Friday, February 24, 2012

beautiful Empress Myeongseong 明成皇后

작품규격 : 2,080mmX1,500mm
작품소재 : 환원도자기 도벽화(백자토)

1851년 경기도 여주(驪州)출생, 본관 여흥민씨, 영의정 민치록의 딸, 1866년 3월 고종황제 비
로 간택 책봉되었다. 남다른 총명함으로 파란만장한 삶을 이끌었던 명성황후는 백성의 고통
을 끌어안고 밖으로 왜세의 침략에 맞서다가 1895년 10월 을미사변으로 어처구니 없는 죽음
을 맞이하였다.
본 도자기 인물화는 권오창 화백의 원작의 명성황후진영을 작가의 양해하에 도자기에 재현
한 그림으로 원작은 현재 경기도 여주군 명성황후 생가에 봉안되어 있으며 유력한 국가표준
영정으로 평가 받고 있다.

Author : Seokbong, Muho Cho
Material : Hwanwon Dojagi Dopanhwa (Baik-ja-to)
Size : 2,080mmX1,500mm

She was born in 1851 in Gyeong-gi-do Yeoju, family origin of Hung-Min Yeo, a daughter of Young-ui-jeong Chi-rok Min, married to King Gojong on March 1866.
She was brilliant and led a dramatic life. She fought against Japanese' invasion on behalf of the nation and died in vain on October 1895 in the event of Ulmi-sa-byeon.
This Dojagi portrait revived Myeong-seong-hwang-hu in the permit of the original author, Ochang Kwon. The original one is buried in Gyeong-gi-do Yeoju-gun where she was born and is evaluated as the best National Standard Portrait.

(mochi) the beautiful pictures were all of them painted recently. since King Gojong was angry to her and rescinded her honor as "Queen", reduced down the average class.
built the grave for Empress Myeongseong, presented the honor name as "Empress Myeongseong" was japan governor of korea.

only korean people don't know the fact...

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