Friday, June 1, 2012

Tungchow Mutiny 通州事件 japanese massacred by Chinese in 1937

CAUTION!! the article is contained some inhumane pictures!
don't watch if you are not 20 years old nor less。


The Tungchow Mutiny (通州事件 Tsushu jiken?, Chinese: 通州事件; pinyin: Tōngzhōu Shìjiàn), sometimes referred to as the Tōngzhōu Incident, was an assault on Japanese civilians and troops by East Hopei Army in Tōngzhōu, China on 29 July 1937 shortly after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident that marked the official beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Asian activists slam revote on sex slave resolution



too much deviltry photos pain me, my feeling is very bad....pain my stomach....
collecting the articles or documents for war crimes, but it is to debate so-called the issue of comfort women...
i am angry to korean!!
i think white people and Chinese communists at the age was most cruel people...they forgot the fact....

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  1. You are not gaining support because East Hopei is a puppet state of the empire of Japan.. and though the East Hopei soldiers are chinese race, but they belong to your Japan empire.. whatever actions they do has nothing to do with China.. they are your OWN MEN..