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ATIS Research Reports No. 120 Amenities in the Japanese Armed Force, Nov. 15, 1945,
連合軍通訳翻訳部(ATIS)調査報告第120号 日本軍における各種アメニティー 1945年11月15日
の b. BURMA  の項


“Every “comfort girl” was employed on the following contract conditions. She received fifty percent of her own gross taking and was provided with free passage, free food and free medical treatment. The passage and medical treatment were provided by the Army authorities, the food was purchased by the brothel owner with the assistance of the Army supply depots.
The owners made other profits by selling clothing, necessities and luxuries to the girls at exorbitant charges. When a girl is able to repay the sum of money paid to her family, plus interest, she should be provided with a free return passage to KOREA, and then considered free. But owning to war conditions, no one of prisoner of war’s group had so far been allowed to leave; although in June 1943, 15 Army Headquarters had arranged to return home those girls who were free from debt, and one girl who fulfilled these conditions and wished to return was easily persuaded to remain.
“In prisoner of war’s house, the maximum gross takings of a girl were around 1500 yen per month, the minimum around 300 yen per month, or by rule of the house, the girl had to pay to the brothel owner a minimum of 150 yen per month.

“The scale of charges and time-table was fixed by instructions from the regiment, the time-table being so contrived that officers, noncommissioned officers and men would not meet each other at the same time. The schedule was strictly adhered to: and noncommissioned officers and men were supposed to visit the brothel only once weekly, officers as often as they wished. Payment was made on a ticket system, the girl retaining the ticket, which was of cardboard about two inches square, bearing the name of the house, the regimental seal, and the price of the ticket. In prisoner of war's house the schedule was originally laid down as follows:
Soldiers 1000-1500 hours charge 1.50 yen
Noncommissioned officers
1500-1700 hours charge 3 yen
Officers 2100-2359 hours charge 5 yen
Officers 2359 morning charge 20 yen
兵卒    10:00~15:00  料金   1円50銭
下士官   15:00~17:00   料金   3円
将校    21:00~23:59  料金   5円
将校    23:59~朝     料金  20円

“But on orders of Colonel MARUYAMA, the charge were later reduced as follows, the time-table remaining as before
Soldiers 1.50 yen
Noncommissioned officers 2 yen
Officers 5 yen
Officers midnight morning 10 yen
兵卒    10:00~15:00  料金   1円50銭
下士官   15:00~17:00   料金   2円
将校    21:00~23:59  料金   5円
将校    23:59~朝     料金  10円


“The house was controlled by 114 Infantry Regiment, Captain NAGASUE of regimental headquarters being the liaison officer in charge. Usually two men of regimental headquarters were detailed to the house for the purpose of identification of those frequenting the brothel, although men of other regiments were permitted to visit the brothel if they happened to be in a party of 114 Infantry Regiment men. A military policeman was also on patrol duty at the house. The daily attendance at prisoner of war's house was 80 to 90 noncommissioned officers and men and 10 to 15 officers.
“In the brothels, liquors (local variety) were sold freely to the men, but the military police personnel took care that there was no excessive drunkenness or quarrels. If in spite of this control a man drank too much, the military policeman usually took him out of the house. Occasionally quarrels also broke out and were similarly suppressed.


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