔 말하면 캄보디아 여성이 ‘대한민국의 어머니’가 되는 경우가 많아졌다는 것입니다. 그러나 지금 우리가 대하는 캄보디아 여성의 위치. 어디쯤에서 어떤 대우를 받고 있을까요. 불편한 진실에 관한 두가지 사례를 이야기해보겠습니다.

1. 2009년 어느 날. 60대로 보이는 한 남자가 대사관에 찾아와 도움을 요청한 일이 있었습니다. 이유인즉 결혼업자가 자신을 죽이려 든다는 것이었죠. 남자를 찾아온 결혼업자에게 그런 사실이 있느냐 물었더니 그런 일은 없고 자신이 소개를 해서 결혼을 했으나 첫날밤을 지낸 후 그 여자와 결혼을 못하겠으니 다른 여자를 소개시켜 달라 했다는 것입니다. 이에 남자에게 다시 물으니 신부가 잠자리를 거부하니 어떻게 결혼생활을 하느냐고 큰소리를 쳤습니다. 그러나 확인 결과 이 남자는 첫날밤에 신부를 변태적인 행위로 괴롭혔고 신부는 다음날 병원에 갈 정도로 몸이 망가진 상태였습니다. -‘박영사와 조목사가 들려주는 캄보디아 아리랑’에서 발췌 요약-

2. 두 번의 이혼전력과 국가로부터 받는 기초생활비외에 다른 수입이 없던 K씨. 2008년 국제결혼중개업자에게 700만원을 주고 캄보디아 여성과 결혼한 뒤 2009년 4월부터 춘천에서 생활을 했습니다. K씨는 결혼 후에도 도박과 술에 빠져 지내던 중 부인이 사망할 경우 12억1000만원 정도의 보험금을 탈 수 있도록 6개 보험상품에 가입했습니다. 이후 강씨는 2010년 3월 보험금을 타내기 위해 부인에게 수면유도제인 졸피뎀 2알을 먹이고 부인이 혼수상태에 빠지자 집에 불을 질러 질식사하게 한 혐의로 기소되어 지난 9월 20일 대법원에서 중형인 징역 20년을 확정 선고받았습니다. 재판부는 “범행수법이 매우 치밀하고 잔인하며 다문화가정이 확산되고 있는 상황에서 국제결혼으로 우리나라에 입국한 외국인 여성을 생명보험에 가입시킨 후 사망케 하고 보험금을 타낸 행위는 사회적, 국제적으로 중대한 문제를 야기시킬 수 있다”며 중형을 선고했습니다. K씨 자체도 문제이지만 이런 사람을 캄보디아 여성에게 소개시켜준 돈만 밝히는 국제결혼업자도 큰 문제입니다.

정치캄보디아 "한국인과 결혼 금지합니다"
"인권침해 심각" 판단 잠정 중단


수술없이 처녀로.. 남편이 좋아해 임플란트 지고 에어브릿지가 뜬다!!

캄보디아 정부가 자국 국민과 한국인과의 국제 결혼을 일시 금지하는 조치를 내렸다.

주캄보디아 한국대사관은 19일 "캄보디아 정부가 이달 5일 대사관에 '캄보디아인과 한국인간 결혼을 잠정 중단한다'는 입장을 공식 통보해 왔다"고 밝혔다. 대사관에 따르면 캄보디아 정부는 이달 초 잠정적으로 국제결혼 신청서 접수를 중단한다는 의사를 전했으며, 8일부터는 국제결혼과 관련한 영사확인 신청서 접수도 중단했다.

캄보디아 정부의 이번 조치는 한국 남성과의 국제결혼 과정에서 자국 여성들의 인권 침해가 심각하다는 판단에 따른 것으로 보인다. 이런 상황을 타개하기 위해 캄보디아 정부는 2008년 3월 중개를 통한 국제결혼을 금지했다. 캄보디아 전체 국제결혼 가운데 한국인이 차지하는 비중은 60%가량인데 대부분 결혼 중개업자를 거쳐 이뤄지기 때문이다.

그러나 지난해 9월 현지의 국제결혼 중개업자가 캄보디아 여성 25명을 모아 한국인 1명에게 맞선을 보인 게 당국에 적발되는 등 결혼 중개가 지속적으로 사회문제가 되자 캄보디아 정부가 아예 한국인과의 국제결혼을 금지한 것이다. 한국대사관 관계자는 "캐나다나 미국 등 다른 외국인은 보통 자유 연애에 따라 캄보디아 여성과 결혼한 다음 현지에 사는데 비해 한국인과의 결혼은 집단 맞선 등 중개 형태가 대부분"이라고 말했다. 실제 이번 조치는 한국에만 취해진 것으로 알려졌다.

캄보디아, '한국인과 결혼' 금지 추진


캄보디아 정부가 자국민과 한국인의 국제결혼을 당분간 금지한다고 밝혔습니다.

한국인과의 결혼이 인신매매를 연상시킨다는 여론을 반영한 듯합니다.

허유신 기자입니다.


캄보디아 여성과
한국남성의 결혼은
지난한해 1372건.

전체 국제결혼 가운데
6위를 차지하고 있습니다.

캄보디아 정부가 지난 5일
'캄보디아인과 한국인의 결혼을
당분간 금지한다'는 방침을
한국대사관에 공식 통보한 것으로

국제결혼 관련
인신매매 행위 예방을 위한
절차를 마련할 때까지,
한시적으로 국제결혼 신청서 접수를
중단한다는 내용입니다.

외교통상부는 이번 조치가
한국인만을 대상으로 한 건지는
아직 불분명하다고 밝히고 있지만,
현지에서는 사실상
한국을 겨냥한 조치라는 말이
나돌고 있습니다.

캄보디아의 전체 국제결혼 중 60%가
한국인과의 혼인이기 때문입니다.

다른 나라 남성의 경우
대부분 자유연애 방식으로
캄보디아 여성과 결혼하는 반면,
한국인은 중개업체를 통한
중매가 일반적이고, 이 과정에서
거짓 서류 제출이나 사기 등
문제가 끊이지 않고 있습니다.

특히 작년 9월에는
한국인 남성 1명이
캄보디아 여성 25명과
맞선을 보게 한 중개업자가 적발돼
징역 10년을 선고받으면서,
국내 여론이 크게 악화된 것으로

◀SYN▶ 주 캄보디아 한국대사관 관계자
"나라에 따라서는 (국제결혼을)
민감하게 받아들일 수 있고,
그런 과정에서 (한국 업체들의 중매가)
인신매매성 성격을 가지고 있는 게

한국남성과 캄보디아 여성의 결혼은
5년 만에 20배 가까이 급증했습니다.

인신매매 논란을 부를 수 있는
국제결혼 중매 방식을
개선하는 것이 시급하다고 보고,
관련부처 간 대책을 논의하고 있습니다.

MBC뉴스 허유신입니다.

허유신 기자 / 201003

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